Friday, December 23, 2011

Yet Another Geeky Christmas

Once again Christmas has sneaked up on us (well not really since we have been posting gift ideas for a month and it's just our poor management skills that have left us scrambling for gifts.) So per our annual tradition, the Geeks are off to eat, drink, cook, bake, shop, be merry and celebrate the holidays. We shall return with our regularly scheduled blogging in Jan. Hope you all have a great festive season and ring in a kickass 2012!


Goodbye and PS...

Someone messaged me earlier this week to ask advice on which colour of PS1 she should get. Man. This of course immediately sent me on a wild goose chase through cyberspace looking for every colour the PS1 comes in, which THEN alerted me to the new and very tempting availability of the PS1 TOTE. My, my. This is almost the exactly size and strap placement of my favourite Miu Miu bag, which I carried so much it faded from the original awesome pink colour to a dusty, funky greyish purple, without me ever noticing until I stood next to a girl holding a bag in the same "colour" that, when viewed adjacent to mine, wasn't even on the same page of the Pantone guide. I need to take it to one of those bag-cleaning places. Until then, I'm totally sold on the versatility of this, as if the OG PS1 wasn't adaptable enough. It also gives me an excuse to get a another colour of the PS1 without getting the exact same design. That navy seems really rich and easy to match, but you can never go wrong with brown suede either. Though it's the yellow that's very much calling my name. But, um, can it be a bit cheaper please?

On another note, I ways thought the top-row PS1 Keep-all was a bit too mumsy, diaper-bag-y, dorky... but while none of the colourways previous to this season ever enticed me, the print and two-tone incarnations make it much cooler.

This is my last post till next year, by the way, which is why I thought it should end on a good note. And everybody loves a little PS1 I LOVE YOU action! Click on for links to buy, and enjoy yourselves until next year!


Thursday, December 22, 2011

SHOErotica: Acne Timber Drawstring Bootie

I don't wear heels anymore now that my office is situated on a hill and most of my journeys involve walking down treacherous hills and cobbled pathways. But these seem to be a nice compromise, something you can walk down a hill in or take to the moon. I don't think I'll get a chance to go to the moon anytime soon, but a girl can hope. Anyway, it's probably a blessing in disguise, I don't think they carry Proenza on the moon.

Get them at Oak.


Promotional Feature: Chez Patrick

You know Christmas is coming when the calendar reads December and the waistband on your pants starts getting a little bit tight. It's an inevitable side-effect of excessive wining and dining, one of the best perks of the holiday season. But as we Geeks rationalize, if you're going to blow your diet, you'd better make it worth it. And "worth it" is exactly what you'll get at Chez Patrick's trio of restaurant and delis.

For the original Chez Patrick experience, head to the flagship restaurant on Peel Street, where fancy French food is churned from the freshest seasonal produce. Dishes include the likes of foie gras duo, crispy candy with figs and black truffle (uh, yum); roast French spring chicken, rosemary jus, wild chestnut and smoked foie gras mousse (double yum); and stuffed lobster tail with hazelnut and seaweed leaves, baby spinach salad (are you sensing the pattern yet?). It's open this Christmas from December 24-26, and is available for private parties. Lunch at two courses is HK$279 and up; dinner is HK$1,280.

Chez Patrick Deli is no less festive, although the atmosphere veers to the more casual and buzzy. Just the kind of place you'd hope your company would do its Christmas party -- although somehow, your "brilliant" events organizers will probably end up sticking you with something more lame, so you'll have to rent it for a personal party instead. Whatever gets you there, expect a fantastic Christmas menu for HK$680, including a no-less delicious lineup of foie gras terrince, confit apricot jelly and toasted brioche; gratinated fresh oysters; a Christmas turkey plate with chestnut stuffing; and Dauphine potatoes. If you can't dine in, at the very least pick up some goodies for you and your friends: hand-smoked salmon, foie gras, champagne, breads and more. They're the gifts that keep on giving.

