Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lock and Key

We loved the Tiffany keys when it first launched. I recalled flipping through the magazines thinking that Tiffany was doing that massive ad campaign simply to tempt me into buying the key. Then a Christmas miracle happened. (Well I exaggerate but it’s our blog and so we are allowed to do so.) The lovely PR from Tiffany, sent me the key as a Christmas present and I wore it religiously for the next year until one day, I accidentally snapped the necklace.

The most frequent question I got when people saw me wearing the key was what did it open? I guess Tiffany finally decided to provide the answer as they just launched Tiffany Locks, another collection to covet. These Tiffany locks are based on Tiffany archival designs and feature detailed pendants and charms. And charmingly enough (pun intended) some of the pieces function as actual locks. With a price range of HK$930 to HK$52,000, the Tiffany Locks collection has something for everyone so you can bet I will be heading over to the shop to see what can compliment my key asap.

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