Thursday, September 30, 2010

SHOErotica: Rodarte Spring 2011


Ink Me

What are the chances that Beyonce has been reading our humble little blog? Yeah, not high, I know. But it’s almost as if she knows we covet temporary tattoos and skeleton jewellery and create these awesome limited edition temporary tattoos under the Deréon label in response. Available starting Nov 1, these tats come in two packages, the basic for US$16 and deluxe for US$34. All are waterproof and designed to last for two to five days. So what’s the difference between the basic and deluxe? Not much apparently except that for double the price you get a signed photo by Beyonce and the opportunity to win a trip to NYC for a photoshoot. The tattoos will be available at Sephora stores in the U.S. and Canada,, and The deluxe edition is limited to 500 pieces and will be available only on and


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Search Party: Who is

It seems that the US is still baffled as to who Lady GaGa is while Honkers just want the answer to this pressing question: Who is the ugliest Miss HK?


Detail Oriented

Details at Thakoon. Gold python is just... YWARRRRR. And love anything that's essentially just some variation on a white button-down.

More after the cut


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fashion Week Redux: Suit Up

It took me something like a month to zip through some 100-plus episodes or five seasons of How I Met Your Mother. And if there's one fashion voice to heed in that show (certainly not Robin's), it's Barney Stinson's, he who loves the salary-man look. Is it his favourite one-liner call-to-arms, "Suit Up!", that infiltrated the inspiration boards at Christopher Kane and Proenza Schouler for Spring Fashion Week 2011? Or have I been irrevocably affected by HIMYM-itis? Most likely the latter, but I like to think it's the former.

Either way, both of these arguably more urban, street brands have gone a little bit prim 'n proper, but not without their subversive elements. Like with a colour palette of neon green and yellow. Or a suit jacket that's shaped more like a cardigan, and a bra top under a boxy-fit blazer. And as separates, these integrate perfectly into a gal's wardrobe too.


Monday, September 27, 2010

Geek Spy: Stay Puft Caffeinated Gourmet Marshmallows!

Surprisingly, it's the gourmet part of the marshmallow that trips me up rather than the caffeinated or Ghostbuster endorsed collectible part. Apparently the candy comes in a marshmallowy-feeling box to further enhance your user experience. Wouldn't this be perfect for Halloween? Get it at ThinkGeek


NYFW Redux: Mod Squad

So I'm mucho behind-o on whatever is going on in the various fashion weeks but thankfully I am back in the land of free wifi, so I've started to make a dent on New York's offerings.

It started at Phillip Lim with this three-piece skirt that you could mix and match and swivel to create your own look. And then there was this skirt-on-skirt action going on at Rodarte. And this dress-over-a-skirt thing at Wayne. I thought about it and decided it was kind of like the modular shelving you get at Ikea, where you have a certain number of pieces you can mix and match to create your own personal look. And then I realized, duh, that's what your whole closet is anyway; so much for the modular analogy.

But anyway, point is, we've been layering shirts and jackets and vests for years; we even did that whole dress or skirt over pants or leggings thing for quite some time. But this, ladies and gentlemen, is a revelation. Skirts on top of skirts on top of... skirts. It's like a big same-sex orgy, except instead of guys on top of sweaty other guys or a T&A festival, it's glorious, frivolous, kinky skirts.


Bag Lady: Alexander Wang Rocco laser-cut leather studded bag

Doesn't it look so soft and comfy? Get it at Net a Porter.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

We're taking Thursday and Friday off to celebrate mid Autumn festival and hopefully find the moon in this HK smog. Hope all of you enjoy the holiday and eat lots of yummy mooncakes.


SHOErotica: Cinzia Araia

No idea how or where you can get these shoes, but you can ogle Cinzia Araia's full collection on this frustratingly sparse website, and email the designer if you so need. More pics after the cut.


Geek Spy: iPad Cutting Board

The iPad craze is definitely here to stay and if you can't afford an iPad for whatever reason, how bout spicing your kitchen up with the iPad cutting board? Available from myBrett for 15 Euros.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nailed in the Nude

It has been frustratingly difficult to find a good nude nail polish, even though every time I visit the manicurist, she gives me three zillion fake painted nails from which to choose my colour. Since my nail salon stocks a pretty complete collection of OPI, I'm left thinking that the brand simply doesn't do a good nude, or that my particular shade of skin just doesn't match any of their shades. If you, too, have that problem (assuming you want your nails to match the rest of your body), here are a few alternatives. Shout if you've tried any of these.

