Sunday, March 30, 2014

SHOErotica: Sergio Rossi Love Sandals

There's a reason these are called "Love"!

Get them at Sergio Rossi.


Friday, March 28, 2014

Bag Lady: Dannijo Lypton

Whenever I'm at Lane Crawford I would somehow veer over to check out Dannijo and Alexander McQueen pieces. There's something about statement jewellery that makes me want to pile it on and yet the minute I do, I cringe over the weight of the pieces. That doesn't deter me from buying them however and the same can be said for bags. I guess it's a good thing as Dannijo has now ventured into bag territory. I don't recall seeing them at Lane Crawford so far but you can go to their website to check out the styles. There's not too many yet and my favourite has to be the Lypton above. Priced at US$1,098


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How to Pronounce Fashion Names

How obsessed are we with this sort-of educational but mostly just awesome video created by i-D and featuring all your favourite top models shot in looks by each of the unpronounceable designers (and one unpronounceable model...)?

"NO! JU XIAOWEN!" Love it!


DVF's Pop Wrap

The inimitable wrap dress from Diane von Furstenberg is getting a new iteration this spring. Yes it's technically spring even though I'm currently curled up with a hot water bottle on my lap in front of the computer. The brand has announced the Pop Wrap, a DVF and Andy Warhol collaboration, a year long programme that celebrates the iconic dress with signature pop prints for a catchy happy vibe as we try to reign in warmer weather. (In case you haven't noticed, I've got a serious case of winter blues.) The prints won't only just apply to dresses but will also be showcased on t-shirts and accessories. Check out more images after the cut. Available in stores now.


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

ghd and Me!

Like most modern girls, I learned how to curl my hair via Youtube, meaning that while I have a decent grasp of the concept, I lack any real control or experience. Essential questions continued to plague me, like... how do you do the back of your head? Are you supposed to curl inwards or outwards, or both? Do you comb it afterwards? How much hairspray is too much hairspray? What on earth is setting spray? Do I need product before I curl? And for that matter, how on earth are people curling their hair with a straightening iron?

I got all these queries answered at The Strand when I stopped in for The ghd Experience. It was the morning of the Hong Kong Cancer Fund ball though, and the only appointment I could score was at 10.30am. Eight hours before kick-off. On a drizzling day. Before my nap. As a natural frizzhead, my hair holds curl pretty well, but it's no miracle worker.

I asked for big curls but in the end, since I know how to do big curls on my own, we settled on these Veronica Lake waves instead, achieved by clipping the ghd straightened near the crown and just rotating it while pulling down. The stylist sprayed stuff on it before curling, and then after the curl had set, combed everything out and arranged it before spraying on about half the amount of hairspray I normally use. Which I naturally topped up after I got home because hairspray, to me, is like a security blanket, a blanket woven of industrial polymers. And no one ever touches your hair to realize this, because touching random people's hair is just gross and weird. They merely admire it from afar and offer spoken compliments.

Anyway, I have since whipped out the ghd straightener they gave me three weekends in a row, and these are my discoveries: it is absolutely the gold standard of straightening. It makes my Conair straightener from Target look like child's play. It's not super easy to curl your hair, but it does a pretty decent job and fairly quickly, distributing heat more evenly that the traditional rod iron. The fact that it has only one temperature setting and heats up super quickly is a big plus.

And it holds! Anyone on my FB or Instagram will have read that I ended up in the ER at Queen Mary's at 3am that evening, somehow the good Samaritan taking an almost-stranger to fix her dislocated shoulder by virtue of being the only sober person present. And the hair continued to kill it:


Monday, March 24, 2014

Longchamp SS 14 Sneakers

We've written about Longchamp many a time, such as its numerous Jeremy Scott collaborations or when the brand teamed up with Coco Rocha but somehow we have only focused on its bags. I never knew (or perhaps never paid attention) to the fact that they have shoes. Check out their leather sneakers for the upcoming seasons. Priced from HK$2,650 a pair, they are slightly more high end than your average pair of Converses, Vans or Supergas but then again, look at how colourful they are!


