Thursday, January 30, 2014

Kung Hei Fat Choy

Wishing you all a year of happiness and prosperity! If you want to pick up something with some festive spirit, ask Erica to hook you up with these cute cards she made! 


Flags of the World

Loving this ad creative from WHYBIN\TBWA, Sydney, Australia to promote the Sydney International Food Festival. The agency created the countries' flags using foods associated with their respective country so for Japan, we have tuna and rice while Italy is pasta, basil and tomatoes. Adorable!
See all 18 flags and what food they are made of at


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cushnie et Ochs Pre-Fall 2014

If I had the freaking body for it, I would wear only Cushnie et Ochs, even in the dead of winter when I'd probably get stomach aches from my cold tummy. Looooove.


Bag Lady: BU Wood

I am in LUST with these hand crafted handbags made of wood. Created by Anya Burmagina, the bags are created in Italy and are inspired by briefcases and trunks traditionally made of wood during the 60s. I want the little clutches so badly. <3


Brow Wow

I don't know about you, but my mom never taught me about brow gel or brow powder. She was busy teaching me how to do algebra with two variables (this is not a joke and yes, my mom is Asian, duh) or making sure I aced the SATs. Well thanks mom, now I have perfect grammar, a good job, a decent work ethic and NO KNOWLEDGE OF HOW TO GROOM MY EYEBROWS.

In my world, once a month would be the ideal number of times I pluck my eyebrows. This is woefully inadequate, but it is what it is.

Enter Brow-zings, the brow palette I was sent my Benefit. Now I can make myself look like an Angry Bird, anytime of any day! All I need is a little tweeze, a little brow gel and a little brow powder. Now if only I could learn to colour inside the lines. I feel like I'm loving my bolder brow, even though I need to learn to stop scratching my brows subconsciously and leaving strange powder gaps during the day... practice, practice, practice.


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Rue Gembon

E-commerce sites touting curated jewellery are a dime a dozen but when Rue Gembon's Joyce Lam sent me an email introducing her website as "a selection of creative jewelry designs, that are priced reasonably so that my friends and I can shop there regularly," I was intrigued and clicked the link.

What I liked about the site is that Joyce and her co-founder Niki Allworth created a section that allows you to shop by trend with fun styles such as "Wasteland", "The Dream Catcher", "State of Nirvana" and "From Russia with Love". When Joyce sent me a photo of the upper right piece of jewellery, I thought it was a standard cuff and it wasn't until I browsed the site that I realised it was actually a ring which endeared me to the piece even more. Seems like I've found yet another site to while away time and spend my hard earned money! Visit Rue Gembon at


Monday, January 27, 2014

Frozen (Censored)

Loved the movie, loved the songs and absolutely cracked up at this censored version of Frozen. Now whenever I hear "Do You Want To Build A Snowman" I can't help but think do you want to fuck a snowman. Oh internet, how quickly you de-Disney Disney movies for me.


Friday, January 24, 2014

SHOErotica: Rupert Sanderson SS14

Sometimes I think Rupert Sanderson is just a leeeetle bit too practical. They seriously do the comfiest pointy-toe pumps in the biz, but a woman can only own so many of those (that's a lie, a woman can own every colour possible and it still wouldn't be enough). For SS14 though, Rupert Sanderson pulled out all the stops, from jumping on the plexi bandwagon with a holographic jagged starburst rendition, to matching up the signature gold heel with a funky neon orange. My faves are the sparkly pink version, which are actually less twee than they look in the product shot, and those mesh black pumps with an embroidered wheat pattern on them -- divine.

For true comfort-seeking creatures, though, there's a pointy-toe version of the pebble-front flats now!

Get them at Rupert Sanderson Hong Kong.


Exclusive: The Making of THE SWANK SS14 Campaign

We've gotten first dibs to take a look at the making of THE SWANK's SS14 Campaign titled The Surreal Romance. What do you think Geeks? Loving the Anthony Vaccarello dress that model Yumi is wearing at the 0:43 mark!


