Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Very Geeky Xmas

Fellow friends, family and followers, it has been a great year entertaining you with our various geek-isms, but we're afraid that even geeks have to get a life sometime, so over the Christmas break, our posts may be few and far between as we kick back with egg nog and stollen and forget all about our blogging duties. We wish you all a very happy holiday season, a great Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/non-denominational holiday, and will see you all in 2010.

We look forward to sharing our holiday bounty with you next year. Stay tuned!


Search Party: Removing

Inspired by @cnostaw super delightful and funny Happy Friday emails, we do a Hong Kong version on his latest discovery. Americans want to remove wallpaper, Indians want to remove bras while Honkers just want to get rid of those pesky blackheads.


Monday, December 21, 2009

Geek Peek: Danny Ventura

It's always so much harder to buy gifts for men and while buying cologne might seem to be the easy option, choosing the right scent can be tricky. I turn to Danny Ventura, International Training Manager for Beauté Prestige Internationale which handle the Gaultier, Miyake, and Rodriguez lines of fragrances and body products for some tips on men's fragrances.

Hong Kong Fashion Geek: What should one keep in mind when selecting a fragrance for a guy?
Danny Ventura: One should keep in mind his interests, and lifestyle. For example if he is a sporty guy, perhaps a fresh and clean scent like L'Eau D'Issey Pour Homme would be ideal. If he is edgy, or trendy, a scent that has more character like Le Male would do. His occupation can also dictate his preference in scents. Does he work in an office setting, or is he mostly outdoors? Is he a suit and tie guy, or does he wear mostly jeans and a t-shirt. Try to take into consideration his culinary tastes as well. Does he enjoy spicy food or is he a more conservative type when eating out.

HKFG: Where are the best places to apply cologne?
DV: Most people wear a fragrance so that they can enjoy the scent all day long. A few sprays or dabs here and there and off they go, only to realize that it’s worn off half way throughout the day. Putting some thought into how and wear to apply a fragrance will make all the difference. Applying a fragrance low on the body, on the torso, but never under the arms, allows the scent to rise naturally with our body heat. As it does, the scent will envelope you and those you choose to get close enough to enjoy it as well.

HKFG: What is the difference between an aftershave and cologne?
DV: The major difference is in the concentration of essential oil that is mixed into the fragrance. An aftershave will generally have less concentration than a cologne. As well, some aftershaves have added ingredients that have soothing properties to be used on the face after he has shaved. A cologne will last longer in terms of scent than an aftershave will.

HKFG: What is your own personal favourite fragrance?
DV: To me fragrance is like music. I never listen to the same song over and over. Depending on the occasion, and season, I have many fragrances that I use. I often encourage other to do the same. A fragrance can be the perfect accessory and finishing touch before leaving the house.

HKFG: What is the shelf life of cologne and how often should one replace the bottle?
DV: Generally speaking, and if kept in ideal conditions, (a cool, dark place) a fragrance can last up to 36 months. Keep in mind that once a bottle of fragrance is opened, is has 4 major enemies. Air, heat, light, and age.

HKFG: Do you have any other tips for our readers?
DV: No matter what fragrance you choose to wear, it should evoke a special feeling while wearing it. Some choose a scent to feel beautiful, while others confident. It really depends on your lifestyle, and your interests. If you have a very busy, hectic schedule, then you might consider wearing a fragrance that is soothing or calming to counter balance your day. If your interests are spending time outdoors, then a fragrance that is more complimentary to your surroundings could be more appropriate, example, green, fresh or woody scents. Regardless of what you do, fragrances should feel right for you, and compliment your lifestyle, not get in the way of it.


Friday, December 18, 2009

Bag Lady: Celine Tote

From Phoebe Philo's first collection for Celine. I'm kinda loving it and hating it at the same time. That and the handle patches with the zipper is making me think of a deformed robot looking at me.. (No I haven't been drinking...)

The bag comes in two sizes, small (HK$18500) and medium (HK$21000)
At On Pedder 1/F New World Tower, Central. Tel: 2118 3489


Warehouse Sale: Guess, Nautica, Ecko

Happy Shopping!


Thursday, December 17, 2009

SHOErotica: Diego Dolcini Origami Satin Peep Pumps

Diego Dolcini says "origami", I say "Christmas gift bow"... either way it's a kicky way to dress up your holiday LBD, no?

