Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kate Spade Family Sale

And.. I'm back. Mucho thanks to ShoeGeek for sharing the love with you all the past week as FashionGeek has been off trekking into remote parts of the world. To give you all some love for the upcoming long weekend, how about 25% off all Kate Spade items (plus an additional 10% off sale items) ?


SHOErotica: Diego Dolcini satin-python pumps

GET THEM at Luisaviaroma


MOD sale


Va-Va Vargas

Always loved the whole pin-up girl thing so was kind of excited when one of our regular readers suggested a post about Varga Lounge, which is a new bar/lounge/hideout in Soho inspired by the Vargas-girl era. The sharp hues and kitschy decor make me want to kit my house out in tawdry nude silhouettes... The lamp is just about the most adorable thing you could put on a side table and what can I say about the mobile? It's a mobile, for crying out loud, an object whose purpose is to entertain crib-bound babies, and it features naughty and gymnastically fantastic cut-outs of some very buxom babes! Too fab.

Since May Day is creeping up, Hong Kong's answer to Labour Day, we're getting a long weekend, and I'm going to throw a serious fit at the weather gods if they inflict another rainy weekend on us. It's not fair when the sun shines Monday to Friday, and then the rain clouds come out to play. It's called SUNday for a reason. And fun in the sun calls for a new suit, va-va-voom! When the body is back in fighting shape, these will do very well. 1, 2, 3 and 4.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Burger Buzz

Since I'm sure you're still busy scrolling through the rest of this page, I'll leave you with a short final post today. There was a time when I would go on holiday and eat Burger King all day long (since it was only open in the HK airport) but now they're sprouting up everywhere! Besides Peak and Wanchai branches, the fast-food conglomerate has staked out a spot right next to Elizabeth House, opening on May 1. FINALLY, a mainstream burger joint in a mainstream location. About time, if you ask me!


The Pixie

I'm feeling very sing-songy today, so this post title is another homage to music. I watched Zach and Miri Make a Porno this weekend and experienced elation when The Pixies came on halfway through the movie, so the band is going to be experiencing a renaissance on my iPhone once I dig up the mp3s from my old computer. 

Obviously this post isn't about The Pixies, it's just another one of my random pre-segues to get you all excited about some pun or other I'm going to make (or have already). In this case, I'm going to get you all into Pixie Market, the mecca of all things cool and wearable and drool-worthy. What I love about it is that I haven't heard of any of the designers they rep, and yet I love eeeeverything on it, as well as the free international shipping over US$250. What I don't love is the way they tease you with "sold out" items alllll over the site. "Look, ShoeGeek, here's another gorgeous, affordable garment that you will never own because we simply do not stock it anymore, slowpoke! Nyah-heh-heh!"

Let me share my pain with you. There's going to be major image diarrhea soon, so get ready to scrooooolll. Oh, and the accessories! The little hats! The big necklaces! The weird scarf things! I'm going to go way out of my way in order to draw a connection between The Pixies and Pixie Market, in their irreverent attitude towards fashion/music and pointed mockery of religion. Imagine rocking a virgin-mary minidress rockin' to the sacrilegious lyrics of Come on Pilgrim. Although really, who understands Pixies lyrics anyway?

Image dump hitting in 3, 2, 1:




Little Boxes...

That title won't make sense unless you watch Weeds, the box set, and became fascinated with the fact that the title track is performed by a different band, in a different musical style, every single episode. After watching the first season in its entirety you'll hear nothing in your head but "little boxes on the hillside, little boxes full of ticky-tacky!" 

Speaking of little boxes (no, not that, and get your mind out of the gutter), I'm not sure if anyone has tried Box Thai on Arbuthnot yet, but since readers report that it's impossible to book a table at The Box for Thai buffet lunch, since its explosion in popularity no doubt due to our blog's promotion of it (ha ha), this new Box might be worth a drop by. 

