Friday, April 29, 2011

SHOErotica: Giuseppe Zanotti Chiffon Rosette Sandals

Perfect for a springtime wedding -- even if were your own. Get them at Shopbop. And that is the first and last I will mention about any weddings that may be happening today.


Geek Peek : Martine Sitbon of Rue du Mail

We turn back to fashion this week with our Geek Peek into the life of the chic Martine Sitbon of Rue du Mail, known for dresses that are decidedly feminine while conveying a bit of an edge. Celebrity fans include Cate Blanchett, Sofia Coppola, Kirsten Dunst, Scarlett Johansson, Kate Moss and Tilda Swinton. Faye Wong also recently wore Rue du Mail dresses at her concert. Read on to learn about her secret ambition, her worst nightmare and favourite thing about Hong Kong.

HKFG: What’s on your lust list?
MS: My little black dress, My glasses, And for lust, a cat

HKFG: What fashion item can’t you live without?
MS: A trench coat. In general, I feel that a trench coat is a quintessential wardrobe piece for French women. I like to include at least one style of trench coat every season, with slight variations each season.

HKFG: What thing you could live without... but still can’t bear to part with?
MS: My necklace.

HKFG: What is your favorite thing about HK?
MS: The energy and the neon skylines.

HKFG: What is your secret ambition?
MS: To make a film!

HKFG: What song do you sing in the shower?
MS: Whatever that’s been playing on my ipod

HKFG: What is your ultimate indulgence food OR go-to food when you’re stressing out?
MS: Madeleines for breakfast

HKFG: Which celebrity would you most like to be/trade places with?
MS: Tilda Swinton

HKFG: What was your first big investment purchase ever?
MS: I am not a very materialistic person, instead I invest in arts and music.

HKFG: What would you wish for if a genie came out of a lamp to grant you 3 wishes?
MS: 1. I would wish to have all my close friends near me, always.
2. Teleportation! To any destination at leisure.
3. To be invisible at times.

HKFG: What is your secret-weapon beauty product?
MS: Sunscreen

HKFG: What is your worst nightmare?
MS: Mediocrity

HKFG: What is the last thing you think about before going to sleep?
MS: My collection…


Tweetin' Rocks

Food and travel guest blogger hkLifestyleGeek follows up on her previous post about Piaget's cocktail rings with her thoughts on their latest collection. Contact her at

Last year Piaget created some cocktail rings that were literally on the rocks.

And now it continues its jewellery line with its theme of large stone rings decorated this time... with birds.

In expanding its Limelight Garden Party, Piaget brings the spring celebrations outdoors.

The press release describes a "shining luxuriant garden", and other poetic phrases like "a cherry blossom on its emerald stem" and "a diamond rose savours the moment".

And in describing this 18-carat white gold ring with a cushion-cut rubellite along with eight round-cut pink sapphires, 16 pear-shaped emeralds and 359 brilliant-cut diamonds, the breathless news release says:

"How could one not succumb to the shimmering gleam of the flamboyant rubellite enthroned on a ring composed of precious stones? It seduces diamonds and emeralds, and tenderly receives the kiss of a bird."



Thursday, April 28, 2011

Undergrowth Spurt

Undergrowth Designs is the name; cool lifestyle and home decor is the game. These indispensable decorative-slash-useful trinkets run on the safe side of kinky, so while everything is just slightly on the off side, much like, say, the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland, nothing is actually overtly offensive. It's perfect for gifting to others or, in lieu of being generous, yourself. Of course you will notice that white flatware invariably looks cooler against a black backdrop than juxtaposed with whatever you've got at home, but we can't all live in a purpose-built product photography studio. I am currently finding the cutlery very, very necessary. Call it cultlury, if you will.


Case Files

I love wooden iPhone cases. There’s something very classy about them and when combined with quirky wood burnt designs, I think you’ve got gold. Check out the iPhone cases by Attiq (which when I asked about the meaning behind the brand name, the owner amusingly told me they used to operate a boutique in the attic of their home in Toronto and so decided on attic as their brand name but felt "it wasn't a very good name for an accessory line so they lazily changed the last letter and that was that.”) While I love the camera case, I think my favourite just might be the Tryna Quit cigarette case that is described as “fresh mint flavoured pollutant.”