Chez Patrick Deli@ Star Street
3 Star Street, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Email: Tel: 2527 1408

Chez Patrick Deli @ Stanley Plaza
G/F., Shops 05-06, Stanley Plaza, Stanley, Hong Kong
Email: Tel: 2693 5115

Chez Patrick
26 Peel St., Central Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Email: Tel: 2541 1401



Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sale at Net-A-Porter

Our end of season sale is now on. Enjoy up to 50% off NET-A-PORTER.COM

Let the clicking begin!


You Stink

There are nice ways to tell someone "you stink" and then there are not-so-nice ways. The nice way is by buying them cute Izola goodies from Joyce Grooming. I like how the toothbrushes have months marked on the handles, to indicate when you need to change them. I never remember how long I've had my toothbrush for; probably too long.

And I probably don't need to tell you the not-so-nice ways to tell people that they smell.


Bag Lady: Alexander Wang Kirsten buckled suede clutch

I was lusting after the Kirsten when it first came out and obviously Mr Wang knows since he decided to come up with a baby version to accompany the mama. What do you think of the Kirsten buckled suede clutch, can it compare to the original?


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

'Tis the Season: Chocolate Truffle Boxes

December has been so packed with meals that we haven't gotten the chance to do much cooking lately. But since we were itching to do something in the kitchen, yet not fully willing to suffer the caloric consequences, we took advantage of the Christmas season to make homemade truffles to give out to our loved ones as gifts. Since FashionGeek Virginia made regular chocolate truffles last time, I decided to do oreo truffles. The recipe is so ridiculously simple; only three ingredients involved: 1 pack cream cheese (250g), 3 long tubes of Oreos, chocolate for melting.

Grind up the oreos in a blender (save half a bag for garnish) or with a ziploc and rolling pin. Mix with softened cream cheese until completely blended. Use your hands, it's fun!

Make into balls... millions of balls... then refrigerate for half an hour.

Melt chocolate (look up a Youtube if you don't know how; it's not as easy as it sounds) and dip in chocolate, before transferring to wax paper. Sprinkle oreo crumbs haphazardly on top before it dries.

If you're really lazy, then just roll them in oreo crumbs. Also good! Refrigerate it all for an hour or overnight if you have the patience.

Finally realized the reason we kept all those fancy designer boxes at home. Being a pack rat has its benefits sometimes.

Added too much cream to the white chocolate so it took all night to dry, but they're worth the wait...

Et voila!


Screw Santa - Part 2

Keen of eye and loud of mouth, hkManStyleGeek tells you what to look out for on the streets. It ain’t always pretty.

In the previous post, I told you about how my parents were soul-destroying Christmas crushers. As December 25th approached, can you feel the spirit of Christmas tingling all around you? Christmas time is here and I'm very excited to buy myself all the things that I had a hard time trying to justify – what better time than now to grab them all!

Here's Part 2. of the Top 10 things I gifted myself last year.
6. Baggu Duck Tote

Inconspicuous in tons of colours but I’ve got one in black and olive. They hold my camera insert with a camera and up to 3 lenses, Macbook Air and other bits and bobs perfectly.

Available at Citysuper or!/mymymarket
7. Geneva sound system XS

One look and listen was all it took. Portable blue tooth music that is easy on the ears and eyes with radio and an alarm clock thrown in.

Available at (great staff).
8. Rag & Bone skinny selvedge/Dior Homme 16cm raw jeans

Jeans are personal and based on fit, so these 2 take top place in my roster of over 30 pairs of pants…

Available at Lane Crawford and Dior stores or Twist and Joyce.
9. Vintage Rolex 1665 Sea Dweller (Rail Dial)

It’s vintage. It’s Rolex. It’s fucking brilliant.

You’re gonna have to hunt for these.
10. Mannings (own brand) Ginger and Lemongrass/ Green tea bath scrub

Don’t judge a scrub by the bottle or price! Cheap as chips but made with some great ingredients that smell unbelievable and will last a long time.

Available at Mannings.

Photo Credits
Baggu Duck Tote- ebay
Geneva soundsystem XS-
rag & bone-
Dior homme-
Rolex Sea dweller-
Peed pants Santa pic- (Part 2)


Monday, December 19, 2011

Promotional Feature: Christmas Hampers from Chez Patrick Deli

Christmas -- the one time of year you wished you had fewer friends. It's surprising Santa Claus doesn't complain more, because shopping for gifts is no easy business. Then again, he has all year to plan. For those of us with considerably less time, it often comes down to saying it with a hamper.

