Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Almost Famous

You know us Geeks are shy about showing our faces... partially it's to remain discreet and modest, the other reason is because we are secretly hideous, covered in pockmarks (which we've named) and not suitable for public viewing as fashion-blog ambassadors. Okay maybe that's a bit extreme. But we're certainly not Rumis or Hannelis or Dennis. That said, when Jessica weekly approached us to do a feature on local fashion bloggers, with outfit pics, we couldn't really say no... and so we went and hid in our respective homes and did the necessary preparation to "come out of the closet" so to speak and put together our little outfits and plotted how to get our dogs (er, my dog) into the magazine and felt ridiculous vogueing in our own living rooms pretending to look all pensive and like we just happened to not be looking into the camera...

And then we sent the photos to our friends for some photoshop assistance and debated how much we could stretch ourselves vertically without affecting the grand proportions of the rest of the image... and realized that there's a reason that we write about this stuff and don't pose in it. Then we pretended that we really didn't care about any of it. Regardless, come last Saturday, we all rushed to 7-Eleven only to be foiled by not knowing what Jessica weekly was (it's the supplement to Express Weekly) and then squeee-ed when we got it and then promptly went back to pretending we didn't really care about it at all. And now that I've built up this whole episode, now you can laugh at us and say things like "who do these girls think they are, being featured in a magazine?" and we will retort "but here you are, reading it" and then you'll shut up and we will feel proud for about two minutes until we realize once again that we are pockmarked and secretly hideous.

PS At least my dog looks good. Foxy, even!

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  1. Too bad I can't read Chinese, but you girls look beautiful, and please, don't have a complex about legs/body/anything at all!
    I love your cute doggy!!

  2. Hear hear! I call my (sadly rare) ensemble posts "Out of My Closet". Partially because of my weight, but I also cannot get decent photos taken.

    Congrats on this!

    (Great legs. Very tall.)

  3. You two look beautiful! I'm so happy to know you've been featured in a spread. More people deserve to know about this awesome blog! :)