GET THEM at Luisaviaroma


Designer Discovery: Maria Cristina Bellucci

Proving that the most ordinary can become art, Maria Christina Bellucci deconstructs everyday objects into the most quirky and awesome jewellery. I would totally rock the coloured pencil rings which bring back childhood nostalgia while making a fashionable statement. Having started out as a costume designer, Maria found herself more interested in the aspects of jewellery design and became a freelance jewellery designer in 1999. Based in Italy, Maria now showcases her work in art galleries around Europe and plans on turning her hand at sculptures as a bigger medium for her artistic expression.

Her jewellery can be bought at the following galleries or online
Rome, Italy

Gioielli D'autore
Milan, Italy

Neuchatel, Switzerland


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fear of Triskets

You Friends fans know what I'm talking about (and if not, you've just been Bamboozled!) But in this case, Triskaidekaphobia isn't the fear of the number 13, either (no matter what Wikipedia may say) -- it's a line of jewellery made by the queens of DIY, the Six Six Sick girls. And sick the pieces are, with weird little concoctions like teeth on a chain and various other delicate metallic trinkets that are made contemporary with rusty coats and interesting shapes.

The teeth generally remind me of that movie that I never dared see, Teeth (where a viscious jaw acts as the ultimate chastity belt) but I'm pretty on board with the rest of it. In fact, layered altogether, these would look pretty sick indeed.

Hongkongers can buy online at The Moon & Mars or She Boutique.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Rupert Sanderson isn't a name you hear super often in the realm of shoe designers, what with that other guy taking up all the press space with his goddamned red soles. But I'm thinking that it's about time the fashion world started getting over the whole idea of the "it" shoe designer and instead start widening the spotlight to include names like Rupert Sanderson, Camilla Skovgaard, Charlotte Olympia, Sigerson Morrison, etc. (I think Nick Kirkwood is already reaching "it" proportions, or I would've included the brand too).

So it will be a breath of fresh air when Sanderson opens his first standalone boutique outside of London, on Hong Kong's On Lan Street, this March. (In your face, Mr Louboutin!) Best of all, since it will still be cold, you can still nab and wear his boots, which for me are the highlight of his footwear collection. The double-layered draped effect is what sold me the first time I spotted a Sanderson shoe creation, and I'll admit that while some of his other pumps and heels are a little bit staid for my taste, the drapey boot is one of the most interesting and flattering shapes I've seen recently.

Because if you really break it down, the ankle boot, that trend that's storming the city as we speak, is NOT FLATTERING. It cuts you off right at the end of the calf, making non-supermodels such as myself look like dwarves on stilts. If you consider that the YSL Tribute ankle boot sort of brought the ankle-boot idea to the forefront, that's because it has something like six-inch heels, and also boasts a very wide brim around the ankle, thereby making your legs look slim while sticking out of a fat hole. (Does that make sense? It's the same as the Uggs theory, they're such fat boots that they make your legs look skinny in comparison.) Anyway, the draped portion of the Sanderson boot also extends the leg line, so I'd imagine would solve all your fat ankle problems in a jiffy.

I'm also told that these are exceedingly comfortable shoes to wear... so you can catch me in line when the time comes.


Monday, December 14, 2009

Star of David

I'll read just about anything usually, which has often led me down the path of extreme time wastage (cough, the four-book Shopaholic series, cough) and it's exceedingly rare for me to find a writer whose voice really calls out to me, in a way that will cause me to buy a book simply because this author's name is on the cover. Amy Bloom is my be-all and end-all favourite; George Saunders is another name I'll endlessly devour. And during a stint at the Newark airport, I discovered at Borders Bookstore my new literary crush: David Sedaris. That this guy is more radio comedian than pedigreed graduate of the School of New Yorker doesn't really bother me, because my test of a writer is a simple one: if I find myself reading slower and slower so that I can delay reaching the end of the book, then I know I am in love.

Naked was the book I picked up at Newark, but if you're looking for a holiday gift for a book geek, then the Christmas-themed Holidays on Ice is another of his tomes that I picked up last week. I haven't gotten through all of it yet, but the first story is about his experiences working as an elf in Macy's Santaland. Even Hemingway can't beat that.

But this blurb sells itself... "Holidays on Ice collects six of David Sedaris's most profound Christmas stories into one slender volume perfect for use as a last-minute coaster or ice scraper. This drinking man's companion can be enjoyed by the warmth of a raging fire, the glow of a brilliantly decorated tree, or even in the backseat of a van or police car. It should be read with your eyes, felt with your heart, and heard only when spoken to."


