Friday, August 1, 2014

Flashback Friday: Sun-In

I used to use Sun-In a lot on my super dark Asian black hair. You remember that product that reacts under the sun's heat to bleach your tresses? Quel Genius! It lightened it a bit, and if I sprayed it intensively on the front lock of hair, I was able to achieve that oh-so-coveted Kirstie Alley blonde streak circa 1998. I don't want the photo to taint this page so the link is here if you wanted a reference. And in case you were wondering, the answer is no. Kirstie Alley, even at the height of her popularity, when she was still on Cheers and/or playing John Travolta's girlfriend in Look Who's Talking, was not a hair icon. There were no teenagers who wanted to look like Kirstie Alley. Some people talk about their misguided youth, their days of drugs and skipping school and chewing gum as loudly as possible. My misguided youth is mainly about bad hair. The time I dyed my hair blue. The time I dyed my hair red. The time I cut all my hair off and my mom showed pictures of me and my brothers to her friends and ask, "Guess which one's the girl?" The time I got really cheap hair extensions that someone told me might have come from dead girls in China. And of course, the time I Sun-In-ed my hair to look like Kirstie Alley.

I also, for the record, had braces AND glasses at the same time.

It was really exciting, then, to hear my colleague share with me that her beautiful blonde daughter had recently had a run-in with Sun-In. It turned her hair green. Luckily, she has a mother who sensibly took her to the salon promptly to have her locks restored.

I, it should be noted, currently sport a bleached streak in the back of my hair. My hairdresser decided that it should be green. And who was I to protest? I guess some things you never learn. But now I pay professionals to rationalise my bad decisions. I'm going in for a touch-up this weekend. Who knows what disaster will come next?


Thursday, July 31, 2014

Model Homes

Karlie, Stam and Anja at home. So not only do they look better than me, their homes look better than mine? Jelly belly!

More at Elle Decor.


Bag Lady: Celine Belt Bag

The Celene Trapeze has gotten a new cousin this season called the Belt Bag. The new iteration is more pleasing on the eye that the Trapeze, more subtle and not as easily recognisable yet it also feels more of an afterthought design. Jury's still out for me on this one as to whether or not I like it. Available in a large and small size, the Belt Bags are priced between $16,000 - $255,000.


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tee Off

Sports Tee Roundup

There's something inherently effortless about throwing on a sports tee, pairing it with sneakers and being off on a hot summer's day. A quick roundup of shirts that's caught my eye above.


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Valentino Mophie?!

How freaking excited was I to spot this image on Interview magazine's website? So, so excited. Only... my brain wasn't working right. All I saw was a blur of red tiger print. Rockstud. Want. Need. Love. Fuck!

Then I kind of realised that the Valentino Rouge Absolute Mophie charger was actually... just a red portable charger with a Valentino logo on it. Um, and costs US$349. So not want. So not need. So not love. But still... fuck.

Proceeds go to charity though, so it's for a good cause, and we like those. Actually, proceeds go to THREE charities, so you can feel triply good. And your phone will charge so fast, it'll be the quickest-charging phone in the East. So there's that. And maybe you happened to need a portable charger. If so, hit it up here, you true fashion geek, you.