Friday, October 29, 2010

Warehouse Sale: Pedder


The One Thousandth

Who would have thought that ShoeGeek and I would be able to put up 1000 posts on this blog? There are definitely days when the two of us wonder why on earth we write Hong Kong Fashion Geek. It could not have been done without you, our loyal readers. Thank you for giving us the encouragement to keep writing.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

SHOErotica: Alexander Wang Addison Leather Boots

Ish finally cold enough to boot up. And I am off to sunny Singapore! It's midnight and I haven't finished packing yet so that's all for now, but the burnt orange toe on this reminds me of cliched sunsets and walks on the beach. A perfect amalgamation of warm summer-to-fall nights, and winter practicality.


Twitter Tips: Mama Mia

It's surprisingly hard to find decent Italian food in Hong Kong so this week we ask you for recommendations. Image from Cecconi's in Soho which also has a great lunch set deal and decent pizza. It's about $138 for a two course lunch I believe.

This week's Twitter tips question: What's your favourite resto for Italian in HK and tell us your must-order dish #hkfgtwittertips

@hkFashionGeek Tuscany by H which is closed :( otherwise Ziti's in Tai Hang. Must order special pizza with an egg on top! #hkfgtwittertips

@hkFashionGeek Definitely Rughetta on Wyndham St. Try the stuffed mushrooms with mozza and parma ham, delizioso!

@hkFashionGeek Italian..haven't tried many in HK but Cafe Graham (yeah, in Graham St. obviously.) was good, food, portion and price!!!


@hkFashionGeek Cenacolo - their ravioli is to die for!

@hkFoodGeek pizza at 208


@hkFashionGeek I'm fond of Cenacolo in Soho for Italian Their Pastas / Pizza are brill.Double points for the choco pudding! #hkfgtwittertips

@hkfoodgeek Any of the pastas on Otto e Mezzo's menu, and that huge rib eye (to share), even though that's not strictly Italian...


@hkfashiongeek Panevino - their gnocchi is amazing


@hkfoodgeek Have been once to Posto Publico in Soho, it was very good ,now waiting to try Spuntini tomorrow

@hkFoodGeek best (& best value) Italian in HK is Posto Pubblico. Tagliolini w. peas & pancetta = YUM!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Revel in Bevel Jewelry

You know that line in American Beauty where that tortured emo guy who hooks up with Thora Birch is all like... "sometimes there's so much beauty in the world that it HURTS" and then Sam Mendes cuts to this video of a plastic bag flying around like it's meant to be some sort of visual cue to make us viewers realize, wow, the world IS beautiful, that plastic bag IS beautiful, in fact, we are ALL beautiful, hugsies! That was such a crock. But I still loved the movie.

Anyway, what Mendes should have instead filmed as an analogy for beauty, instead of a plastic bag floating in the wind like an unused extra from the Forrest Gump prop room, is some of this jewellery by Bevel, a new New York-based house whose brand of macabre, eerie jewellery actually matches up quite well with the Oscar-winning film. Okay, so this jewellery probably would not float in the wind. And for budget reasons, I guess a plastic bag comes free with a drink at 7-Eleven (or 50 cents if you're in Hong Kong), and a Xibalban Bloom necklace by Bevel (last shot after the cut) is US$1470. I guess that's why one of us is an Oscar-winning director, and one of us is a part-time blogger code-named Geek.


Geek Spy: Earphone Speaker Keychain

I was just thinking to myself that I hadn't found a good Geek Spy in a while when @randomraj shows me this little gem. Are you always losing your keys? This keychain will make it rather hard for you to lose your keys seeing as it's attached to a giant earphone speaker..

On to the details as described by the website:

The Earphone Speaker Keychain is a great little when-the-mood-strikes-you speaker for your music player of choice. It fits into any standard 1/8" headphone jack, and sounds quite crisp and clear. Keep it on your keyring, your backpack, the zipper of your favorite jacket - anywhere you might want it when listening to music. The speaker part just pops in and out of the keychain part for easy use. The Earphone Speaker Keychain will make sure you always have a speaker at hand for all those important music moments.

Get it at ThinkGeek


Tuesday, October 26, 2010


It wasn't too long ago that Burberry launched its beauty line, and although I can't speak for the quality of their products, if we're going by packaging, the brand has definitely won me over. And it's 2010, who cares about quality when there's packaging to ooh and aah over? I know girls who go nuts over the cute Dior duo-use makeup charms (is it a necklace? a keychain? a lip gloss? an eyeshadow? an intergalactic robot sent to save us from Voldemort?), and those same girls will no doubt go gaga for this Burberry lip charm. At $790 from the Burberry counter in Faces in Harbour City, it's also a pretty good Christmas gift, as the Nude Beige hue will match any skin tone.

