Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Yes! Style!

I always have the hardest time shopping online because it's like being in a massive department store, except that it's bigger than the New York Macy's and there's endless little alleys for you to go down, endless options and endless combinations... you get the point. So then I stumbled onto YesStyle via their twitter, from what I gather it's the sister site to YesAsia, the site we all use for Asian media needs, and was floored by the selection. Tooo... much... choice... Brain... cannot... compute...

But then, as I was filtering through the clothing selection, I discovered something that makes life a lot easier -- outfit buying! Instead of offering single-clothing purchase options, YesStyle also puts outfits together that you can buy all at once. As an Asian chica working in a western-dominated media world, I feel it's my responsibility to support Asian designers, which is why I'm wanting to do my best to support them, and the site stocks them exclusively. 

I was looking at this blazer here and fell in love with the dress as well. The fact that you can pick up both pieces for just over US$100 is icing on the cake.

Get them at

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