Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Geek Spy: The Cool Factor

While Hong Kong admittedly hasn’t had much of a winter, it’s undeniable that the warmer weather is fast approaching. To help you gear up for some summer fun, we’ve sourced you this must-have item for your poolside parties. (Yes, we may not all have pools but at least we can pretend right?) Turn down the heat at your next party with these Cool Shooters Ice shotglasses which are guaranteed to keep your alcohol or soda chilled. And if guests get tossed into the pool while drinking, you don’t have to worry about having to retrieve those glasses. Simply let them melt under the summer sun while keeping your cool.

Available at ThinkGeek for US$7.99 + shipping or at Homeless for HK$100 (Homeless
T:2581 1880)
Images courtesy of ThinkGeek

ETA Our reader Derek has seen these at City'Super in Times Square for HK$65

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  1. Just a note: ran into these last night at CitySuper's funky stuff store in Times Square CWB.


  2. Wow, your residents geeks were at CitySuper in Times Square last night too! Wonder if we ran into each other? Anyway, we found another ridiculous/hilarious invention there last night, post to come...