Monday, August 24, 2009

Circle of Love

I recently attended a wedding , and during the ceremony the pastor got into the whole meaning of wedding bands and the significance of the circle as a symbol of love. How touching and meaningful and all that jazz, yes. But just because you aren't getting married, that doesn't mean you can't acknowledge love with an alternate form of expression, capturing the spirit of the shape in new incarnations. A perfect example is this disc of a necklace from Tryst by Kerry that tells the world OUI -- YES I am in love. YES I will marry you. Or YES to whatever question you would like to answer.

I love the fact that Kerry, the lady behind all this, is an Electrical and Biomedical Engineering grad. The whole mishmash of the romantic and the technical is quite fetching. By technical, I suppose I mean the idea of working parts fitting together to make interesting new designs and devices. On the one side, you have ornate baroque earrings; on the other, a black-and-white bird print in a glass window that opens.

The more I think about it, the sense of symmetry in a circle is actually quite painstakingly beautiful. There is something so nostalgic and romantic about an old-fashioned locket painted with fair woodland creatures, that holds a picture of your loved one close to your heart. And then, something so delicate, so fragile as a few slivers of hoop. But enough pillow talk. Tryst's pricing is the biggest selling point: A handmade piece of circular jewellery? Under $35 Canadian. An unending, unbreakable symbol of love everlasting? Priceless.

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