Geek Spy: :-) Text Talk Vinyl Shower Curtain =P

Proud to be a Geek? Show it off with this Text Talk Vinyl Shower Curtain or simply brush up on your emoticons while showering. It's like the modern version of those smiley posters I use to get back in high school. US$15 at Bed Bath & Beyond


Friday, December 11, 2009

Italian Stallions

I have a confession to make. I went to Posto Pubblico for lunch with a bunch of other press types, and while others ooh-ed and aah-ed over dishes like Bucatini or their Brooklyn sandwich or their mushroom trifolata (admittedly, delicious), I was more enamoured with their executive pastry chef, AJ Bellarosa, who not only has the best name ever (imagine that, Mrs ShoeGeek Bellarosa, doesn't that have such exotic flair?) but also is just the most adorable person ever.

Besides having eyelashes to die for and a smile to melt the coldest heart, Bellarosa and the rest of the New Yorker team, which includes Robert Spina and Todd Darling (note: also a great last name), are doing things differently by caring about the environment. In terms of ingredients, this means using sustainable local ingredients wherever possible, from farms in areas of Hong Kong you've never heard of but will want to visit after tasting some of their dishes. This is food with care -- besides friendly sourcing practices, the team has also put ample effort into ensuring the food is up to scratch. If this meant experimenting with bread-baking on a daily basis for six months, in order to adapt to Hong Kong's humidity levels, then that's what they did.

The result is good-quality, wholesome New York Italian fare like the owners used to eat at home -- although admittedly, some of their homes featured New York restauranteurs, so it's not exactly like YOUR momma would have made. The pizzas are simple, the pasta consistent and there are more adventurous areas for those who wish to go there. But ladies, maybe just pay this place a visit to tell me if I'm crazy to be having this pastry-chef crush, or if he actually placed me under a spell by putting something in that dreamy lemony dessert thing.


Bag Lady: Burberry Heart Collection Hobo

How cute is this bag? Burberry classic plaid pattern infused with hearts. Perfect for showing your sentimental side.
Get it at Burberry stores for HK$5,500


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Put a Ring On It

Slight obsession with rings lately. Forever 21, random shop in Singapore x 2, Moxsie two-finger ring.


Geek Peek: The Retreat Spa

As the weather turns decidedly cooler, it's time to update our skincare regime. We sit down with Antonia Lai, Spa Manager of The Retreat, for tips and advice.

Hong Kong Fashion Geek:What with winter approaching, what advice to you have for our skincare regimes?
Antonia Lai: Maintain a basic skincare routine - cleanse, tone and moisturise. Use sun protection moisturizer during the day. Try to use a moisturising mask at least once to twice a week, and for weather like now, at least twice. Avoid the sauna as well, it will dehydrate your skin.

HKFG: What is the one product that everyone should use regardless of age?
AL: If I could choose only one product, it would definitely a moisturizing sunscreen. This is the key product to protect your skin from sun damage which equals to aging.

HKFG: What is the best way to combat anti-aging?
AL: Maintain a healthy lifestyle and a basic skincare routine. Don’t forget to protect your skin as well! UV can damage and dehydrate your skin, and that causes ageing.

HKFG: What sort of lifestyle changes would you recommend in order to prevent aging?
AL: Avoid caffeine, alcohol, smoking....etc. Again, protect your skin from the sun!

For those who are still looking for Christmas presents, check out The Retreats list of Christmas hampers. My favourite is definitely the one for mothers with newly born babies.

Mums & Bubs Hamper
Mothers in need of pampering can treat themselves and their bundles of joy with the Mums & Bubs Hamper, which includes organic skincare baby products from Babies Only and Earth Mama to ensure that only the purest and natural ingredients come in contact with both mama and baby’s skin.

Dead Sea Extravaganza Hamper
Women looking to turn back the clocks of time can look into the Dead Sea Extravaganza Hamper, which features a line of exclusive skincare products and masks from the Mineral Care range created with minerals and plant extracts from the Dead Sea, known since ancient time for their anti-ageing effects on the skin.

Organic Spa Essentials
Au naturel beauties will love Organic Spa Essentials, which combines products created with bergamot, orange, lavender, rose, and petit grain essential oils to restore your face and body the natural way.

The Sweet Retreat Hamper
Perfect for someone who needs to relax and unwind with our handpicked selection of calming teas, candles and diffusers, and skincare pampering products.

