Monday, November 30, 2009

Tis the Season: Video Controller Ornaments

The one thing that I cannot do without every year is a live Christmas tree. It's amazing how different I feel when there's the scent of pine in the house. While some may say it's a bit of an extravagance (and I'm not denying it as a 5ft tree costs between HK$700 - HK$1200), it's one of those purchases that is definitely worth it. When I was younger, I had all sorts of small stuffed animals that was given to me at childbirth as decoration for the tree and it's been my biggest regret that my parents threw out all those toys without my consent while I was away at college.

So now I'm forever on a quest to find Christmas tree decorations. Eclectic is what I strive for. We have the usual Swarovski crystal ornaments but also quirky ones like Smores, red sequined Absolut vodka key chains and this year I'm looking to add this set of acrylic video game controllers to the mixture. Designed by Dave Rollins, these seven ornaments contain laser cut-out versions of Wii, N64, Xbox 360, Dreamcast, NES, PS2 and Sega Genesis controllers. Perfect for the gamer geek in me.

Available here


SHOErotica: Stella McCartney Faux Leather Platform Boots

So they're a little bit old, but does that stop you from swooning over Stella's killer platform ankle boots? Animal-friendly, too. And budget friendly -- they're on sale now at the Outnet. Still not that cheap, but that's the price you pay for fashion.


Friday, November 27, 2009

Purple Perfection

Cate Blanchett in Armani. That's all.


Bag Lady: Hermes Verrou Elan Clutch in Alligator

Simple, elegant, classic. Need I say more? Get it at Hermes stores for HK$123,800


Warehouse sale: Valentino up to 90% off


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Time

Happy Thanksgiving from your resident Geeks! I know nobody really celebrates this festival out here, but here's a tribute to turkey with Norman Rockwell's Freedom from Want print. And... a canvas/satire I spotted at an art school which will certainly make you go "awwww".



Piaget Private Sale

For one day only. Be sure to bring your credit card!


Search Party: Pamela

It appears that Google HK peeps are chiefly interested in holistic healing when they type the search string Pamela... followed by Youde Nethersole Hospital. Who knew that we were that interested in touchy-feely medicine?

And Google worldwide, of course, lists on top. No surprises there...


Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Yesterday I wrote about PDAs; today, it's a PSA - public service announcement. I had a boyfriend in college who did some radio DJ-ing, so I know random acronyms like that. It was a college radio station, but I believe he was still mandated to play three or four PSAs per hour, although he (ie we) got to choose which ones. We always chose the random and ironic ones, like James Brown talking about not drinking and driving. We had no visuals, but I could imagine if we had something like this Clean Air Network viral, that would have made it onto the show too. This simple paean to the benefits of clean air starts off simple (and certainly had me wondering why the message on my facebook wall read: "it's not a corporate wank. in fact, i think that, YOU of all people will like it a lot." Had my fondness for animated line-drawings been leaked to the public? Hardly.) Watch the whole thing, and you too might enjoy it. It's a sort of guerilla-lite, Shel Silverstein-meets-Quentin Tarantino take on the state of air pollution today. I am fulfilling this blog's PSA quota for the day by posting it and encouraging you all to sign the Clean Air Network petition: If karma really works, then there will be unicorn on my doorstep tomorrow too, pulling behind him a sled filled with air purifiers and 3M masks for Christmas.


Geek Peek: Bobbi Brown

There’s nothing us Geeks like more than the festive season. Whether the party is for celebrating the Winter solstice, Christmas, Hanukah, New Year’s or just a gathering of close friends, make sure your makeup is impeccable. We talk to Bobbi Brown about how to achieve that perfect holiday look.

Hong Kong Fashion Geek: As the holiday season approaches, what eye and lip colours would you recommend for parties?
Bobbi Brown: Got a party to go to? There is nothing like chrome inspired metallic shades to brighten up the eyes. Contrast it by playing it cool with soft plum lip shades.

HKFG: Smokey eyes tend to lead to a messy appearance if not applied properly. How can we avoid it?
BB: The best way to avoid a mess while smoking up your eyes is to apply your concealer afterwards. This way if some shadow falls under your eyes you don't have to start all over again.

