Friday, April 15, 2011

Checking In

Social media Geeks will surely be familiar with FourSquare, the location base service that is taking the US by storm but surprisingly not as prevalent in Hong Kong. (I blame it on Jiepang, the Chinese clone of FourSquare.) But if you are a FourSquare user and keen to unlock that elusive swarm badge, perhaps you need to head to W52 tomorrow as it’s the global FourSquare Day, April 16 (yes equally as geeky as Pi Day which is on March 14).

Even if you are not keen to unlock the badge, it doesn’t hurt to pop by as you will get a free drink upon your check-in to the venue. I hear there will be lots of other fun activities planned, plenty of which includes plenty of drinking.

W52 is located at W Place on Wyndham Street, Central.

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