Detox Retox Hamper
For the ultimate accessory for a Merry Christmas and a revitalised New Year, get the Detox Retox Hamper and indulge your body with luxurious products from Murad and Mineral Care to seriously nourish, protect, and smooth your skin in the ultimate relaxation experience.

The Retreat
33 Beach Road
Repulse Bay
Hong Kong
T: 2803‐1860


Warehouse Sale: Harbour City Bazaar - Branded Fashion & Beauty Fair


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

SHOErotica: H by Hudson Patti Boot

Contemplating these right now. Asos is my new fave. GET THEM at Asos.com


Tis the Season: Marc Jacobs limited edition Postcard Tee

Marc Jacobs will be launching a limited edition Postcard Tee collection with the addresses of the Marc Jacobs Landmark store and Beijing store printed on the card. Not sure why there's a naked butt on the front of the shirt but if this tickles your fancy, get them quick as there are only 200 pieces available. Launches on December 11. Priced at HK$310

Shop List:
Marc Jacobs, Shop 104, The Landmark, Central Tel: 2523 3324
Marc by Marc Jacobs, G01 Fashion Walk, Kingston Street, Causeway Bay Tel: 2882 6217


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Monday, December 7, 2009

It's So Easy To Be Green

I love plants. Having something green at my desk cheers me up immensely. Unfortunately, I do not have a green thumb. No matter how determined I am to care for plants, they seem to die on me. (The only exception was a plant I received from Seed as a press gift. It somehow managed to last over a year except that it started out being two strong stems with 12 to 15 leaves and now there's only one stem with 5 drooping leaves so I don't have high hopes for the poor thing.)

I am determined to find a way to solve this problem and no, plastic plants aren't the answer. After some digging, I was told that moss terrariums are amazingly easy to take care off and you would have to actually work at killing them. Supposedly, you only need to water them every month as the lid seals off the moisture and it becomes a small ecosystem.

There are countless cute moss terrariums to be found on Etsy ranging from US$20 to US$300 but they only ship within the US so I decided to make my own and now I can't decide how to decorate it. Should I go with the picnic setting or the mossroom? For something Christmasy try using glass ornaments and putting the moss inside.

What you'll need:
gravel or glass beads (HK$10 at Jusco)
potting soil (HK$6)
moss (HK$45 at a flower store near The Pawn in Wanchai)
glass jar (I used an old Yankee Candle jar but any glass jar with a lid would do)
decorations (these miniature sushi, chopsticks and green tea are available at City Super for HK$30, the mushroom those capsule toy machines for HK$5)

1. Place the gravel/ glass beads at the bottom of the jar for drainage
2. Add about 1 inch of moist potted soil
3. Layer the moss on top, feel free to squish as much as you can into the jar for a nice thick carpet.
4. Spray the moss with some water
5. Add the decoration
6. Close lid

And there you go! A simple, green garden sitting on your desktop. Now fingers crossed that I won't kill this terrarium!


A Dog Eat Dog World

Since I live in a semi-ghetto district where the chance of bumping into fellow compatriots is slim, I wear whatever I want to go walk the dog. (I've even been tagged on facebook wearing a khaki leather biker jacket, blue Mr Men t-shirt, flared jammie pants in white with cherubs on them, and neon green sneakers.

But this might change for two reasons -- one, I'm moving to Wanchai, where real people (or rather people I know) actually roam the streets, increasing the chance of a badly dressed run-in. Two, this Jak & Jil photo is the cutest thing ever.

Image: Jak & Jil


Friday, December 4, 2009

Bag Lady: Jimmy Choo Roxie Fringe Hobo

It's a hobo bag with fringes. You'd think it might be a tacky concept but this is a case where the execution saves the concept. I LOVE the bright sunny colour and it's perfect for driving away the winter blues.
At Jimmy Choo


Pocket Rocket

Men's fashion isn't our strong suit but I did learn a thing or two about pocket squares yesterday while accompanying my beloved to shop for a dapper suit accompaniment to sport at a wedding we're attending this weekend. Suit shops were at the top of the list for custom fabrics, but we also hit H&M, M&S and Tie Rack since they were all situated around the bustling Central district. We were told that the best selection is at Lane Crawford or Seibu, but alas, I was getting cranky from all the walking so we were restricted to the aforementioned stops alone. For monsieurs seeking that pitch-perfect match to their tie or bow-tie, the best bet is to have a tailor scrounge up fabric to match, but I convinced my man to go with a skinny black tie and a black-and-white polka-dotted silk number with a thick black border for that pseudo Comme Des Garcons look. If we'd had time or any sense of pre-planning (a refrain that seems constant), we would've looked online.

