Thursday, March 13, 2014

Beauty Notes: Burt's Bees Daisy White Serum

Back when I was in the US during my Andover days, I LOVED Burt's Bees. There wasn't any particular reason for the love other than it's bright, colourful and made of natural ingredients. Yes the last part was the most important although there are days when just looking at the yellow products lining up my shelf cheered me up. So I was ecstatic when the brand was easily available in Hong Kong. In fact, I'm also currently using their lip shimmer where I love how solid the colour is while not having that yucky lipstick artificial feeling.

Anyway, I digress. I was sent the latest Burt's Bees Daisy White collection to try out and it definitely seems to be tailored for the Asian market given its touting of whitening benefits. Apparently, by using the daisy white regiment (comprising the five products listed below), your skin will visibly brighten in four weeks and it will even out your skin tone as well as reduce the appearance of fine lines. I've only been using the serum for about a week so I guess it's too early to tell. What I do like about the serum is that its consistency is closer to water than the normal gooey serum formula. Think SKII's Facial Treatment Essence (Miracle Water in Cantonese if you watch those commercials.) When you splash it on your face there is a refreshing lemony scent and I don't feel like I have a thick coating on my skin so I can easily apply my makeup base, foundation and what not. Visit Burt’s Bees counters to check out the collection in person.

Daisy White Facial Cleanser $208/ 170g
Daisy White Toner $208/ 175g
Daisy White Serum $338/ 30g
Daisy White Eye Cream $338/ 10g
Daisy White Moisturizing Cream $338/ 50g

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