Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Sometimes you know there are things that just aren't the greatest idea -- finishing those last few french fries because you "just don't want things to go to waste", staying out late on a school night before a big presentation, drinking coffee in the car while wearing a new white shirt, and things like weird red silk jersey harem pants. And yet, like a bad boy on a motorcycle when you're in your teens, you can't resist just trying it on for size, even though you know they're not really your kind of thing. (You may have the wherewithal to know what exactly works on your body and with your aesthetic at first sight; your resident Geek, however -- not so much.)

So I've decided before I add a few grand to my credit card bill for the sake of a pair of Cynthia Rowley harem pants that could easily end up as the most expensive pajama pants EVER, I'd go for a trial version. The lucky retailer in question? A Taiwanese brand called Sylvia, whose pants I've just ordered from YesStyle.

They're a tad more cazh and sweatpants-y than the red ones, but since they're grey, I predict they will be much more versatile. Plus, if you're going to rock a saggy-ass pant, it's probably best you don't alert everyone to that body part with a silken red material that will hug your VPL. Anyway, I'm pretty excited to see what they'll end up looking like, especially since I have a white tee and black corset that would allow me to replicate this outfit exactly, but they don't arrive for another couple of weeks. That's the main downside to online ordering. Will update when they do make it into my closet.

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