Friday, February 27, 2015

Bag Lady: Louis Vuitton V Line

Five years ago, I would not have envision Louis Vuitton tapping the streetwear segment with bags that feel cool enough for this market. How times have changed. Check out their new V Line leather goods collection above featuring pro-skater Alex Olson. Urban? Yes. Stylish? Yes. Interesting direction for the brand? Absolutely.


Thursday, February 26, 2015

For Your Eyes Only

I'm loving this kickstarter campaign from Greg Guillemin who created the Secret Life of Heroes series two years ago and is now looking to publish a book based on it. Offering a voyeuristic look into these characters, I couldn't help but chuckle when I saw Mister Geppetto perusing an Ikea catalogue for Pinocchio. Check out details of the campaign here.


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

MAC x Bao Bao Wan Collection

I was never a fan of Bao Bao Wan and when I saw that MAC collaborated with her on a collection, I was ready to dismiss it until I saw the images shot by Chen Man. She's managed to make Bao Bao Wan into an ethereal character and oh the vivid colours! Check out those nail polishes and the palates. In fact, the only thing I think I wouldn't be able to carry off would be the lipstick. I can't wait to check out those rich jewel tones in person.

Available March 1st Pre-launch at MAC Elements Concept Store, Mar 6th at MAC APM, Tseung Kwan O, Tuen Mun City Plaza and V-City Store


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Geek Peek: Michael Owen

Footballer Michael Owen was in town last month for the 6th Kent & Curwen Centenary Sprint Cup as their brand ambassador in Asia Pacific. In between celebrating Kent & Curwen’s British heritage and sporting tradition during the races, Michael took some time to tell us which songs he’s been inadvertently singing in the shower, his worst nightmare and his secret ambition.

Hong Kong Fashion Geek: What’s on your lust list?
Michael Owen: A Bentley, a private island and a private jet

HKFG: What’s the thing you could live without... but still can’t bear to part with?
MO: My mobile phone…I like to keep on top of my emails so I am constantly looking at my phone but by the time I have replied to one there is normally another ten to reply to. I have a number of contacts in different time zones as well so it can make it difficult to switch off but I love the fact it means I can keep in touch with my family wherever I am.

HKFG: What’s your favourite thing about Hong Kong?
MO: Hong Kong is a great, vibrant, multi-cultural city. The food is good, the people are friendly and landscape is breath-taking. I always look forward to coming here.

HKFG: Tell us your secret ambition.
MO: Whilst I was playing football, I wasn’t allowed to ride so now I have finished, I would definitely like to learn and take part in a charity horse race. Being involved in the sport has given me a real admiration for the work that goes on behind the scenes and how hard the jockeys work.

HKFG: What’s the song that you sing in the shower?
MO: I’m not very good at singing but I am listening to Sam Smith at the moment so I’ve probably been attempting a few of his without thinking.

HKFG: What is your ultimate indulgence food or go-to food when you’re stressing out?
MO: I like a take-away at home with the family but my go-to food would be Nacho crisps and dips

HKFG: Who is the celebrity you would most like to be/trade places with is…? Why?
MO: Frankie Detorri because of the success he has achieved in his sporting field

HKFG: What was your first big investment purchase?
MO: My house which I still live in now

HKFG: What you would wish for if a genie came out of a lamp to grant you three wishes?
MO: Health for friends and family, more time with the children while they are still young, best race-horse in the world

HKFG: What’s your worst nightmare?
MO: Being bored, waking up with nothing to do

HKFG: Last thing you think about before going to sleep?
MO: I normally look at my diary to see what I have to do the next day so am thinking about that before I go to sleep

HKFG: What’s your favourite phone app?
MO: SportLobster

HKFG: What were your last five Google searches?
MO: Hotels in Dubai, Restaurants in HK, Football Results, Manor House Stables and SPEY Whisky


Monday, February 23, 2015

CNY Creativity

Did you all have a wonderful Chinese New Year, whether you call it Year of the Sheep, Goat, Ram or even Ewe? Actually I think I would be quite on board with the idea of calling it Year of the Ewe. Think of all the confusion and pronunciation difficulties that might ensue! Anyway, received this adorable visual from Rupert Sanderson and absolutely loved the creativity of having the shoes become little rams. If only I saw this earlier, I would totally have lined up my shoes at home as CNY decor! Tres adorable!


