Friday, April 3, 2009

SHOErotica: Proenza Schouler cut-out sandals

Everybody's always on about Proenza Schouler for their amazing bustier dresses, the newest non-It It-bag PS1, their collaboration with Target for Go International. I fell in love with their footwear back in 2003, when their Spring 2004 collection hit the runway and these traffic-stopping beauties below certainly halted me in my tracks. What I love about them is that they're lady-like enough to go with a suit, but show enough toe cleavage to be sexy, and the yellow binding even hints at the designer duo's signature corsetry expertise. 

Of course, back then, I never dreamed of affording those little babies. Will you find me sad if I admit that since I couldn't own them, I printed this exact photo from and put it up on my desk so I could look at them every day? ProScho (my new nickname for them) have since gone edgier, with today's SHOErotica pick, paying homage to this season's attention to funky-fied heel structure but still showing echoes of bustier design with the ribcage-style cut-out design.

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