Thursday, November 28, 2013

Nallik Jewellery

Can't get over this simple, rustic elegance. The kind of thing that you throw on over a tissue-thin white tank with arm holes the size of Arizona. And since it's December you throw on an oversized parka with a faux-fur-trimmed hood (real fur, besides not being politically correct, would also just kill that whole boho hippie chil-of-the-earth vibe you're going for). And maybe a pair of boyfriend jeans or cut-offs (parkas and barely-there shorts may not look like friends but then you never imagined Amanda Seyfried with Justin Long, and yet somehow it works). And then the requisite muddy ankle boots. Can you tell I'm strategizing Clockenflap outfits?

Order your Nallik stone necklaces from the elegant and ethical site, A Boy Named Sue, more about the site here. That fossilized shark tooth could be a really sweet alternate for that Givenchy you've been eyeing.

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