HKFG: What cheek and lip colours go well with smokey eyes?
BB: A neutral looking cheek with a soft port-inspired shade of lipstick or gloss would bring perfect harmony to a chrome smoky eye.

HKFG: What products should be in our makeup cases when going out?
BB: Besides blotting papers (for excess shine on the t-zone area) and lip color, Q-Tips are always convenient to clean up a smudge or an uneven lip liner.

HKFG: How should one touch up their makeup while at an event?
BB: How about a "touch-up-free" evening? Use a long-wear cream eye shadow underneath your smoky eyes and paired it all up with long-wearing gel liner and mascara!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Public Displays with Affection

I was in the sort-of college town of Savannah, Georgia, to visit an art and design college that has pretty much taken over the downtown community, and it was great to see retailers getting into the spirit of things and employing visual displays designed by students for their shop windows. I stupidly didn't take any photos, but Marc by Marc Jacobs, Urban Outfitters and others all had fabulously creative window displays (because I was there during Halloween, everything was just a little more out there too).

I had thought that Christmas displays didn't go up until after Thanksgiving, but I guess the shops couldn't wait, because when I headed up to Massachusetts a few days later in early November, they were chock full of ornaments and snowy set-ups. At Anthropologie out in Dedham, I snapped these random shots of various things they had in the shop, including a giant turkey-like thing made completely out of burnt newspapers. As much as I love Lane Crawford window porn, I do wish we got this ilk of creativity in our shops in Hong Kong...

PS I can't wait till Xmas!


Updates: Facebook Fan Page and New Contributor

We know you're dying to become a fan of us on Facebook and after numerous not-so-subtle nudges from our readers, we've finally set up our Facebook fan page at . So show your love for us, go to the link and become a fan. Or simply click on the sidebar on the right.

In other news, we're excited to introduce hkGuyGeek, a new contributor to the site who will be bringing a much needed dose of testosterone. So guys, get ready to see posts that are catered exclusively for you. As always, if you have any suggestions on how to improve the site, send us an email at


Muchos Gracias

If you've forgotten to order your turkey and fixin's, never fear, the Sheraton is here! There are several options for you to pick from, depending on your mood and budget: try the Oyster Bar set dinner, which is HK$728 a head featuring the traditional turkey and punkin pie, as well as fresh oysters and a duo of crab cakes. My family spends every single occasion at the Oyster Bar, and I can tell you, if there are five people at the table, there are usually five orders of crab cakes, they are SO good. The Cafe is doing a dinner buffet for HK$398 a head, and the Lobby Lounge is doing a two- or three-course set dinner for HK$298 or HK$348, accompanied by live music.

Full menus and contact details available after the cut!


Freshly shucked Oysters from Oyster Display $118 (3 pieces)
Baked US Oyster Rockefeller (3 pieces) $ 127

Duo Of Crab Cakes $ 265
U.S Lump Crabmeat, Louis Sauce, red pepper Aioli

Traditional roasted Butterball Turkey $330
Sausage Stuffing, Brussels Sprouts, glazed Carrots, Giblets Sauce

Old Fashion baked Pumpkin Pie $108
Dulce de Leche Ice-cream


Freshly shucked Australian Oyster, black tiger Prawns, Yabbies & spotted Crab on ice
Condiments with Cocktail Sauce, Lemon Wedges & Tabasco Sauce

Five kinds of Sashimi: Salmon, Tuna, Butterfish, Swordfish & Yellow Tail
Assorted Sushi & Sushi Roll
Chilled Soba Noodles, Cucumber, Crabmeat and Tobiko

Bowl mixed Salad Leaves
Caesar Salad (tossed in large display bowl)
Roasted Beets, Bacon and Goats Cheese Salad with aged Balsamic
Pumpkin, Artichoke and baked Feta Cheese Salad with Sherry Vinaigrette
Smoked Trout and new Potato Salad with Tartar Sauce
Borlotti Bean, Tomato and marinated Mushroom Salad
Scallop, Asparagus and Egg Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette
Roast Turkey and sun-dried Tomato Salad
Chicken Tikka Salad with Cucumber & Dahl Ddressing
Grilled Vegetables, Pine Nuts, Parmesan Cheese, Cherry Tomatoes
Cucumber, Tomato, sweet red Onion rings, Corn Kernels, pickled Garlic
Smoked Salmon with Artichokes, Chive and Sour Cream
Home-cured Gravadlax
Black forest Ham with sweet Melon
Condiments: Bread Croutons, chopped Bacon, Anchovies, grated Eggs, Parmesan Cheese and
Pumpkin seeds
Dressing: Thousand Island, Blue Cheese, Caesar, French Dressing & Italian Vinaigrette