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Electric Sekki Everything HK$50 Crazy Sale


Where's the (UK) beef?

hkLifestyleGeek gives us the scoop on UK beef promotions around town

Celebrity chef Jason Atherton was in Hong Kong recently to praise the virtues of British beef. At a kick-off event at Watermark, he explained that the cows from England are grass-fed, making the texture of the meat admittedly more chewy, with a more natural flavour compared to the tenderness corn-fed beef, a food cows don't normally eat. For Atherton it's all about flavours and went on to explain that the provenance of the beef was also important in how he determined his menus.

Hong Kong diners can taste for themselves in a month-long promotion called "English Beef -- The Royal Treat" from now until April 15. Four restaurants around town will be using British beef in its dishes -- Dickens Bar, Shore Restaurant & Bar, The Globe and Watermark. Different beef cuts are used to create such dishes as beef fillet carpaccio at Watermark, grilled 28-day aged bone-in rib for two at Shore, and English beef roast available on Sundays at The Globe. Dickens Bar at The Excelsior Hong Kong presents braised English beef and Yorkshire pudding.

Dickens Bar, The Excelsior Hong Kong
281 Gloucester Road
Causeway Bay
2837 6782

Shore Restaurant & Bar
3-4/F, the L. Place
139 Queen's Road
2915 1638

The Globe
B/F, Garley Building
45-53 Graham Street
2543 1941

Watermark (until April 13)
Shop L, Level P, Central Pier 7
Star Ferry
2167 7251


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

MAC x Proenza Schouler

As you know, we're a big fan of MAC. We are also a big fan of Proenza Schouler. So when we heard of the MAC x Proenza Schouler collection, there was a collective squee in the Geekdom. I can play with the holographic limited edition packaging all day while reflecting that I sadly didn't get my hands on the PS11 Metallic Hologram. The collection comprises lipstick bullets, square compacts, Pro Longwear pencils, four nail lacquers and a new shades of blush. Check out the full collection after the cut. Available starting April 7th at IFC and Times Square and on the 10th for all the other MAC locations.


Ocean City coral orange ombre into beige
Sunset Beach cool pink ombre into beige

Mangrove bright clean orange-red (matte)
Pinkfringe vivid flamingo pink (satin)
Primrose sheer berry plum (lustre)
Woodrose light pink with beige (lustre)

Bougainvillea bright orange coral (cream)
Dayflower clean plum (cream)
Nocturnelle black as night (cream)
Thimbleweed pale nude (cream)

Black Ice rich black
Rich Experience true brown

Dynamo bright peony
High Energy bright orange-red cream


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

1600 Pandas Hit Taipei

I can't really be bothered to look up why 1,600 paper pandas hit up Paris and now Taipei. I'm pretty sure it's some political environmental statement or possibly some weird pop art thing like the giant inflatable rubber duck that sailed around the world to Harbour City. Or the 100 Doraemons that also visited Harbour City. This is, like, the love child of those two promotional campaigns.

Animal installations are the newest way to get attention these days, although probably most people, like me, just like the cool pictures, and have no idea what the supposed artistic intention was. Either way, enjoy the panda takeover, Taipei. Pandas, please come to Hong Kong! I'm pretty sure Harbour City would find a nice spot for you guys.


Qeelin’s XXS Collection

I don't know about you but I've now gotten to the age where more than one of my friends are popping out kids and it's quite disconcerting having to think of baby gifts, baby showers, baby this and baby that. So I'm starting to pay more attention to anything baby related coming into my inbox which is why I'm now telling you about Qeelin's new baby collection. Called XXS, to represent kisses, the 11 piece collection showcases classic Qeelin symbols in miniature form such as the Wulu, the Yu Yi, the Qin Qin, the Ling Long and Bobo. Some of these are produced in white gold pave diamonds while others are in white gold with rubies. Prices start from HK$2,380 up.