Friday, April 24, 2009

Diamonds are a Geek’s Best Friend

Every girl dreams of the big fancy wedding, the immaculate white gown, the fantabulous diamond ring and walking down the aisle to wed the man of her dreams. I was born without that gene. I dream of sitting on the couch with a big bag of Burger King chips (yes Burger King chips, discovered them in Taipei, sooo good), watching reruns of Friends until the end of eternity, laptop in my lap so I can surf the net and shop online and blog about what a loser I am for doing all of the above until the end of eternity.

Of course, I don’t know if it’s that dreaded biological clock, but lately I’ve been dreaming about sitting, gorging, surfing, shopping and blogging… with a big diamond rock on my hand. I’m still nowhere near excited for the Big Day, but for some bizarre reason, I’ve found myself very intrigued by online wedding ring designer programmes. Last week, I even found myself googling Wang gowns (Vera, not Alex). Eek! Yet I find myself very aroused by the perfect princess cut… and the perfect setting… and the perfect carat wattage… and I don’t even like carrots.

The thing is, I’m starting to see the whole concept as more of a style opportunity (one day, one ring, one dress, one well-dressed man for the rest of your life…) which is making the whole situation much more palatable. Especially with this kind of arsenal by my side… I mean, it could be just regular jewellery for a regular day. And a regular gown for a regular day. Nothing to worry about, right?

I wonder if this post is going to get my perfect partner (who has been perfectly patient) excited? Down, boy!

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