Friday, November 29, 2013

SHOErotica: Saint Laurent Ankle Boots

Now if you're going to do a "boring black ankle boot", this is the way to do it. Love how Saint Laurent is upping its shoe game with really good renderings of classics. Don't love the price point, but that's what Black Friday sales are for!

Get them at Luisaviaroma.


Bag Lady: Loewe 'Panda' Amazona

Ok so it's not really a panda Amazona but just in black and white. However, because the panda keyring is also in the product shot, I've totally made the association and now will forever call this the panda amazona. Has a nice ring to it no?


Thursday, November 28, 2013

Nallik Jewellery

Can't get over this simple, rustic elegance. The kind of thing that you throw on over a tissue-thin white tank with arm holes the size of Arizona. And since it's December you throw on an oversized parka with a faux-fur-trimmed hood (real fur, besides not being politically correct, would also just kill that whole boho hippie chil-of-the-earth vibe you're going for). And maybe a pair of boyfriend jeans or cut-offs (parkas and barely-there shorts may not look like friends but then you never imagined Amanda Seyfried with Justin Long, and yet somehow it works). And then the requisite muddy ankle boots. Can you tell I'm strategizing Clockenflap outfits?

Order your Nallik stone necklaces from the elegant and ethical site, A Boy Named Sue, more about the site here. That fossilized shark tooth could be a really sweet alternate for that Givenchy you've been eyeing.


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hopeless Lingerie

Can't remember when or how I discovered Hopeless Lingerie but I'm loving all the strappy-ness and the cut-outs!


Penhaligon's Gentlemen Competition

I've mentioned how the day job has been keeping me busy haven't I? I've had a bunch of events going on but one of the more fun ones would definitely have to be Penhaligon's. Last week, we had a number of dapper English Gents wandering around Central showcasing gentlemanly behavior as a celebration of their ifc store opening. For those not in the know, Penhaligon's is one of the few true fragrance houses in the world. They design and make their own exclusive scents in England, going to great lengths to achieve precise effects. The brand is also a holder of two Royal Warrants and have been around since the Victoria Era.

My favourite scent from them is currently the Iris Prima which was done in collaboration with the English National Ballet and inspired by the scents of ballet. The perfumer was granted exclusive access to English National Ballet dancers Nathan Young and Lauretta Summerscales, as well as rehearsals and hushed glimpses from theatre wings to bottle it all up into this delicious scent where iris takes centrestage.

Besides doing their flagship store opening, we're also running a fun competition for them where you can win a full range of of of their signature scents, Blenheim Bouquet. All you have to do is make a suggestion of what you think a gent should do for a chance to win. Check it out at their Facebook page.


Designer Dream: Macalister Mansion Dining Room

Minimalist untouchable has never been my aesthetic of choice. But when a restaurant features snowy trees and pastel-coloured reindeer (antelopes?) then I'm totally on board. This here is The Dining Room at Macalister Mansion in Malaysia, designed "around the idea of an English mansion." Because Jane Austen was all about the pastel livestock.


Vivienne Westwood, moda SHU and Hunter Warehouse Sale

The Mega Sale will be from 28/11 (Thu) - 1/12 (Sun). Selected Vivienne Westwood, moda SHU and Hunter product will be for sale at a super low price. Up to 70% off.


Friday, November 22, 2013

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Hungry Games - Catching Fur

May the cookies be ever in your flavour!


SHOErotica: Sergio Rossi SS14 Sandals

Because naturally, one tends to want sandals when the weather gets cold. I know it's sacrilege to say, but I don't like boots. My feet like to be freeeeee!


Monday, November 18, 2013


Sorry for the radio silence lovely readers. The day job has been kicking my butt these few weeks and I'll try to update as much as possible but I'm afraid Christina will have to be taking up the slack for now. In the meantime, news has come into my inbox that my former client, the lovely Ms B has teamed up with Alber Elbaz of LANVIN to create a special LANVIN Loves SEVVA afternoon tea that comes complete with a little gift for both the gents and the ladies and showcases LANVIN 2013 F/W accessories items in edible sugar art forms.

Check out the menu below, along with more stunning photos of the sandwich wrappers and special plates. It will launch on Dec 2 throughout the month of December priced at HK$680 + 10% service charge for 2 persons inclusive coffee or tea.