Selected of two hard Cheese & two soft Cheeses
Condiments: dried Apricots, Biscuits, candied Wwalnuts, Grapes

Cream of roasted Pumpkin with Ginger and Crabmeat
Daily Asian Soup
Served with assorted Breads and Rolls

Roasted Butterball Turkey with Stuffing, Cranberries and Giblet Jus
Roasted grain-fed Australian Prime Rib
Served with black Pepper Sauce, Béarnaise, Mushrooms Sauce
Buttered Dutch new Potatoes and Garlic Mash

Sea Prawns
New Zealand half shell Mussel
Sauce: Thai red Curry Sauce & red Chili Soya Sauce

Grilled Veal Fillet with Cumin Lentils and whole Grain Mustard Sauce
Herb rubbed Duck Breast with black Cherry Cinnamon Sauce
Pan-fried Sole Fish Fillet with Lemon Capers Sauce
Grilled sweet Potatoes and root Vegetables
Chinese BBQ Platter
Wok-fried mixed Seafood flavored with black Bean Sauce
Beef Short Ribs flavored with Garlic
Wok-fried seasonal Vegetables
Steamed Rice
Whole steamed spotted Garoupa
Chicken Curry
Tandoori Fish
Dal Tarkka
Assorted Naan Bread

Pumpkin Pie
Carrot Cake
Tofu Mousse
Vanilla Panna Cotta
Raspberry Yoghurt Mousse
Chocolate Truffle Cake
Crème Caramel
Mango Mousse Cake
Strawberry Mille-Feuille
Assorted fresh Fruit Platter
Chocolate Pecan Pies
Pear Crumbles
Baked Mango Tart
Baked Cheesecake
Haägen Dazs Ice-cream Selection

Made to order Pancakes with assorted Condiments


Gourmet dishes include Oysters Rockefeller, roasted Butterball Turkey, Roasted grain-fed Prime Rib and Baked Pumpkin Pie and so on.

The Café
Level 2, Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers, 20 Nathan Road, Kowloon
For reservations, please call 2369 1111 ext. 3333.

Oyster & Wine Bar
Level 18, Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers, 20 Nathan Road, Kowloon
For reservations, please call 2369 1111 ext. 3145.

Lobby Lounge
Level 2, Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers, 20 Nathan Road, Kowloon
For enquiry, please call 2369 1111 ext. 3277.


Monday, November 23, 2009

Tis the Season: La Mer Connoisseur Collection

I’m of the opinion that you can never pay enough attention to your skin regime and that the most expensive skincare doesn’t necessarily warrant the best. In the case of La Mer however, it’s worth every penny. But do note that you shouldn’t start using La Mer too early on as it’s really more suited for mature skin and if you start on such premium skincare early on, what will you do in later years? Tangent aside, for the Christmas season, treat your mom to the La Mer Connoisseur Collection and I guarantee you won’t get a lump of coal in your stocking. The Connoisseur Collection brings together three essential skincare treatments perfect for any time of year: Crème de la Mer (60ml), The Lifting Face Serum (9 ml) and The Eye Concentrate (15 ml). Presented in a festive keepsake box together with a silver spatula, this offering is a beautiful way both as gift and to experience La Mer. Price: $3,600 (Available now at Lane Crawford.)


