Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dreamy Creamy

I've had the name Bobbi Brown on the brain for quite some time now, and although it's more because I'm thinking of potential names for siblings of my dog (her name being Foxy Brown, a brother or sister would inevitably take that same surname), I have another reason to be hearing the moniker now, with the launch of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics' new creamy lip colours on Friday. The range is specifically formulated to suit Asian complexions, so we're no longer stuck lusting after shades only to find they look quite ridiculous against our yellowy skin. The 10 shades, which retail at HK$180 a piece, traverse a gamut of pink-toned hues, ranging from this season's must-have coral; to girly powder pink; to tasty, flattering toffees -- the last of which I think would look great with your summer tan. That's what you have to love about Bobbi Brown -- rarely does the brand venture out of its comfort zone to do wacky, gimmicky product lines; what it relies on instead is a tried-and-true formula of... well, tried-and-true formulas.

Click on to read a Q&A with Mizz Bobbi Brown on why she created these colours, what her inspiration was and how to apply the lippy to get the best effect.

What was your inspiration for creating these new Creamy Lip Color shades exclusively for Asia?
When I travel, I like to meet with my global makeup artists to get an idea of what customers in different regions are asking for. My artists are my eyes and ears all over the world and talking to them is a great way for me to gain more insight into what women want. During a recent trip to Asia, the artists told me that their customers loved Creamy Lip Color but wanted more shades. So with the help of my amazing Asia-based product development team, I got to work immediately, creating new shades specifically for the Asian woman.

What kinds of shades did you choose for these extensions?
When developing these new shades, I thought about the beautiful and inspiring women that I’ve met in Asia over the years, and what shades would most flatter them. The ten new shades in this collection are soft yet polished, ranging from pretty pinks and bright corals to nude bronzes. And while these shades were developed for year-round wear, I think they’re especially perfect for the spring and summer months.

Is there a difference in formula from the original Creamy Lip Color?
This formula gives you more coverage than the original. Plus, it’s infused with Shea Butter to help keep lips soft and moisturized.

How do you recommend wearing these shades?
There are no rules—it’s about choosing what works for you, your style or the look you want to achieve. Soft natural shades like Washed Seashell or Pale Petal are the perfect complement to a natural daytime look. To turn up the intensity for an evening out, try a bold coral like Sunrise, or a deep bronze like Burnt Sugar.

Most of these new shades – and many of your lip and cheek products –- have strong pink undertones. Why do you find that pink is such a flattering shade?
I’ve always found that pink is the perfect “pick-me-up” color. When I’m having a bad beauty day, a little pink on my lips and cheeks goes a long way in making me feel better. Also, I find the most flattering lip colors are those that match the natural lip tone. Since many Asian women naturally have pink undertones in their lips, we chose pink as a base shade for our new Creamy Lip Colors. Now, it’s easier that ever for a woman to find a wearable pink that’s naturally flattering.

Any application tips for the new Creamy Lip Color?
I love this new formula because it’s so easy to apply. For everyday wear, just swipe the color onto your lips directly from the tube, and be sure to press lips together to evenly distribute the color. For a more defined, polished look, use a lip brush to apply an even layer of color over the entire lip area. Finish by tracing the natural lip line with a lip liner in a matching shade – in addition to creating natural-looking definition, this is a great way to keep color from feathering.

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