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Drink and Shop


Even though I'm not a big drinker, I love the accessories that accompany a little drinking sessions, whether it's a punny cocktail-making book, a set of moustache-wearing coasters or an impeccably fitted-out wine cabinet. Or just a simple set of mason jars, for the inner hipster in all of us.


Hugh Jackman is Montblanc's New Global Ambassador

Bye bye scary Nick Cage ads in the MTR. Hello hot Wolverine!


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

PS11 Bracelet

Can't. Get. Over. These. PS11. Diffusions!


Comfort Cuisine

hkLifestyleGeek visits Comfort by Harlan G

Celebrity chef Harlan Goldstein's new mantra is comfort food and has opened a restaurant showcasing his personal favourite dishes in a laid-back setting. Comfort is located in the same space where Strip House used to be, and the steakhouse is temporarily closed until Mr G finds another space for it. In the meantime Comfort is a small space with lots of natural light coming from the windows, with a bar by the entrance that doubles as an appetiser buffet area for lunch.

It's a bit cramped in there, but more importantly if you want to eat here you have to make a reservation otherwise there's hardly any chance of eating here at a decent time slot.

Nevertheless, Harlan's definition of comfort food is a collection of recipes he's collected over the years from his time in the United States, China and Hong Kong. As a result it's an eclectic menu of dishes one would consider as comfort food.

To start off the culinary journey of comfort, the beet salad with organic quinoa, mixed with cucumbers and tomatoes topped with a spiced yogurt dressing and pumpkin seeds already sated our stomachs. It was refreshing, hearty but also very good for you. We wonder if this salad was part of Goldstein's diet to lose 20 kilograms and it seems he's keeping it off too.

Next up wagyu bresaola with Gorgonzola cheese casually placed over the cured meat along with a sprinkling of walnuts and honey. Another winner that was quickly devoured.

The pictures of Goldstein's pork belly baos served in dim sum steamers make your mouth water and we had to try some. The deep-fried soft-shell crab had layers of crispiness and surprisingly not too heavy, while the pork belly baos were definitely about flavour, tender meat topped with hoi sin sauce in a steamed soft bun.

Another dish of grilled octopus was straight-forward on a bed of Greek saffron potato skordalia sauce, but we quite enjoyed the Mediterranean flavours from the lemon herbed grilled Halloumi cheese on Indian spiced spinach.

Goldstein is also well known for his pasta dishes and the bucatini with prawns, tomatoes and basil hit the spot. The taste from this dish is so fresh it's almost as if we were transported to Italy.

One of Comfort's signature dishes is the pork ribs that are slow cooked and then smoked and chargrilled served with a balsamic syrup and roasted garlic for extra pungency. The meat practically falls off the bone and again it's all about flavour.

For a taste of Asia, Goldstein's "Tai Tai beef brisket curry" is delicious, with chunks of tender beef along with beef tendon in a thick curry sauce perfectly complemented with white rice.

If that's not enough, desserts will tempt your tastebuds further. The dark chocolate mousse with Amaretto cherries, honeycomb and crispy popcorn comes in a mason jar and sinfully good to the last spoonful! Another dessert is the classic apple crumble that arrived in a copper pan with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and more vanilla sauce on the side.

For drinks there are cocktails, American craft beers and an international wine list, and even Swedish Rekorderlig ciders, in mixed berry and pear flavours. The berry flavour is fruity, while the pear is more subtle and sophisticated.

With appetisers ranging from HK$78 to HK$178 and mains from HK$148 to HK$248 and the dishes encourage sharing, there's going to be lots of feasting around Comfort.

5/F, Grand Progress Building
15-16 Lan Kwai Fong
2521 8638


Monday, January 20, 2014

Nudie Art

If you ever pondered an alternate purpose to nude photographs... besides the obvious reason (titillation)... here you go. You can colour your ass and make it into a pattern of a flower, or a cockatoo. Cool idea. Execution here is a bit cheesy but it's getting there. More photos on Nerve.