Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Su-Shi Time

If I write this whole post in Rachel Zoe speak, will you stop reading? Well, maybe you'll stop reading anyway simply because this isn't a very interesting blog. I'll pause for you to contradict me now.

Anyway, these bags from Su-Shi are BANANAS. I die, I said I DIE for them all -- though if pressed to choose... well, you know girlfriend loves herself some python. You know, these pictures really do make you want to go all Rachel Zoe boho chic, with all the associated fabrics and textures and colours and oh yes ACCESSORIES. Shut it down!

It just occurred to me, the preponderance of capital letters and exclamation points in my posts. The irony is, at work, I see an exclamation point and I delete that bullshit. A string of capital letters? I take that amateur offender and slash it into lowercase. Warning: we're about to go all style guide up in here. So there's no DIE or BANANAS; we don't even let acronyms sneak through a loophole (Sorry Aids and Unicef).

So this turned out to be a lot less Rachel Zoe and a lot more grammar talk. I sense you guys would've been happier with the Zoe-isms. Anyway, hopefully the rest of the bags, after the cut, will make up for this ridiculous digression. I promise, I'm not stoned, although the other kind of sushi sounds like a pretty tempting idea.

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  1. very NICE (oops, sorry). And I don't see anything fishy about the bags.

  2. Hi,

    This is really a good article.

    Riya Gupta