See more after the cut as well as info on pricing and availability.

The cases are priced at $295 each and can be found at at: fabricated_fabricsourcing, 98A1 Ki Lung Street, Sham Shui Po.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dreamy Creamy

I've had the name Bobbi Brown on the brain for quite some time now, and although it's more because I'm thinking of potential names for siblings of my dog (her name being Foxy Brown, a brother or sister would inevitably take that same surname), I have another reason to be hearing the moniker now, with the launch of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics' new creamy lip colours on Friday. The range is specifically formulated to suit Asian complexions, so we're no longer stuck lusting after shades only to find they look quite ridiculous against our yellowy skin. The 10 shades, which retail at HK$180 a piece, traverse a gamut of pink-toned hues, ranging from this season's must-have coral; to girly powder pink; to tasty, flattering toffees -- the last of which I think would look great with your summer tan. That's what you have to love about Bobbi Brown -- rarely does the brand venture out of its comfort zone to do wacky, gimmicky product lines; what it relies on instead is a tried-and-true formula of... well, tried-and-true formulas.

Click on to read a Q&A with Mizz Bobbi Brown on why she created these colours, what her inspiration was and how to apply the lippy to get the best effect.

What was your inspiration for creating these new Creamy Lip Color shades exclusively for Asia?
When I travel, I like to meet with my global makeup artists to get an idea of what customers in different regions are asking for. My artists are my eyes and ears all over the world and talking to them is a great way for me to gain more insight into what women want. During a recent trip to Asia, the artists told me that their customers loved Creamy Lip Color but wanted more shades. So with the help of my amazing Asia-based product development team, I got to work immediately, creating new shades specifically for the Asian woman.

What kinds of shades did you choose for these extensions?
When developing these new shades, I thought about the beautiful and inspiring women that I’ve met in Asia over the years, and what shades would most flatter them. The ten new shades in this collection are soft yet polished, ranging from pretty pinks and bright corals to nude bronzes. And while these shades were developed for year-round wear, I think they’re especially perfect for the spring and summer months.

Is there a difference in formula from the original Creamy Lip Color?
This formula gives you more coverage than the original. Plus, it’s infused with Shea Butter to help keep lips soft and moisturized.

How do you recommend wearing these shades?
There are no rules—it’s about choosing what works for you, your style or the look you want to achieve. Soft natural shades like Washed Seashell or Pale Petal are the perfect complement to a natural daytime look. To turn up the intensity for an evening out, try a bold coral like Sunrise, or a deep bronze like Burnt Sugar.

Most of these new shades – and many of your lip and cheek products –- have strong pink undertones. Why do you find that pink is such a flattering shade?
I’ve always found that pink is the perfect “pick-me-up” color. When I’m having a bad beauty day, a little pink on my lips and cheeks goes a long way in making me feel better. Also, I find the most flattering lip colors are those that match the natural lip tone. Since many Asian women naturally have pink undertones in their lips, we chose pink as a base shade for our new Creamy Lip Colors. Now, it’s easier that ever for a woman to find a wearable pink that’s naturally flattering.

Any application tips for the new Creamy Lip Color?
I love this new formula because it’s so easy to apply. For everyday wear, just swipe the color onto your lips directly from the tube, and be sure to press lips together to evenly distribute the color. For a more defined, polished look, use a lip brush to apply an even layer of color over the entire lip area. Finish by tracing the natural lip line with a lip liner in a matching shade – in addition to creating natural-looking definition, this is a great way to keep color from feathering.


Street Smart

Converse is getting some serious fashion glam with today’s launch of the Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci × CONVERSE ADDICT crossover. These collector’s items go on sale today and feature temperature adjustable lining, detachable insoles and waterproof and wear-resistant soles. Givenchy’s artistic director Riccardo Tisci works in his leopard print motif shown in the men’s S/S 2011 collection by adding a black gloss leopard print to the shoes. (You can’t really see it in this picture but click after the cut to see the print) Rubber spikes also run down the back of the shoe. Unfortunately, these babies are only available in Japan so if you are hoping to score a pair, eBay might be your best bet.

The Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci x Converse Addict All Stars receives a limited release in Japan today for ¥29,400.


Warehouse Sale: Valentino

Just as I was thinking that we haven't posted many warehouse sales lately come this lovely 90% off sale for Valentino. Enjoy folks!


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Assembly Required

FashionGeek is gonna dieeee for these Assembly New York terraniums!


Bag Lady: Loewe Shell napa 'Cherry Blossom ALA 20' bag

Loewe has launched a limited edition Cherry Blossom collection to coincide with the coming of Spring. With the devastating earthquake in Japan having taken place recently, the brand has launched a global Loewe effort called Loewelovesjapan where you can leave messages and images for the people of Japan via their website. These images will later be exhibited at the Loewe Sendai boutique in June. In addition, Loewe will be donating part of the profits from the sale of the Made-To-Order 2011 collection to the Red Cross. I'm quite taken by the Loewe Shell napa 'Cherry Blossom ALA 20' bag (HKD29,000) which styled with the cherry blossom tree, looks rather alluring.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

It’s a Sign

How cute are the pieces from Chao & Eero Jewel’s Sign collection? It’s the perfect accessory for a Geek. I had never heard of Chao & Eero Jewel until I stumbled across these gems and was quite sad when I learnt that they are a Finnish company that designs hand-made pieces. My first thought was, what are the odds that they will be available in Hong Kong? To my delight, I discovered from their website that they are stocked in Kapok! Not sure if the Signs collection is available there but at least it gives me hope. I’m going to pop by Kapok as soon as possible to see what I can get. Stay tuned!

G/F. St Francis Yard (near Star Street)
Wanchai. Hong Kong


SHOErotica: Alden Shoes for Men

We think of America as the land of the plenty, but Alden is the very last family-owned premium quality men's shoemaker around, which makes them mighty special. What you generally get from American shoemakers that you don't from European or Japanese ones is that kind of sturdy work-man's silhouette, a tougher and more masculine cut and last. And, according to the boys at Tassels, who sell these babies in Hong Kong, this is a brand highly coveted for durability, which is a big deal for most men -- and women, for that matter.

More styles below.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I first met handbag designers Piecco Pang and Kelly Chan in the Miu Miu in-store boutique at the Lane Crawford in IFC (God, I need to get out more. You don't know how many people I've met while in Lane Crawford, ahem @2munkis). It was telling that, amid yards of perfectly scrunched and dyed leather in the quirky-chic tradition of Madame Miuccia Prada, I was enthralled not by a piece of Italian design, but by the fabulous studded metal box clutch in the crook of Kelly's arm, which she designed!

Piecco and Kelly both have their own lines -- PP4E and Vicious Venom respectively -- but have collaborated on this new range, called Deinos Saurus. If you click through to see the full collection below, you'll see an assortment of bags no doubt inspired by the giant lizards that once roamed our earth in all their spiky, scaley glory. Okay, so maybe dinosaurs weren't clad in hues of fluoro-pink, lime green and indigo blue... but if they were, it would make going to natural-history museums a lot more fun!

Check it out on Vicious Venom's site here. PP4E is still under development, but you can get your Piecco/Kelly lovin' on at Gizzy & Nacho. And if, say, you want to buy me this most awesome of laptop cases-cum-clutches... please, go ahead.


The World is Our Oyster

Food and travel guest blogger hkLifestyleGeek gives us her next scoop on fantastic restaurants around town and travel tips. Contact her at
Looking for a place to elicit oohs and ahhs from your significant other? The Oyster & Wine Bar at the Sheraton Hong Kong should be near the top of your list. It has an amazing view of Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong island, making it the perfect spot to check out the 8pm daily laser show if that's your thing.

