Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Poetry in Motion

Why is there no love for the iPhoners? Well, that's not strictly true, since iPhanatics is happening tonight, but I think I need to get on Apple's mailing list. Research in Motion (those crazy kids behind the BBs) has launched a "Storm your Life" competition from April 24 to May 7. Just tell them why you love the Storm in 50 words or less and you could win one and HK$2000 worth of service rebate fees. 

The judging criteria: (1) creativity; (2) quality of writing; (3) positive impact on others; (4) positive impact on the entrant; and (5) originality.

There's nothing more creative, qualitative, positive and original than a haiku, so that's what your Geeks have done. They're all in lowercase because that's the sign of positive, quality-ful, creative originality (well, unless the people at Research in Motion have read any e.e. cummings)
By fashiongeek:
dear blackberry fans
the iphone is much better
hong kong fashion geek

By shoegeek:
hark! crackberry fans
your touch screen ain't sensitive
and bbm sucks

Think you can beat our submissions? Log onto www.blackberry.com/hk/storm to submit your entries.

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