Thursday, April 14, 2011

Flaunting it

I stopped by Flaunt’s showroom a couple weeks back to check out its collection of lingerie and met the lovely Emily who is the founder of the boutique. Having grown up in Hong Kong, Emily is no stranger to the perils of finding lingerie in the city and she’s got friends both expats and Asians who would moan to her about how hard it is to get the perfect bra. Having encountered the same issues herself (which she would solve by stocking up on her favourite designs whenever she was abroad) she decided to launch an online boutique. The online store is complemented by a showroom in Happy Valley and showcases brands such as Pleasure State, Cosabella, Eberjey, Commando and The Little Bra Company. And don’t expect all the underwear to be tailored for the expat market. Emily was particularly proud of the Little Bra Company line which was founded by a California native who created the company to celebrate the fact that “a petite cup size doesn’t have to mean a flat sexy sizzle.”

To ensure that her customers are wearing the right sized bra, Emily went to England to become a certified bra fitter and offers a free bra fitting service. Of course, with us ladies being as busy as we are in Hong Kong, it can be hard to find time to do a proper bra fitting, so we asked Emily to provide us with some tips:

1. Is the band riding up your back? Keep your cup size but go down a band size.

2. Is the band too tight but the cup feels ok? Keep your cup size and go up a band size.

3. Is the center front (the area between the cups) not sitting flat against your chest? Then go up a cup size. Alternatively, a cup made of less rigid material like lace or mesh will help the center front lay flat.

4. Are your breasts spilling over the top of the cups creating a ripple in your t shirt? Keep your band size and go up a cup size. Alternatively, a cup made of more stretchy material will prevent this from happening.

5. Are your breasts spilling out to the side? Bend over and using your hand, scoop your breast so that it lays in the center of the cup.

6. Remember if your bra is fairly new, you should be wearing the band on the loosest setting. Wearing your bra and washing it will cause the elasticity to stretch. Over the life span of a bra, you’ll want to be able to tighten the band setting.

If you’d like to stop by the Flaunt showroom for a complimentary bra fitting and to check out the lingerie in person, please email Emily at

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