The area is divided into several sections, with a lounge area near the elevators and the corner spot there is the best place with its uninterrupted panoramic views. Then towards the restaurant area there are various nooks for people to have drinks and snacks as they check out the views from dizzying heights.

The restaurant itself, is on the far end where patrons literally see an oyster bar right at the entrance. It's usually manned by chef de cuisine Oscar Chow who shucks oysters and also creates some culinary dishes if you want that little extra personal touch.

In any event, a visit to this place is not complete without oysters and some tables ordered giant seafood platters brimming with not only oysters but crab and prawns too. If you're an oyster connoisseur, pick your favourites, but if you're not sure, ask for a selection of what's in season. They're presented in the half shell on a bed of ice with the option of a lemon wedge or vinegar. I prefer the unadulterated experience of slurping them straight -- and catch the fresh taste of the sea.

Complement the oysters with champagne of course or peruse through the extensive wine menu that's all put on an iPad complete with pictures of the bottles which is a new trend in Hong Kong.

The hotel is currently having a foie gras promotion in all of its restaurant outlets and you can have the sinfully rich starter either as a pate or panfried. We opted to share the pate and it came with bread as well as a foie gras creme brulee, the latter of which seems to be another trend in the foodie city, contrasting the smoothness of the goose liver with a crunchy sweet layer on top.

So to counterbalance this I had the blue lobster salad, a refreshing light dish with good meaty chunks of lobster hidden among the mixed greens with a light vinaigrette.

For dessert there's a roving menu in the shape of a fish and from the board we tried a giant hazelnut macaroon and strawberry mille feuille. The macaroon really was pretty big -- a bit on the hard side -- with hazelnut ice cream in the middle.

Another perhaps more delectable one was the strawberry mille feuille that came in a pastry-made bowl with ice cream and of course lots of sliced strawberries that puts any strawberry fan into berry heaven.

Oyster & Wine Bar
18/F, Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers
20 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
2369 1111


Geek Spy: Chocolate Zombie Bunny

Just in time for Easter, the folks at ThinkGeek came up with this amazingly awesome solid white chocolate zombie bunny. The guys behind the idea advises us to sneak up to the bunny and chomp its head off in order to stop zombie bunny from terrorising the town as soon as possible.

Priced at US$14.99


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm Luggin' It

Okay, throw practicality to the wind. These are suitcases you REALLY WANT, now aren't they? It's like your luggage ran off to join the ballet.

Williams British Handmade calls them "original fashion artefacts." Made to order only.


Giveaway: KamoN H&S Hair Salon Head Spa Treatment

Whenever I think of hair maintenance, I immediately think of treatments that make the hair softer, healthier etc. I must admit that it never quite occur to me that the scalp deserves the same type of treatment which thinking back, seems pretty silly. If I need to exfoliate my face, make sure the skin’s healthy etc, I surely should do the same for my scalp. How this topic came about was my old high school friend, Trish, was asking me if I would be keen to try a head spa treatment at the salon opened by her boy Sugi and my first thought was oh a head massage? That’s when she explained to me that, no, it’s actually cleaning the scalp as regular shampoo and condition will leave residual build up left on your scalp and with us washing our hair daily, there can be quite a bit of crap we are carrying around unknowingly.

Head spa experiences are pretty popular in Japan and slowly making its way to Hong Kong. So about a week ago, I trotted off to Causeway Bay to the KamoN H&S Hair Salon to meet Sugi. I settled into a leather lounge chair where a soft chenille blanket was placed over my body, a towel placed over my eyes and proceeded to enjoy the process. Sugi used scalp cleansing gel to slowly massage the dirt out and then continues the massage to scalp so that I was nice and relaxed. A keratin treatment was then applied for damaged ends and I was lead to the stylist chair where a Japanese steam machine was placed over my head. The steam machine brings the temperature to about 45 degrees and this causes the pores in the hair to open up and be more prone to absorption. Tiny purified water particles produced by the machine helps bring in the keratin treatment deeper into the core of the hair. Then the last minute of the steam machine offers cool particles to close the pores and a coating lotion is applied during the final rise to seal in the treatment. Immediately after the experience I felt that my hair seemed healthier but wary of the placebo effect, I gave myself a few days before writing this post. One thing to note is that a couple friends commented that my hair seems particularly shiny in the following days, surely a good sign. Sugi recommends doing the head spa monthly to rid the scalp of this residue and in return promote a healthy mane. Priced at $600 for ladies and $400 for men (guys’ treatment doesn’t get the hair treatment and only focuses on scalp cleaning), the treatment is not too expensive. And if we go for facials at least once a month, it’s surely worth the investment in getting something done for our hair once a month.