LANVIN Loves SEVVA Afternoon tea
1st tier
Coco Chiffon Sponge (with sugarart butterfly)
Coconut Mousse, Light Coconut Sponge, Coconut Macaroon & Fresh Whipped Cream
Macaroon with French Vanilla cream (with LANVIN sugarart)
Berry & Pistachio Macaroon with Chocolate Cream

2nd tier
Signature Chicken Sandwich (with LANVIN “HOT” sugarart)
Truffle Scrambled Egg on Toasted Poilane
Savoury Waffle with Foie Grois Mousse & Onion Marmarlade
Petite Finger Rolls of French Ham & Brie Cheese (in LANVIN wrapping)
Ratatouille on Cucumber
Smoked Salmon, Eggs 'n Mash with Creme Fraiche stuffed Baby Potato

3rd tier
Raspberry +Rose Petal & Vanilla Creme Éclair
Espresso Cheesecake (with sugarart flower)
Mont Blanc cup
Pineapple Cream Gateaux (with LANVIN “YUM” sugarart)
Chocolate coated Éclair with Candy Sprinkles, Banana + Strawberry Crème
S E V V A’s The Original Caramel Crunch Cake
Sweetheart Candy Lollipop


The Little Bao That Could

The new joint to hype is Little Bao. If you eat at Little Bao, you are cool.

Okay I'm exaggerating, but these days, restaurateurs are the people to know. You know it all started with Yardbird. Before that, owning a restaurant was only one step up from owning a home-appliance store. Like, I know it's cool that you feed people, but you're still in a service business, right? And never has waitstaffing been so glamorous. Before Yardbird gave late-night eats a new and cooler meaning, nobody went to Tsui Wah and flirted shamelessly with the waiters, plying them with sake for a wink and a smile. I'm not judging, I'm just saying.

But now is the era of the It restaurant. If you can somehow distill that gastronomic je ne sais quoi into a restaurant, the zeitgeist set will come a-running. You can make them wait in line for hours just to eat and charge them for loads of drinks while they're patiently milling outside. I'm not judging, I'm just saying.

And I'm proud to present the next crown prince in the eating game. (Still, no one can topple the sovereign rule of Yardbird, right?) Little Bao as all the right elements.

1) It started as a stall at Island East Markets. Nothing creates desire like a limited-edition pop-up. A pop-up at a FARMER'S MARKET? Uh, that's not even fair; give the other restaurants a chance.
2) No reservations and no service charge. All the cool kids are doing it.

3) Hipster chef-owner (May Chow) and staff, with awesome haircuts you can't pull off. Seriously, how does May get her hair to do that twirly thing on top?
4) Twist-on-classics food concept. Namely, Chinese buns with multi-cultural, atypical fillings.

5) Has food item involving pickling. Because if you follow food trends, it's no longer about sous vide or weird molecular shit. And fuck foraging. It's all about pickling.

6) A Yardbird degree. May used to work at Yardbird. And Bo Innovation, which is not really cool to like now but was once considered groundbreaking.

I know I should move on to the "review", but honestly, I think someone else would do a much better job of giving you a play-by-play of every dish. I had my meal during the soft-opening period, which a) is never a fair time to judge a restaurant, b) a long time ago, so the nuances are a little bit fuzzy, and c) was serving a set menu at a fixed price, which isn't the format now. I will instead give you what I always want to read in a blog post: a list of what to order if you go.

Order the pickled mushroom salad. It really does a good job of showcasing what that technique is famed for. Get the clams, the flavouring is pretty intense and really vibrant. The short rib dumplings are an example of something that's a good idea in concept, but just not as mind-blowing as it should be. The Brussels sprouts are a good way to get your veggies on, if you like that sort of thing. And the chicken is better than the pork belly bao, mainly because I've had pork belly baos from Momofuku and those just cannot be replaced. But also, the ma-la Szechuan spice makes the chicken bao pretty darned good.

The vibe is buzzy, the music is old school, the logo is retro-adorable.


Friday, November 15, 2013

SHOErotica for Sale: Sold-out Isabel Marant x H&M Sneakers in EU38/UK5.5

Helping Kay Li post these cutey-pie Isabel Marant pour H&M collection garcon-style shoesies. Hit up the eBay link here (can waive shipping for HKers of course) or message me directly at!


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Armani Special Sale


Beauty Inspo du Jour

Looks I'm feeling these days, taken from Pinterest. For day, a cat eye and poppin' red lip. That neon-pink-tinged red on Cara Delevigne is particularly on the money, but I haven't been so lucky to locate that perfect shade yet (in the meantime, Cle de Peau's 311, a really treasured tube of Lanvin x H&M red and Dolce & Gabbana's Devil are all good stand ins, and the MAC girls have promised me a tube of RiRi Woo!)

For night, I like a neutral smoky eye, brown with gold. Neutral lip. If I knew how to apply falsies, I would; otherwise, so much mascara. (I use this, and I swear it's the best.)


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Beet Bites

New favourite snack: beet bites! Beets, goat cheese, mint, salt, pepper, olive oil... of course there's the snack version, and then there's the version you use for when you want to impress dinner-party guests with your sick presentation skills (sort of). Added a little pear to make the plate less lonely and the texture more crunchy.