For a more straightforward approach, there's also regular lipsticks embossed with classic Burberry plaid, which makes so much more sense than stamping the tip of the lippie. This way, you can appreciate the pattern right up until you stub out your long-lasting lipwear.


Can of Worms

Remember that gigantic gummy bear with the hysterical infomercial we wrote about previously? Well as a follow up to that, Vat19, the masterminds behind the venture has come up with a 3 pound, 26 inch long gummy worm. At 128 times the size of a regular gummy worm, it packs 4,000 calories (so half a worm is more than enough for your day’s intake!) and comes in five flavour combinations like orange and lemon or cherry and blue raspberry. What can you do with such a large gummy worm? Apparently, you can fish with it, jump rope with it and make a giant dirt cake with it. Check out the video which is wrong on oh so many levels. My mind is still trying to worm its way out of the gutter.


Monday, October 25, 2010

Warehouse Sale: D-mop

I should have put this up earlier. Sorry. But it goes until Wednesday, for anyone who wants to check it out. I went over the weekend. Lots of tees, some Matthew Williamson brights, more See by Chloe than you've ever seen... Preen if you can afford it. Otherwise, mostly Japanese-influenced casual wear.

I want to shop.


Line Up, Brush Up

Goodbye panda eyes! After messing around with smudgy pencil eyeliner for years, I've finally made the switch to gel. Never really liked liquid, I found it hard to manipulate and always ended up blinking and ending up with double-lines on the lid. Two lines good, four lines baaaad.

My gel eyeliner of choice is the one that every gal and her momma swear by: Bobbi Brown's long-wear gel eyeliner. And now I realize how stupid I was to ever muck about with pencil.

To apply the liner, I use MAC's 212 flat definer brush, but I want to pick up an angled one and I hear from my new beauty guru Jeannie that 266 is the one to choose (girlfriend had, like, 50-100 brushes in her kit so I believe her). And for anyone who's as beauty-retarded as I am, Youtube is the place to go. Search any look or product and there will undoubtedly be a video teaching you how to best manipulate it. Michelle Phan is probably the favourite, but I'll share others on another day.


Bag Lady: Almala Suede Shoulder Bag

Here's something bright to chase away the Monday blues. From Luisaviaroma


Friday, October 22, 2010

H&M x Lanvin: Coming Up Roses

A couple of days ago, I tweeted a link to the first look at Lanvin and H&M's highly anticipated collection. Truth be told, I have never been inspired to line up for any of the H&M collabs. Long lines scare me. Scary fashion diehards scare me. And spending endless hours in a line, only to find out nothing fits me or looks good on me, scares me the most, because I know my own psyche and I know I'll feel obligated to buy something just because I spent so much time in line. Opportunity cost, children.

Anyway, that could change with this epic Lanvin collection. The first look had me excited -- all the signature pouf and circumstance have been retained, and those two cocktail dresses on either end are better than anything I've ever seen from the high-street brand, designer collab or not. One new image was released today and yippee! There are prints! Everything is coming up roses. Now be good little blog readers, stay at home when the collection is launched, let mama have her Lanvin please. The full collection preview is meant to be out November 2.


Warehouse Sale: Dior


Thursday, October 21, 2010

SHOErotica: Atlanta Weller Shoe Boot

Get them at Browns Fashion.


Geek Spy: Pi Necklace

This is for the Math Geeks out there. Check out this necklace which features the mathematical constant Pi accurate to the 100th decimal place. Available in Japan only unfortunately. More info here.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Once You Go Black

Sometimes, all you need is an all-black get-up and a killer haircut. Selma Blair and Ginnifer Goodwin sporting haircuts I really want and don't dare to get, and shoes that I need, like, now.



Pac Rat

Moleskine Limited Edition: Pac-Man Black Ruled LargeMoleskine Limited Edition: Pac-Man Black Ruled PocketMoleskine Limited Edition: Pac-Man Yellow Plain LargeMoleskine Limited Edition: Pac-Man Gift Set Volant LargeMoleskine Limited Edition: Pac-Man Yellow Plain Pocket
I have this habit of buying notebooks thinking that I will eventually write in them. And I do go through quite a lot being a former journo and one of those girls who still enjoy writing in journals. However, I didn’t realize how MANY notebooks I have until I just went through the hassle of packing up my belongings to move to a new apartment. I literally have about 30 to 40 quality notebooks just hanging around in my apartment waiting for me to write. Of course, the point of this entry is not to tell you how many notebooks I have but rather that I covet even more since I just discovered this series of limited edition Moleskine Pac-Man notebooks.