The next step, then, is figuring out the best way to showcase this silk specimen. This Sam Hober site features numerous ways to fold your pocket square, starting with one- to four-point variations, flat folds, puffy folds, crown shapes and more. There are, in total, 14 ways to fold your pocket square. Holy crap, and I thought women's convertible fashion was genius. It's a SQUARE, for crying out loud, and it's this versatile. Why doesn't every man own a pocket square? Anyway, below the cut you'll find some random options I came across, from loud and proud to staid and solid.

Belisi x 2, Gucci, Luigi Borelli Napoli, Givenchy, Gucci

Images: Belisi and Tiedeals.com


Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Rainbow Connection

Dear Santa,

I've been a very hardworking Geek this year and I do truly believe I deserve a cornucopia of great gifts from you. To make things easy, why don't you just stop by net-a-porter and throw one of each of the the RM by Roland Mouret exclusive Rainbow Collection in your bag? They might seem a bit pricey at HK$10-20K but someone once told me I was worth a million bucks, and this is a mere fraction of that price. A steal, Santa, a steal!

At the very least consider this aqua Isa dress. It's so pretty, I promise I'll be good for a whole other year. I'll even brush my teeth every night, go to sleep on time (ish) and give you a free banner ad if you want. In case you need the link, here it is!



Geek Peek: Grown Bio Active Skincare

Organic skincare has been touted as a healthier alternative to regular skincare as there is a lower risk of allergies along with claims of being more effective. We talk to the Keston and Jeremy Muijs, founders of Grown, an organic skincare line that just launched in Hong Kong last month at Joyce Beauty about their inspiration and philosophy behind the brand

Hong Kong Fashion Geek: What was the inspiration behind Grown?
Keston Muijs: We were first awakened to the harm of traditional skincare formulations when a close friend developed adverse reactions to almost every cosmetic during her battle with cancer. As a result our focus has always been more on healthy products that deliver a sophisticated beauty result than simply organic. Not just certified, healthy.

We understand that having an organically certified product is important, which is why our products use 100% certified organic ingredients. However, we don’t stop there. Healthy skin care must also avoid harmful ingredients that certified products often contain like alcohol for example. We also believe whether a product’s ingredients are organic, wild harvest or naturally grown healthy skin care is all about formulating products that don’t compromise on beauty or your health. All our products must delivery a visible beauty result.

HKFG: How did your backgrounds as product and brand developers help in the development of Grown?
Jeremy Muijs: I think as product developers you learn to question everything. Someone says “that can’t be done” and instinctively you say “why not”. It’s almost like a discipline to continually push the boundaries of what is possible and it helps to have a very clear and powerful reason for being on the journey in the first place. When you start with the question “how do we make healthy skincare with a powerful beauty benefit?” you don’t stop to find the answer. I guess that’s why it took us so long. (Grown underwent almost a decade of development before its launch.)

HKFG: What does the Grown product range comprise of?
KM: We have a top to toe range with everything from Facial Moisturizers to treatment products and bioactive eye creams.

HKFG: The shelf life for organic products tend to be shorter. How do you overcome that obstacle?
JM: Yes, the shelf life of our products are shorter but not by much because our packaging protects our product from light, liquid and air to seal in goodness and keep out bacteria. We use amber bottles to protect delicate botanical ingredients from being broken down by UV light. Our pumps use a patented valve technology to ensure nothing contaminates our ingredients. Aluminium tubes prevent air coming in contact with the product ensuring an optimum environment for our active ingredients. We also use safe non-leeching tubes and bottles instead of conventional chemically toxic polypropylene plastics, which emit harmful chemicals into the product they are protecting, to ensure our products remain as healthy as the day they were created.

HKFG: What new products are in development?
KM: We have a host of new products that complement our current range. The wonderful thing about nature is their is a powerful remedy for everything so we are never at a loss for inspiration.

HKFG: If you could only choose one Grown product to use, what would it be?
JM: Wow, I can’t believe I have to just choose one! It’s like having to choose a favorite child. I think we are selling a lot of Facial Moisturiser at the moment. But I must say for me I have a thing for the Hand Wash.