Butter London's Tea with the Queen, my top pick:

Nail's Inc's Basil Street for a browner touch:

Eyeko Nude Polish, with a little hint of peach:

Rescue's Sheer Nude looks like a lovely true nude, but I haven't seen it on anyone:

And I guess to round things off, the more easily available MAC Abalone Shell:

Images: Perfume Smellin' Things, Nails by Asami, Product Pasha, The Beauty Spark


Mirror Mirror on the Wall

So I normally don’t feature the same brand in two weeks but this is just too good to pass up so think of it as a Big MAC instead of the usual burger if you will. MAC has partnered with Disney to create a Venomous Villains collection and I have been eagerly waiting for more news so that I can properly write something on it as I am a big fan of the villains. Yes the princesses are all very nice and what not if you’re a kid but there’s something delightfully evil about Cruella who is just a misunderstood fashionista or Malificent who says hell in a Disney cartoon or the Evil Queen who quite frankly just wanted to stay pretty. (Can’t say much about the fourth villain Dr. Facilier since I haven’t seen Princess and the frog but interesting choice to choose a man villain for the collection.)

Imagine my delight when I saw that the press kit contained interviews with the characters. Because I got such a kick out of them, I’m going to take the time to transcribe the two interviews that are particularly snarky just for your reading pleasure. Check it out after the cut. And oh, the colour palettes of the collections are darn pretty too. My favourite is Maleficent’s collection as I’m a sucker for anything blue, green or purple and also because she’s my favourite villain. The other villain collections are nice but seems more for the every day girl although the Evil Queen's wicked pink lipstick is bound to provide a pop of colour to anyone's face.

Interview with the Evil Queen
Let's face it. Your apple idea was flawed as there was an antidote (true love's kiss). If you could do it over again, how would you eliminate Snow White?
I should have turned HER into that ugly old witch. Prince Charming finds her repulsive. I am the fairest, and she dies of a broken heart. What could be more perfect?

You were known as a great beauty. Do any modeling in your youth?
Not much. I always found the mirror to be my worst critic.

What does your hair look like under that regal hood?
As black as night, as long as a winter's wind and far more stunning than a bob with a bow.

I suggest you ask another question. after all, I am not know as the Good Queen.

Beauty staple?
Sinister- my signature shade- over full lips and a loyal mirror.

Known for?
Catch me on a bad day and I can be a real witch.

Mood disorder?

Interview with Maleficent
Do you ever feel like you overreacted to not getting invited to that party at the palace?
Me? Overreact? The mistress of all evil? NEVER!

You have a very bold fashion sense and your signature outfit is clearly couture. Any fashion advice?
What makes you feel powerful is always a good choice. Plus, black is so slimming.

Who does your magnificent eyebrows?
My eyebrows are naturally malefic and magnificent.

Evil never gets old.

Favourite meal?
Revenge truly is a dish best served cold.

Beauty staple?
General gloom and intense cold, it keeps the skin looking tight and fresh.

Can't stand?
To be left out.

Ravens and revenge.

Casting spells and party crashing.

MAC Venomous Villains Collection is available on Oct 4 as a pre-launch at Queensway Plaza Admiralty and on Oct 7 at all MAC locations. Prices range from HK$90 to HK$245


Monday, September 20, 2010

Bag Lady: Reed Krakoff Auction bag

From Reed Krakoff of Coach fame. Front pocket transforms into a detachable clutch. Absolutely lust worthy. Check out his other amazing bags at his website.


Dummy Text

Here's one for the publishing geek -- a Lorem Ipsum T-shirt. Although I, with my penchant for wordiness, would have liked to see a bit more of the dummy text that graphic designers use in first-round layouts. I'd spring for a full paragraph. Random extra link: Lorem ipsum generator. I know it's been three days since I got back from Europe, but I'm still so jet-lagged, I was on the verge of simply filling this post with dummy text just to be done with it.

Get the tee here.


Friday, September 17, 2010

Geek Spy: Hidden Message Collar Stays

A few questions:

a) Do guys still use collar stays these days?
b) Does this gift imply that women are to stay at home and make sure their men’s shirts are nicely pressed?
c) And how would the woman know how she is feeling that day? Does she have to get up early to prepare her man’s shirt with a racy message while he sleeps in?

Get them here.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

SHOErotica: Jeffrey Campbell

You gotta secretly love Jeffrey Campbell and the whole "I'm copying a designer shoe but I do it so well that I'm still widely acknowledged in the retail fashion community instead of hidden in some seedy Shenzhen shop or being sued like Steve Madden or worn by strange old hobos who don't even realize they're wearing a designer knockoff because they found these at Salvation Army" thing. More goodness after zee cut.