Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fresh prints

There are certain high-low collabs that folks get real excited about (Kate Moss for Topshop, Christian Siriano for Payless), others that just kind of blahhh into nothingness (I dunno, Thakoon for Target, Pat Field for Payless, that ilk of thing) but it seems like the Matthew Williamson collection for H&M is actually going to be something to look out for, probably because his forte is prints and colour, which translate well into low-end production. (McQueen is all about the rigorous tailoring and silhouette, which is probably why it fell into the doldrums of boringdom when rendered in Target's mass fashion philosophy with a full range of sizing and limited fabric technology.)

Anyway, so it's good that y'all will have a chance to get at the Matthew Williamson collection, since H&M's newest boutique will be opening up this Friday evening at 7pm, with VIP shoppers entitled to a 20% discount and first dibs on the new arrivals (plus local celeb sightings, if you're into that kinda thing). IF i were to go (big if, since a) I'm too lazy to move my ass the three MTR stops it takes to cross the harbour to Kowloon and b) I may have another work event that evening), I'd get my paws all over that amazing maxi dress and the accompanying leather jacket. Then I'd use my savings to hire a full time "fanboy" in the literal sense of the word. A guy, holding a fan, creating a perma-Marilyn-Monroe-in-Seven-Year-Itch effect. The other stuff is pretty dandy too, just not for me -- I don't find prints charming. (Get it? Juvenile snigger over bad pun).

PS Anyone else find Matthew Williamson kinda hot? Even though his collections for Pucci were sooo lackluster compared to the new god of reinvention Peter Dundas? I think it's the whole pirate moustache thing. Love a moustache that looks like it can be twirled.

The TST Flagship will be at 30 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon.

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