Brace Yourself

Nature is suspended in lucite for the creation of this bangle by Sylwia Calus Design on Etsy. Call me weird, but this reminds me of those lollipops you can buy at specialty shops with scorpions caught in the hard candy (by the way, are you supposed to EAT the scorpion when you get to the middle?), or even the fake ice cube with a fly trapped in it -- those gadgets that pranksters use to fool you into thinking you're imbibing bug-infested water. Those knick-knacks are not so genius, but somehow this bracelet-bangle is kinda nice. It just goes to show you how a weird and macabre and even slightly juvenile concept can easily be transformed into something whimsical and kind of funky, just with a little bit of creativity. Of course, as Geeks, we are also falling hard for the image-printed bangles after the cut, which include motifs such as the Tetris GAME OVER screen, a written-out rendition of Pi (unfortunately sold out), some vintage erotica and that TV colour test screen that anyone who's had to stay home sick from school must've watched on ATV.


Friday, November 20, 2009

Four Play

A Rachel Rachel Roy four-way convertible jacket with sleeves and a skirt that zip on and off (surprised this was not invented earlier seeing as side-button sweatpants and shorts-into-pants zipper extensions were discovered long ago). This, however, is simple and genius, no more words necessary. Best part? It's called the TransFOURmer coat. Oh, ShoeGeek loves her wordplay. Get it here.



Bag Lady: Lancel French Flair Shearing Bag

Lancel presents this bag made of sheepskin and tumbled leather with fur lining. Perfect for the chilly weather. HK$8,450.


Movie Magic

It would be superfluous to write about Audrey Hepburn as a style icon; everything there is to say has already been said, and you don't come to HKFG to read that Audrey is stylish, or that Mozart wrote good music, or that Shakespeare had a way with words, or that Pamela Anderson has big boobs. These are things you already know. But I've been in a movie mood lately and I can't seem to locate my copy of Charade, one of my all-time favourite movies (next I'll post on the other of my must-see films, Hedwig and the Angry Inch... completely different thing altogether). So in frustration, I'm posting images from the movie so you can all be reminded to watch it if you haven't already. Then we, together, can ooh and aah over the classic elegance she exudes...

And also over the fact that her wardrobe would be oh-so-chic and relevant even today. Those cocktail dresses rival any Bottega Veneta sheath or Roland Mouret column you'd find on the runway today. And the colourful coats paired with distinctive head gear makes me wonder why anyone would bother with bunny ears when a simple headscarf or bowl silhouette are so painfully practical and glamorous.

Images: Mark my words,, movie mail online, slsvgg fashion.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tis the Season: Belvedere Silver

Christmas lights are already up on the Hong Kong and Kowloon skylines and the season to be jolly is rapidly creeping upon us. We’ll be showcasing our favourite Christmas gift suggestions and limited edition items throughout this month so be sure to check in regularly.

What with the weather turning so drastically cold these days, nothing will warm you up faster than a nice shot of premium vodka. Polish vodka Belvedere is adding a festive, limited edition addition to its luxury vodka portfolio. This year, Belvedere Silver celebrates Christmas with a sleek, chic packaging against a mirrored background. Only 500 Belvedere Silver 700ml bottles will be available for purchase in selected premium night clubs, liquor stores, and department stores including Watson’s Wine Cellar, City’super, Oliver’s, The Great, Jusco and Sogo. In addition, 60 bottles of Belvedere Silver 1.75L will be sold at premium night clubs.

Belvedere Silver will be available starting December.


Warehouse Sale: Moschino, Blumarine, Paul Smith and Jimmy Choo


Burning Sensation

How cute are these yummy little creations from kokocandles? They're so realistic, I'd have a seriously hard time convincing myself not to gobble them all up. The only downside is that they display such verisimilitude that there's a high chance my greedy dog would take a big old bite before realizing she's just eating a hunk of wax. Actually, knowing her, she'd probably finish a full set meal of candle wax without even noticing; she just spent the past half hour trying to lick my laptop's USB hubs.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Geek Spy: Comfort Food

Couch cushions in the shape of various foodstuffs, from a full hearty breakfast of eggs, bacon and toast to a fortune cookie that could double as a marriage proposal to a bunch of peas in a pod (I smell an xmas gift for FashionGeek...) And just for good measure, because we're geeks, there's a delightfully geeky trio of Ctrl-Alt-Del cushions as well. I'll forgive the blatant PC-bias the Etsy designer is professing. Get them all at Diffraction Fiber.