Friday, April 15, 2011

Springalicious Awakening

I'm getting the sense that we've skipped directly from winter to summer this year, but luckily there's restaurant week Springalicious to remind us that the season of rebirth is still something to look forward to. A concept introduced successfully in America, Springalicious arrives in Hong Kong this year for the first time, running from April 27-May 3. The concept is to feature a group of top-notch fine-dining eateries, which will each offer a prix fixe lunch and/or dinner menu during the week at super-low prices. So you can do a dinner at, say, Mirror, for $388, or lunch at Bo Innovation for $288 (and it's a selection from the proper dinner tasting menu, not their regular -- and might I add, sort of crappy -- dim-sum lunch). Other participating restaurants include Bloom, 208 Ducocento Otto, Whisk, Cepage, Harlan's Bostonian, Nanhai No. 1, ToTT's, Whisk and Sushi Ta-Ke, among others. The full list of restaurants and menus can be found here. You'll notice that these are mostly tier-two fine-dining restaurants, but hopefully, the Michelin-starred ones will jump on board if this year proves a success, because I'd love to see the likes of Pierre, Caprice, et al involved.

I've booked in to try the pretentious and badly reviewed g.e. (gastronomy extra|ordinaire), whose pretentious name already makes me want to run screaming. It's $500 a head for a molecular tasting dinner, vastly lower than any other molecular meal I've seen, although various twitizens have cautioned me against going, discount or not. And actually, I had a pretty bad experience with Chef Bonelli at Kee Club in days past. This is a pretentious man who likes to serve pretentious food. Which is not ALWAYS a bad thing. But I won't say too much until after I've been.

Read on for oodles of photos taken of the sets that will be served. Warning: Food porn coming up, do not click on if hungry.


Sushi Ta-Ke (importing now from western and southern Japan and the rest of the world, only):

Bo Innovation:

The Pawn:

Nanhai No. 1

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  1. That food looks so good! I'll be interested to hear how you get on at g.e. From what you say, it sounds pretty awful!

  2. how was dinner at g.e.?