Monday, August 31, 2009

SHOErotica: LaRare Electra Montana

I am utterly caught up in this web of deceit... is it a shoe? a legging? a super-sock? I die.

GET THEM at LaRare


The Pawn 30% off Promotion

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Sassy Chic Boutique

Perfect for the start of a girl's night out.


Vroom Vroom Voorn

Despite having the world's most confusing and annoying website, Thomas Voorn appears to be a very interesting, quirky artist-designer who's taken a relatively simple concept and made a name for himself. What does good ol' Tom do? He makes weird sentences out of clothes, and places them in random locations, then photographs them. Bet you're having one of those "well I could do that" moments. Yeah, me too. But he thought of it, you didn't, and you can't deny the minimalist appeal of these weird and random still creations. I can't say I would mind having one of these images hanging on my living room wall. That said, I bet he's a really annoying and consciously cryptic "artist type". Yep, his ridiculously un-user-friendly website is still bothering me.


Thursday, August 27, 2009


It's a pretty common complaint that there are no real vintage stores in Hong Kong. Admittedly, I haven't gone out of my way to find any, although HK mag and various other publications have done some round-ups of our city's piddling selection. Why bother seeking out a virtual boutique, however, when there are so many options online, though?

Ever heard of a little online auction site called eBay? It's a treasure trove of pre-loved goodies, provided you can find the right sellers. One of them, who's been on my bookmark list for ages, is Thriftwares, which always has page upon page of eclectic finds, from a simple Pierre Cardin double-breasted blazer from the '80s, to a floral bandage dress of questionable provenance that looks eerily similar to a piece from the Erin Wasson x RVCA collection, to a cage-sleeved jacket that could have been taken from the collection of the blogger fave, i heart norwegian wood.

I for one am particularly smitten with a candy-cane pink member's only bomber jacket that is currently going for US$9.99 but I know will skyrocket when the end of auction time nears... as most pieces sold by thriftwares are wont to do, goshdarnit. Watch avidly, shop freely and style outrageously.

Below: '80s floral shirtdress, sheer flapper dress, '70s tuxedo-style romper, '80s high-waisted leather skinnies, MY members only bomber in pink, sequined turtleneck romper, pierre cardin double-breasted blazer


Geek Spy: Spell Time

Were you one of those kids who could never tell the time and felt that getting a digital clock was demeaning? Well hopefully by now you’ve learnt how to tell the time. If however, you are still having trouble, check out this German handmade marvel called QLOCKTWO. This clock spells out time via a typographic time format in 5 minute intervals combined with four-minute dots. The text is highlighted using light sensors that automatically adjusts the display to ambient light. The clock itself is made of wood with an acrylic face and glass polished edges. Literacy not included.

More info here


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Designer Discovery: Elly Clay NY

Check out these gorgeous bags from creator of Elly Clay NY, Crystal Haylett. New on the fashion market, Crystal started her design career in 2007 in order to create a bag that can be used from day to night. I’m particularly taken by the Botas studded hobo (pictured above). I’ve been looking for a hobo bag for a while but it’s hard to find one that meets my criteria; affordable and chic. While I haven’t had the chance to see the bag in person, this calf leather gold studded bag looks super soft. This brand started in 2008 and the philosophy behind it is to create a bag that is suitable from day to night and takes inspiration from the urban chic streets and glamorous culture of commuting New Yorkers. More of Crystal’s bags after the cut.

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Pedder Warehouse Sale


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Boom! Shake the Room

I don't know why, but it's incredibly hard to find a really good New York-style slice in Hong Kong. And if you're looking for Chicago deep dish, you're better off trying the frozen food section at City'super. Californian pizza joints, however, seem to fare better in our city -- California Pizza Kitchen is pretty ubiquitous, and apparently Shakey's Pizza Parlor has been in Hong Kong for some time now, although they've been rather low key about it all. Locations already in operation include Sha Tin, Kwun Tong, Tuen Mun, Tai Po and Tsim Sha Tsui, so I guess it's no wonder they haven't made much of a mark in the expat/English-speaking community.

All that is set to change with their inaugural Hong Kong side location, at Stanley Street. To celebrate this momentous occasion, they want us all to eat pizza -- lots and lots of pizza. If you can eat HK$50 worth of pizza five times before September 14, you'll be entitled to join a lucky draw that will earn one winner a year's worth of free lunches at Shakey's. I suppose if you're desirous of a year's worth of pizza lunches, eating there five times in the next three weeks is probably not too hard. Unless you mean hard on your stomach and waistline.

The menu's got some pretty good-looking junk food options though, including traditional thin crust and pan, as well as "gourmet" pizzas like the lobster one pictured. For reservations, please call 852 2525 3030 or visit


Bag Lady: Marc Jacobs Wrath studded leather bag

Check this out.. statement bag alert! Get it at Net a Porter


Monday, August 24, 2009

Circle of Love

I recently attended a wedding , and during the ceremony the pastor got into the whole meaning of wedding bands and the significance of the circle as a symbol of love. How touching and meaningful and all that jazz, yes. But just because you aren't getting married, that doesn't mean you can't acknowledge love with an alternate form of expression, capturing the spirit of the shape in new incarnations. A perfect example is this disc of a necklace from Tryst by Kerry that tells the world OUI -- YES I am in love. YES I will marry you. Or YES to whatever question you would like to answer.

I love the fact that Kerry, the lady behind all this, is an Electrical and Biomedical Engineering grad. The whole mishmash of the romantic and the technical is quite fetching. By technical, I suppose I mean the idea of working parts fitting together to make interesting new designs and devices. On the one side, you have ornate baroque earrings; on the other, a black-and-white bird print in a glass window that opens.

