Monday, September 6, 2010

Geek Spy: Magic Wand Remote

Right before the final Harry Potter book was released, a few friends and I dorkily started a Harry Potter book club. We had a facebook group page and code names for each other. I was Hagrid. We were so cool. On the day the Deathly Hallows was released, we gathered in one living room to read and eat cupcakes that had Hogwarts logos on them. Cool, I tell you we were. That night, we took our books to Pi and ended up meeting this British guy, whom we used to amuse ourselves by making him say magic phrases with his British accent. Expelliarmus! Wengardium Leviosa! And the most dreaded.. Avada Kedavra... the second half of which, incidentally, sounds like cadeaver, which I guess is apt, given it's a killing spell. British guy was amused for about five seconds before he wished he could use the Avada Kedavra on himself.

Anyway, one dorky element that we missed out on, clearly, was the Magic Wand remote. This button-free remote syncs with your TV remote and "learns" to perform certain functions depending on how you swing the wand. There are 13 different ways to operate your control, even though I can't think of 13 ways to use a wand. But that's why I'm not a magician. Hagrid was kicked out of Hogwarts, remember? Anyway, cute idea. Dorky, yes, but still cute. JUST LIKE ME.

You can get it here. On a side note, I almost accidentally posted this is Geek Spy: Magic Wang Remote. Which totally sounds like a battery-operated pleasure device. Which is also maybe much cooler than a TV wand. But we're not going to go there.

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