Friday, July 9, 2010


The folks at Sleep Naked generously gave out sheets to some of the Hong Kong press, dovetailing nicely with my new move and new bed size. And new sense of extreme hygiene, given that their sheets come in only hotel-ready white. I tell you, these sheets are evil -- once you jump into bed with them, you'll never want to leave, but the irony is you can't really do anything ON the sheets without sullying their pristine whiteness. Including my favourite activity, (get your mind out of the gutter) eating. Oh, crumbs. Therefore, the implementation of these sheets will also coincide with my new diet, and by diet I mean not scarfing cookies and chips in bed anymore. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will continue as scheduled, in spite of me being so fat that my pants are no longer functional (pocket popped, zipper won't stay up on account of bulging fat pushing it down...)

But on a more serious note, these do live up to their name; you really will want to sleep naked in them, that's how soft and cuddly they are. Now if only they had sleeves...

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