The more I think about it, the sense of symmetry in a circle is actually quite painstakingly beautiful. There is something so nostalgic and romantic about an old-fashioned locket painted with fair woodland creatures, that holds a picture of your loved one close to your heart. And then, something so delicate, so fragile as a few slivers of hoop. But enough pillow talk. Tryst's pricing is the biggest selling point: A handmade piece of circular jewellery? Under $35 Canadian. An unending, unbreakable symbol of love everlasting? Priceless.


In Good Cause

Regular readers of the blog will know that ShoeGeek and I are avid iPhone users. (Still contemplating on the 3GS though… not too keen to switch to 3 and Vinko insists that it’s much better to stick to Smartone). Anyway, tons of brands have infiltrated the iPhone apps market and now charities are doing the same. The Hong Kong Cancer Fund has launched a free iPhone application that brings you basic cancer information and aims to aid cancer victim and their families in coping with the disease by offering guidance and support. There are also preventative measurements that one can take against cancer showcased in the app. Available in both English and Traditional Chinese, the app can be downloaded by searching for “CancerCare” or “Cancer Fund" on the Apple app store site or through links on the Cancer Fund’s site.


Friday, August 21, 2009

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Friends for Life

If you fancy seeing images of yourself plastered all over Hong Kong, head on over to Causeway Bay Lee Theatre Plaza, Mong Kok Wai Fung Plaza and Kwun Tong APM. Esprit is launching a campaign to find a group of friends to front their latest winter advertising campaign. There are no age restrictions and I hear that aspiring models from the age of three to 70 have showed up. In fact, one entry comprises of a group of Taiwanese work colleagues visiting Hong Kong and asked not to be identified or have their faces shown on film as they had undertaken the trip without the knowledge of their boss who had been told that they were on sick leave. The only criterion is that you show up with a friend and tell the story about your friendship. A total of eight groups of friends will be featured in print and web-based promotions for the Esprit Friends ’09 Fall Winter Advertising Campaign and attend various events to represent “the New Face of Esprit” in Hong Kong. And if the fame isn’t enough incentive, you will be offered HK$10,000 cash to split between the group if chosen.

Visit for more information.


Chloe Private Sale


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Beauty and the Beast

No one can deny the power of makeup and a good skincare regime, but if you’re anything like us resident Geeks, you just can’t be bothered to go through a daily process of toner, serum, day cream, makeup base, foundation (liquid and powder), concealer, mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, blush, lip liner, lip stick and lip gloss.

Of course, if you’ve seen any of those viral emails where a fug girl transforms into a pretty lass, you might be inclined to give it a shot. If, however, you still can’t be bothered, here are a few simple beauty tips to keep in mind.

Tanner overdose
Self tanner gone wrong? Get rid of those dark splotches by rubbing a fresh-squeezed lemon on the spots. It will brighten up right away.

Mascara woes
Bought a mascara you're not loving? Try using the wand from one you do - it may just be the brush and not the formula

Sauna alert
Before going into a sauna, try rubbing some body oil (preferably natural oil such as avocado or olive) onto your skin before going in. The dry heat allows your pores to open up and the oil will deeply moisturise the body.

Puffy eyes
Besides the tea bag and cucumber trick, try depuffing your eyes by lightly patting under eye circles starting from the inner corner and patting outward. It breaks up trapped fluid.

Flaky lips
You can easily exfoliate your lips by rubbing some sugar on your lips gently with a washcloth. Yummy and efficient.

What are some of your beauty tips? Leave a comment or a tweet or email us at to have your tips included in the next installment

Images courtesy of YesStyle, Getty Images



All you germaphobes out there are going to have your lives changed. For better or worse, you decide. Considering I, one of the sloppiest gals a person can meet, am now disgusted beyond belief at the keyboard I'm touching as I write this, you should be too. If you feel like opening up that jpeg real big, you'll find a very lovely illustrated guide to the various dirts and dangers to which your keyboard is victim. Snacks and drips are child's play and common knowledge in comparison with that spore of bacteria that looks not unlike a bad-ass virus from House. Mold and fungus are kind of creepy, but that dust mite is going to invade my dreams with his millions of friends.

How to prevent nasty creepy crawlies from multiplying beneath your fingers and taking over your family and household? iSkin has these ProTouch keyboard protector pads that are easy to clean, but more importantly, look pretty darn snazzy. I'm thinking that regardless of the dirt factor, these things are a great way to glam up your laptop without having to stick large stickers all over the surface. What say you?


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Awfully Chocolate Ice Cream Promotion



Sometimes you know there are things that just aren't the greatest idea -- finishing those last few french fries because you "just don't want things to go to waste", staying out late on a school night before a big presentation, drinking coffee in the car while wearing a new white shirt, and things like weird red silk jersey harem pants. And yet, like a bad boy on a motorcycle when you're in your teens, you can't resist just trying it on for size, even though you know they're not really your kind of thing. (You may have the wherewithal to know what exactly works on your body and with your aesthetic at first sight; your resident Geek, however -- not so much.)

So I've decided before I add a few grand to my credit card bill for the sake of a pair of Cynthia Rowley harem pants that could easily end up as the most expensive pajama pants EVER, I'd go for a trial version. The lucky retailer in question? A Taiwanese brand called Sylvia, whose pants I've just ordered from YesStyle.

They're a tad more cazh and sweatpants-y than the red ones, but since they're grey, I predict they will be much more versatile. Plus, if you're going to rock a saggy-ass pant, it's probably best you don't alert everyone to that body part with a silken red material that will hug your VPL. Anyway, I'm pretty excited to see what they'll end up looking like, especially since I have a white tee and black corset that would allow me to replicate this outfit exactly, but they don't arrive for another couple of weeks. That's the main downside to online ordering. Will update when they do make it into my closet.