Friday, April 3, 2009

iPhone Show & Tell: Dr. Awesome

The game is simple. You are Dr. Awesome (resident virus killer and all around mighty surgeon.) What you have to do is cut away blobs of cells while avoiding viruses. Doesn't sound that interesting right? Well the beauty of the game lies not in its game play but rather in its ability to go through your address book and assign your contacts as patients. So essentially, each time you play, you are saving or killing someone you know. We must admit that at Geek Central here, we feel a tinge of guilty pleasure each time we kill someone that we don't particularly like. In fact, the other day, Shoe Geek received the phone contact of Mr. X and after inputting it in, the first thing she did was turn to me, grin and say "Now I can kill him!" Killing people on your black list for only US$0.99? We're sold.

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