And if you are in doubt, KamoN H&S Hair Salon is also offering two of our readers a free experience of the head spa treatment. To enter, email us at with the subject "KamoN H&S Hair Salon giveaway" to be eligible. RT the giveaway on twitter (make sure to @hkfashiongeek or @cko01 so we know!), or leave a comment on our Facebook fan page to get EXTRA entries. This contest is only open to Hong Kong residents. The winner will be notified the first week of May.

KamoN H&S Hair Salon, 7/F., Coasia Plaza, 496-498 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay. Phone: 2890 1861 / 2890 1658.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Serendipity at Sri Panwa

Sri Panwa was wonderfully kind enough to host me on my trip to Phuket two weeks ago, and I have to say -- staring out my window on a gloomy Sunday afternoon, I can't help but wish I could close my eyes, click my stiletto heels, say "There's no place like Sri Panwa" and somehow magically be transported back to this sunny paradise.

It had rained to the point of flooding in the days before our arrival, and a super-busy pre-holiday schedule meant we weren't even yet in holiday mood even after arriving the airport and boarding the plane. All that changed when we settled into the comfort of our hotel car and wound our way down the curvy road to the southern tip of the island, Cape Panwa, where the hotel sits. They welcomed us heartily and put us in a "relax room" for a couple of hours while our villa was readied. Sri Panwa used to be an all-villa holiday and semi-residential resort, until they built a newer complex, the Baba Pool Club, which is a series of standard hotel rooms whose balconies are outfitted with infinity pools. Holiday mood achieved! I was geekily excited to find a clipping of an article I wrote on them way back in 2008 for Le Tatler. I want to say that it was coincidence and fate, rather than them planting it there for my enjoyment, because the room we later transferred to had different clippings.

Instead of sullying the room, we headed upstairs to get some food, including a watery curry and an awesome duck larb. The venue is awesome -- cute modern touches all over a semi-outdoor venue that looks out onto a system of mini pools, lounge pods and tables. Very Hei-Hei meets Phuket and good taste.

The room we were then transferred to was... yowz. First of all, calling it a room is an egregious understatement; what I meant to say was palace of greatdom, villa of formidableness, temple of excellenosity. A two-hut structure connected by an outdoor circuit of land and pool, it brought together everything you might ever want in a resort hotel, and then some. In the first hut: bedroom with lounge area, bathroom with bathtub-for-two overlooking the beach, outdoor shower, and direct pool access from balcony doors at the bedroom AND bathroom. Direct, as in, you open your doors and... pool.

In the second hut: another bathroom, dining area, day bed for two, full kitchen with free snacks, drinks, instant noodles etc. Oh and of course, the fabled liberty that ties it all together, more balcony doors with pool access.

Needless to say, we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly without ever having to leave the villa (although we did venture down to the bottom of the hill for a walk and some street food. Get yourself some pork balls on a stick or crispy crepe with condensed milk and banana, or dine at the Thai restaurant closest to the property. OR, of course, order into the villa, because room service is always, for me, the ultimate luxury.

We also spa'd -- I had a "Sweet Surrender," a two-hour ritual which included a mango scrub (yums), milk bath (at a decent temperature so you're not baking in there, it's quite nice actually) and then a massage (bliss and actually with enough pressure, which is rare). I was a happy camper indeed. It sure beats sitting here watching Curious George on TV when the Amber rainstorm warning icon pops up. Sri Panwa, where are you when I need you most?