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Monday, November 11, 2013

Mira Moon Manis

Not too many brands offer free manis as a perk of the job but front-of-house staff at the new Mira Moon get regular soft-gel sets -- the catch? The manis feature motifs associated with Mira Moon, including little bunnies, all done in the corporate colours of red and white. Cute, or too kitschy?


Saturday, November 9, 2013

SHOErotica: Tabitha Simmons Bailey Sandals

Not to be mistaken for the Tabitha Simmons "Bailee" sandals, these babies are one step above those, despite using the same template design, because black florals make everything cooler. I've never owned Tabithas, mostly because her name just sounds like some old school marm with a dream of being a witch (I guess I'm that shallow), but I'm being converted to the cause.


Friday, November 8, 2013

SMORGASBURRGGGG Brooklyn, Food Fair for Hipsters or Pigs

Before I went to New York for work back in August, I'd read about the newest thing to hit the food radar since cronuts: the ramen burger. I'd read that it was only available from a vendor at Brooklyn's weekend food flea market, Smorgasburg, so I pretty much changed my ticket to fly in early to go to it. (And see my cuz, but that's a secondary reason, haha).

Anyway, Smorgasburg is a two-day flea, in Williamsburg on Saturdays and in Dumbo on Sundays. Uh, and guess what? The ramen burger stand is ONLY at the Williamsburg edition. And guess what else? I went to the one in Dumbo. Damnbo!

That's not to say I regretted hitting it up. You couldn't swing your eyeball 10 yards without spotting a cutting-edge hipster food trend. And while I love to make fun of hipster stereotypes, what I love more is eating their food. And what is thy bread and butter, o hipster? Try-hard food combinations from bizarre food groups (may I offer you a hibiscus doughnut? A pie shake perhaps?) Upscale renditions of old-school fast food or comfort classics (You don't want a hot dog. You want an ASIA DOG. That's hot dogs, with some serious Azn flava). And desserts that are really small (Cake? How about cake pop. Cheesecake? How about cheesecake bite.)

Let's check out the contenders.

Pie shakes. As in, a pie, blended with ice cream, into a shake. Sounds amazing. But not necessarily US$10 amazing. Plus, if you commit to a pie shake, you're pretty much giving up quota for like three other things. These things sound filling.

You can't go to a food fair without a lobster roll. It's a classic of the genre. They're never particularly cheap, but they're almost always good, because there's so little on-site chance for screw-up. As long as your lobster is decent and your bread amply crisp and fluffy, you're all good. This baby's from Red Hook Lobster Pound.

Eggs 'n' Hash. Totally unmemorable but I think I ordered it for something to do with the egg. Took ages to make. It was hot and crispy but nothing flavour-wise that would blow your mind.

Brooklyn Wok Shop's crab rangoon, duck-confit dumplings and I think eggplant dumplings? Can't go wrong with fried food!

Strawberry-basil lemonade was THE BOMB, and one of the more reasonably priced investments if you don't count slightly excessive amounts of ice... ($10 buys you a mason jar you can take home for future hipster presentation needs, but we just got the $3)

We had gone to the 'burg early, a little after opening, 11:30am. And BFC kept us hankering for an hour till they opened -- and a line started forming about 15 minutes before that. We didn't end up getting our fried chicken with waffles till almost 1 due to the wait, but it was worth it. So crispy-skinned and juicy.

Porchetta sandwiches, $7 a pop but no one was biting. I gave it a pity twirl, the meat looked juicy enough and there was no line. No line usually means no good. The porchetta was good, but that was some dry-ass white bread.

Doughnuts from Dough! Really good, squishy but chewy texture. The Hibuscus in red was the one I ended up with, because so many of them were sold out. I wanted the Dulce de Leche so bad. Or salted chocolate caramel! Or chocolate Earl Grey. Yum.

On our way out, we picked up truffle-infused popcorn, which was just small popcorn with no truffle infusion whatsoever and a little teensy bit of truffle scent. It cost $5, which was less than the candy shop down the street, thank God. The popcorn actually wasn't bad, but what's up with the lack of truffle, guys? Truffle saves lives, and let me tell you, lives were lost in that retro-tastic paper bag of popcorn.

My experience with Smorgasburg was the same as at any food fair. Awesome ideas, awesome vibe. Sitting on the grass in Brooklyn staring at the river and bridge made for such a perfect chilled-out Sunday. Did any of the food really blow me away? No, probably not. Most of the meals I had in New York (favourites like Jungsik, Blue Ribbon, Umami Burger or Momofuku Ssam) were miles better. But sometimes you want to just kick back, put on your big sunnies and your Marant wedge sneakers and join the hipster party. If hipsters have pie shakes, then I want to be a hipster.