Monday, November 2, 2009

I Heart I Heart New York

I'm not normally a big chick lit fan, but after two months of stress at work, I wasn't looking forward to getting on a 15 hour flight to New York with anything along the lines of Albert Camus' The Plague (which I really am reading, god knows why), or even some good old Amy Bloom (her collection of short stories is my go-to book for plane reading). I wanted some fluffy, girly, no excuses frivolity along the lines of Bridget Jones' Diary or The Devil Wears Prada. I was at the airport bookstore weighing options when I picked up I Heart New York, by Lindsay Kelk, which beat out the new Marian Keyes book due to its being about half the weight and price. (If it don't fit in my Marni bag, it's not coming with me.) It turned out to be a pretty good read -- it doesn't follow the typical chick lit formula, thank GOD, and the writing wasn't overly peppy and peppered with consciously cultivated witticisms about fashion, which is the main reason I typically avoid the genre. So it's recommended plane reading for anyone who's looking for something other than the next Kinsella novel (I hate her, but mostly I hate myself for reading all four of the Shopaholic series AND watching the movie).

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