Chez Patrick Deli, your go-to source for gourmet French groceries, has three hampers on offer at a range of different prices, each packaged in a rustic wooden basket and filled to the brim with great gastronomic goodies.

There's Raffinement (HK$2,000), which includes a bottle of champagne, a dessert wine (50cl), a jar of Griottines Massemet, two jars of homemade foie gras (one plain and one with figs, each 100g), a saucisson, a fruit jam, two homemade biscuits (each 150g), a tin of Tea Mariage Freres and a jar of Chocolate Dragees.

Elegance (HK$1,500) brings together a half-bottle of champagne, a dessert wine (50cl), a jar of homemade foie gras (100g), one saucisson, a book on Hong Kong and Macau dining, a fruit jam, a homemade biscuit (150g), a tin of Tea Mariage Freres and a jar of of Chocolate Dragrees.

Delicatesse (HK$1,000) features a half-bottle of champagne, a jar of homemade foie gras (100g), a saucisson, a fruit jame, an organic French honey, a homemade biscuit (150g), a tin of Tea Mariage Freres and a jar of Chocolate Dragrees.

Get them at Chez Patrick Deli.

Chez Patrick Deli@ Star Street
3 Star Street, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Email: Tel: 2527 1408

Chez Patrick Deli @ Stanley Plaza
G/F., Shops 05-06, Stanley Plaza, Stanley, Hong Kong
Email: Tel: 2693 5115



'Tis the Season: Great Designer Gifts

Top: Givenchy scarf, Maison Martin Margiela feather pen, Kate Spade Umbrella
Middle: Assouline's American Fashion Cookbook, Lanvin iPad case, Marc by Marc Jacobs headphones
Bottom: Reed Krakoff luggage tag, Emilio Pucci passport holder, Rag & Bone mittens


Sunday, December 18, 2011

If Pigs Could Fly...

Well, this one certainly flew away. After getting all decked out for Elysiant's Mystic Garden bash, I ended up winning one of the lucky draw prizes. The Chopard sunglasses? Nope. Test-drive of the Aston Martin Virage? Thank God, no. Glass paperweight in the shape of a pig by Borowski? Yep.

So I did what one does when one is bestowed with a gift of such extraordinary uniqueness. I toted it around and made everyone I saw take a picture with it. And yes, I mean EVERYONE. Turns out "Will you take a photo with my pig?" makes for a pretty good conversation-starter. Pig made it from The Mira to Relax cha chan teng to the cross-harbour taxi stand to outside of Fly (he/she/it didn't want to brave the crowds elicited by the Henry Holland guest appearance) then finally Play, where it was finally and sadly lost in a covert sting operation that I believe was perpetrated by a fat bald dude and his cohorts. I kid you not. So the relationship between Pig and I was a short one, a brief but torrid affair in the vein of the Bridges of Madison County, except since this is the digital age, I won't write a novel about it to share with my grandchildren -- I'll post a blog about the good times we had that evening. I'll miss you, Pig. May you have a good life, wherever you are.

Guest appearances by: Elysiants darling doyenne Valerie Soh, The List's Beverly Cheng and her hubs Steljan, have-you-Cityseen-my-leather-hotpants Vivian Chen, owner of the best bangs in Hong Kong Erica Fong, "is that a spot on my new YSL shoes? I'm going HOME" Karen Fong (and her friend Calvin), the plus one to end all plus ones Lauren "JLau" Tang, mutil-occupational Gene Soo and his wife S.Nine designer Susanna, the most prolific travel writer ever Nick Walton, Borowski front-man who made me do an interview on how much I love his pig, Elysiants event man and hyperactive gay boy James, freelance-writer-slash-fulltime-babe Samantha Leese, makeup artist and all-around sweetie Marian Woo, blogger Christing Chang and her husband Dan, stylist/Electricsekki blogger/PR/superwoman Priscilla L'Anson and boyfie Boris of, my boo Loretta, her boos Claude and Clara, Forest Bird's wuvly Wami, party-hearty Alan To, someone who is Claude's friend whom I was never introduced to but took a picture with Pig anyway.