Friday, July 23, 2010

Wedding Daze

It's come that time of year... We get a sponsored post on something wedding-related and I am sent into a frothy white tizzyl while surfing for wedding dresses. Not, mind you, because I'm worried about whether or not I'll ever tie the knot -- us Geeks are too materialistic to be moved by such prosaic concerns -- but because when it comes to wedding dress prospecting, it's daunting to know... There can only be one. That's a lot of pressure. I've reached that age at which I find myself attending weddings more than clubs (sad, I know) and I urge you brides-to-be: choose your wedding dresses carefully -- we are judging. It's hard NOT to go all fashion police at a wedding -- your last day of singledom and you chose to wear... that?

That's why, every year, I find myself studiously browsing and mentally visualizing a much thinner version of myself fitting into some specimen of gorgeous gown. I'm not married to any particular look (haha) but there are a whole load of lovely gowns to be seen at Priscilla of Boston. Just a few favourites to put you in the mood and maybe challenge your self-esteem. Or, if you happen to be lucky enough to be tying the knot anytime soon... shop away. If you want to see specimens in the flesh, they sell the lines at Hitched! and White in Hong Kong as well.

Unapologetically frilly, lacy, poufy wedding gowns after the cut.

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1 comment:

  1. so pretty... have you looked at elie saab's wedding dress? so gorgeous as well!