No word on whether the food is going to be authentically delicious, but it's opened by the same group that started Frites, Tapeo and Mrs Jones, all of which have received good reviews in our books. Their lunch set almost as good a deal as at The Box (are there no restaurant names left in the world? Two places called Box? Which isn't even a very good restaurant name...) Lunches are $78-$118 for three courses, including a salad, dessert and one of noodle soup, wok noodles or curry rice as a main. 

Why is everyone doing those Chinese takeaway boxes now anyway? It made sense for Dining Wok (is that still in operation, by the way?) but now everyone's jumping on the bandwagon. "There's a green one and a pink one and a blue one and a yellow one, and they're all made out of ticky tacky and they all look just the same..." 

BOX Thai is at 4-8 Arbuthnot Road, Central. Tel: 852 2537 6887.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Back on Track

The reason for this post is two-fold. The primary reason is because I discovered Frances May, which brought to mind all sorts of goodies that would have been perfect for the earlier post on attractive backs. The secondary reason (which is almost equally important) is pure vanity -- vanity, that is, referring to the insane self-inflicted glee that comes from making good (ahem, bad) puns. Yet to come: bareback, brokeback, backdraft, back for good... yes, I'm using them all here so I don't have to inflict you all with a "Baby Got Back pt. 3".

As usual, of course, I've digressed. I was looking for retro swimsuits for my upcoming beach vacay when I stumbled upon this this Portland, Oregon little shop (that ships to Hong Kong, woohoo!), a "carefully curated boutique blending modern silhouettes with nostalgic charm". Good copywriting always gets me excited about shopping. Below: a trompe l'oeil bralette thingie adds unexpected sex appeal; a blouse silhouette to die for; bringing sexyback (last pun, promise); dual personality: bondage meets sweetheart.


SHOErotica: Giuseppe Zanotti Ankle Boots

Ay caramba are these boots the best thing you've ever seen? Classic shape and style, killer heel, and on sale too. Give me one good reason I shouldn't take them off the market right now. Oh, because they're out of my size. Goshdarnit, why couldn't I be a 36 or 40?

GET THEM on sale at Luisaviaroma


Monday, April 27, 2009

The Sun Will Come Out... Tomorrow

Not counting the age-old Vietnamese spots that have been in Hong Kong for millions of years, Le Soleil in the Royal Garden Hotel is probably one of the best Viet restaurants in town. I have to admit, I've always been a bit skeptical about Viet food that you eat in a hotel (after all, if you can get a beef pho for like $5, why pay more?) but was converted upon tasting the goods and realizing that their price list isn't too astronomical. And now, it comes with the pedigree of having been granted a Bib Gourmand by those crazy and controversial Michelin guys.

Le Soleil does a three-course set lunch for $88 a pop, including a combo of crispy imperial rolls, vietnamese salad and rice paper rolled with superior pork; one of hanoi beef noodle soup, seafood glass noodles in hot and sour soup, pork knuckle and beef shin vermicelli or roasted pork fillet with cold noodles; and tea of coffee. 

They're also introducing new dishes, which is the main reason for the post. New dishes, with new delicious photography, which is making me hungry even though I only finished lunch an hour and a half ago. You're looking at stir-fried prawns in coconut flesh with coconut juice, deep fried mandarin fish stuffed with banana coated with sesame, deep fried prawn rolls, and the pork knuckle/beef shin noodle from the lunch set. Not necessarily in order, obviously. Cos what fun is it if you don't play a little mix n match? Yum.

Le Solei is at The Royal Garden, 69 Mody Road, TST East, Kowloon. Tel: 852 2721 5215.


Baby Got Back

"Business in the front, party in the back." So read the official style oath of every mullet-wearer on the globe, and hairstyle faux pas aside, they may have been onto something... there's something so dramatic and mysteriously sensual about a simple and proper front that belies a dramatic rear view. Plus, it gives whole meaning to the expression "Stop frontin'..." Haha, I just crack myself up sometimes. Below: something slinky, something cazh, something binding, something unexpected and something soigne. How do you add that accent on the "e"?


Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Linkfest returns!

Have been kind of delinquent with the linkfests... chalk it down to laziness on Friday afternoons... anyway, without further ado:

Margiela launches homewares that look, well, homemade.

Our Twitter buddy Bejewelled Bespoke is having her first sale! Put one finger on the horsey pocket watch and I'll kill you though.

Over 200 MW for H&M listings up on eBay already... profitmongers are quick!

Project Runway is coming! But Leanne Marshall's Bluefly line is not... yet

LV's Peter Copping steps into Olivier Theyskens shoes at Nina Ricci. Don't fall, Peter, his shoes are 12 inches high...


Costume Drama

I really wanted to do a post on film-inspired fashion, and the movie I had in mind was not quite The Devil Wears Prada or SATC -- it was Hackers, which I watched in high school numerous times on VHS. It's probably the only Angelina Jolie movie worth watching, in my book (there may be more but I certainly can't remember them) because of its cheesy goodness and stylized vision of the underground world of hacking. It's near impossible to find good screen grabs from the film, but FashionGeek found me this site, on which you can see the actual costumes that Ms Jolie rocked onscreen. The items I loooved back then were the red and white leather jacket she wears in most of the scenes, and the amazing kimono dress she wears for something like 5 seconds on her date with Dade aka Jonny Lee Miller in the final scene before ruining it by jumping in the pool. Eek! Anyway, you can see both items at

I mean, just look at this dress. We've upgraded plenty from the 28.8kbps modems they're raving about in the film, but this is style that transcends time. I covet. And the motorcycle jacket could get pretty good wear when winter comes around (though Hong Kong has finally transitioned into some sort of spring-summer hybrid). 

There's plenty of other juiciness to be found if you have the patience to troll through the oodless of Star Trek, superhero and anime film castoffs, like the outfit Devon Aoki purrs in, from 2 Fast 2 Furious. I don't get exactly what an "online museum" is, but that's okay. The costumes look a bit sad and lonely on their little hangers though. They should really be on my shoulders, they'd look a lot better there.

Images courtesy of


Diamonds are a Geek’s Best Friend

Every girl dreams of the big fancy wedding, the immaculate white gown, the fantabulous diamond ring and walking down the aisle to wed the man of her dreams. I was born without that gene. I dream of sitting on the couch with a big bag of Burger King chips (yes Burger King chips, discovered them in Taipei, sooo good), watching reruns of Friends until the end of eternity, laptop in my lap so I can surf the net and shop online and blog about what a loser I am for doing all of the above until the end of eternity.

Of course, I don’t know if it’s that dreaded biological clock, but lately I’ve been dreaming about sitting, gorging, surfing, shopping and blogging… with a big diamond rock on my hand. I’m still nowhere near excited for the Big Day, but for some bizarre reason, I’ve found myself very intrigued by online wedding ring designer programmes. Last week, I even found myself googling Wang gowns (Vera, not Alex). Eek! Yet I find myself very aroused by the perfect princess cut… and the perfect setting… and the perfect carat wattage… and I don’t even like carrots.

The thing is, I’m starting to see the whole concept as more of a style opportunity (one day, one ring, one dress, one well-dressed man for the rest of your life…) which is making the whole situation much more palatable. Especially with this kind of arsenal by my side… I mean, it could be just regular jewellery for a regular day. And a regular gown for a regular day. Nothing to worry about, right?

I wonder if this post is going to get my perfect partner (who has been perfectly patient) excited? Down, boy!

Images courtesy of and


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Photo Inspiration: Acid Wash

I've been parking in the same parking lot for almost three years, and it wasn't until I got a camera that I noticed how ab-fab these walls are... a product of leaky pipes, cheap paint and vehicle scrapes and burns (the carpark is TEENSY) that brings to  mind visions of acid wash... of course, giving you denim would be too easy...