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Happy Chinese New Year

Alright kiddos, I'm off for CNY and will be back in a week or so. If you're around for the holidays, be sure to check out Armani Prive's 8 Coloured Cocktails that was created for LANDMARK's ‘8 Celebratory Colours, 1 Name’ CNY Campaign. The 8 cocktails represent affluence, serenity, luxury, luck and prosperity, purity, harmony and happiness. Available from now until February 25th, each drink is priced at HK$155 + 10% service charge and eligible for buy one, get one free at all times. So go eat, drink and be merry during this time of celebrations.

Hope you all have a prosperous Year of the Goat!


Monday, February 16, 2015

AYA Collection by MARIJOLI

How gorgeous is this ear cuff from designer Marielle Byworth's latest collection AYA? Comprising 10 pieces crafted out of gold and fancy diamonds, the AYA Collection was named after Marielle's daughter which elicited an awww from me when I heard. Definitely a unique statement piece! The collection is now available at her shop in PMQ.


Friday, February 13, 2015

Bag Lady: Finds + 91.2 Rugby Girl faux leather shoulder bag

How's this for the perfect bag to wear to the Rugby 7s? Get it at Net-A-Porter for HKD2315.


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Review: Dong Lai Shun

When my friend suggested checking out Dong Lai Shun's new branch in Causeway Bay Midtown, I couldn't quite figure out if I've dined there before and it was only after racking my brains that I realised I didn't go to the Royal Garden branch as I had originally thought but that I visited their original Beijing outlet a few years ago. While I was quite in the mood for their hotpot, unfortunately, when you're a party of two, it's not quite doable if you want to feast the way one does with hotpot so a la carte it was.

First up was the Tea Leaf Smoked Duck Egg. Not as smokey as others I’ve had but not bad nonetheless. I do prefer a tad smokier though as I find that really brings out the flavour. The gooey yolk is always a bonus and loved it.

Crispy Eel in Honey Flavour. One of my fav Shanghainese starters and my pet peeve is when it’s a bit too charred. Didn’t have that issue here.

Mutton Sashlik with lots of cumin. I associate mutton sashliks with a super gamey taste which I love, however this version didn’t taste gamey at all which was a tad disappointing.

Stir fried egg white with cab meat. Taste was not bad but unfortunately with the order that the dishes came out, this dish seemed quite bland as the flavours of the eel and lamb were so powerful and overwhelming compared to this. Think we would have enjoyed it a lot more if this dish was served earlier.

Pan-fried crispy noodles topped with mutton. Copious amounts of celery and leeks with the mutton which we enjoyed. I would have preferred less sauce though.

We finished the meal off with a deep-fried sesame dumpling filled with salted egg yolk which was very yummy but was a tad difficult to eat given that we were only given forks and the molten centre made for a messy experience.

Overall, the experience was quite good. This is more of a dependable Chinese restaurant where you can take guests to dinner knowing that the food will be done well I'd say. Dinner for the two of us came to HK$890.

26/F Midtown,
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Tiny Hamster's Valentine's Date

He's held his own in a hot dog eating contest and held birthday parties for his friends. Now it's time for Tiny Hamster to go on a date! Happy Valentine's Day folks.


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Geek Spy: Dutch Lab

How gorgeous are these cold drip coffee brewers from Korean studio Dutch Lab? They have a series of steam punk ones and architecture ones which are all equally gorgeous! If I had the space and funds, my two favourites above would totally come home with me. Get them at Dutch Lab.


Monday, February 9, 2015

50 Shades of Grey- Lego Trailer

I have not been able to jump onto the 50 Shade bandwagon and completely don't get the hype about the upcoming movie. But this version, I'd totally watch, if only to see how much more cringe worthy the scenes and dialogue gets when you use minifigs in lieu of humans.


Friday, February 6, 2015

Bag Lady: Furla Alice

It really feels like Furla is stepping up their game with the launch of their new Alice bag. I used to associate Furla bags with function more than desire but this Alice bag definitely made my heart pitter patter. Coming to Hong Kong in this month and priced at HK$6,690.


Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Love your instagram photos so much that you'd like to display them on your body? Picattoo is betting that you do. A temporary tattoo that is. For US$14.99, you can turn your instagram photos into a set of 12 temporary tattoos that supposedly lasts for a week. Best of all, they offer free worldwide shipping. So watcha waiting for?


Monday, February 2, 2015

Alexander Wang x Poltrona Frau

Loving this collaboration between Alexander Wang and Italian design furniture company Poltrona Frau to create a limited edition set of lounge furniture that has all the signs of his minimalistic aesthetic. I want that beanbag chair! Available starting April 2015.