This series of Pac-Man Moleskine celebrates 30 years of the iconic 8-bit game with individual notebooks and a gift set. Choose from ones that features a classic screen image of Pac-Man on a black hard front cover with the text 'HIGH SCORE, 10.957 days' on the back, Pac-Man and Ghost on a hard black front cover with the yellow text 'Game Over' on the back, Pac-Man on a yellow hard front cover with UV lacquer silk screen print on the front and back or fun fruits on a hard yellow front cover with the text 'Insert Coin' on the back. The gift set features limited edition Volant notebooks presented in a black bespoke folder including 4 Volant notebooks in yellow, blue, fuchsia or red, each printed with a silver character from the game including 'Pac-Man', 'Ghosts' and 'Cherries'.

All are enclosed with a black band showing the vast array of characters and the official Pac-Man Logo with 30th Anniversary text in both English and French.

Get it at Amazon


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Second Skins

Even though I was pretty excited about the opening of Rue Madame in Lee Gardens Two earlier this year, I haven't quite gotten the chance to really appreciate the store, because I'm a lazy piece of ass who never walks to that area of Causeway Bay. Now that the shop is opening its second outpost at IFC on November 1, however, they might be able to earn a few of my hard-earned dollars... especially after I spotted this ridiculous Maje leather dress on Kate Moss in French Vogue. Hello la hotness. Regardless of whether I'm able to fill it out KM-style, something buttery and leathery is getting in my closet, I needs it like Joey Tribs needs sandwiches.

More leather lovin' after the cut, including this off-the-hook Maje quilted jacket that's like an amalgamation of everything good about Chanel and Balmain but without the price tag; a Maje top that's the perfect combination of camel and leather, two of this season's awesome-est trends; and a boxy-looking Sandro leather A-line minidress that demands to be tried on in store, to ascertain its level of Celine-ness. Oh, and what looks like the short-sleeved version of Kate's freaking fabulous frock.


Gold Rush

Remember that US$80,000 platinum Nissan Fairlady Z432 model that was a one off and not for sale? Apparently there is a market for extremely expensive models of cars that are made of gold, silver or platinum. Japanese artist Nori Miyata has launched the Ultima Jewelery line whereby luxury cars and yachts are replicated in miniature scale. The Lamborghini shown above is made of 18k gold and is 1/24 in scale. No idea how much this will set you back though as price is on request. More details here.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Bag Lady: Alaïa Leather bowling bag

Simple and classy. Get it at Net a Porter.


Friday, October 15, 2010

I.T Factor

Scored for next to nothing (aka $460 down from $2299) at the I.T warehouse in Ap Lei Chau. They're by YIN.

Things I passed up: Miu Miu daisy clogs from Space at South Horizon for $2300, Giuseppe x Balmain sandals for $2000 and Ann Demeulemeester wedges for $2300 at I.T, Charlotte Olympia pumps for $2300 at Joyce warehouse... I told you, I am ultimate shopping FAIL. Somebody who's a size 38 go get those deals I missed. And somebody find me something to buy, I feel like a vampire with no blood, or whatever it is Bill Compton feels when he can't have Sookie. I think I just compared retail therapy to true lust as portrayed on True Blood, which is kind of sad. I have a life outside shopping, I promise.


Trunk Show

You may already know about the Cambridge Satchel Company's retro-fab satchels and "batchels" (satchels with additional handle). In lieu of my coveted PS1, I'm thinking I might pick one of these up, it has all the double-strapped seduction of the former but without the ridonkulous price tag and lack of availability. Also waiting for Gizzy & Nacho to get their Su-Shi bags in, which will be in about a month's time, to get that honey brown double-buckle bag. My life is all about double buckles these days.

What's new at the Cambridge Satchel Company now is trunks, made in the image of the classic Louis Vuitton travel cases, but in solid colours as bright as a rainbow. These days we're obsessed with portability -- wheelies, soft duffels that zip-shrink into teensy pouches -- so a chunky trunk with zero handles isn't the most practical thing for anyone with a personal porter, but these would make great pieces of furniture. The perfect place to hide all the crap you don't want seen -- think Alfred Hitchcock's Rope, but ideally less dead people.

The s/batchel is after the cut for anyone who's interested. The site ships worldwide, but you need to contact them for a quote.