Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Taking glitter to the next level

Remember the Bulgari skincare line that is infused with precious gems? The one where I though Bulgari might have inadvertently tapped into the teeny bopper market by introducing a skincare that might make you dazzle like Edward Cullen? Well it turns out that French skincare brand EISENBERG actually infuses powdered diamonds into one of their serums, aptly named Serum Diamant. You’d be please to know that diamond powder apparently visibly reduces wrinkles and lines as well as gives users a luminous appearance in addition to possibly giving you the appearance of a mythical creature.

Available at Sephora, the 30ml Serum Diamant will set you back HK$2,799

ETA: Rereading this post, I am reminded of this parody of MTV Cribs by Dave Chappelle, introduced to me by Shoe Geek where he says "I sprinkle diamonds on everything I eat . Two reasons...1 it's the most baller shit you could possibly do to your food and 2 it makes my dookie twinkle, man."

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