Friday, July 16, 2010

Ace Bandage

In many ways, the comeback of Balmain and Herve Leger teeny-tiny dresses has been the worst thing to happen to a figure-conscious gal. Going out in a garment that leaves nothing to the imagination is pretty darn daunting if you have even the slightest of figure flaws (T & A & T again for Tummy are ALL on display), not to mention that sneaky feeling that you're kind of dressed like a slut. But before you do anything drastic like write off the trend -- or worse yet, sign up for the gym or something -- let me introduce you to Pleasure Doing Business.

This is a skirt with a mission, and that mission is to wrap you up in all the right places and squish your body into sexy svelteness. I haven't tried it on yet (will be doing so most likely tomorrow, or rather today when you are reading this) but I've seen it on other people and it's hot, whether you're the typical Hong Kong skinny minnie or a *ahem* fuller-figured gal, aka me. Don't believe me? See both bootylicious Rihanna and stick-straight Mary Kate rocking PDB bandage skirts in their own personal ways.

Legend has it the skirt can even flatten out a bulgy tummy. Well I'm sold. The skirts are available at our favourite Gizzy & Nacho, now with an extra 20% discount with the special code HOTSUMA10 at checkout until July 18). My picks? My loud and insensible side is saying snag that neon green and show Mary Kate how it's done... my pragmatic side says the blue mini is much more my style and will be much more wearable. (See also: Black Giambattista Valli-esque sandals with neon yellow platform and heel, worn, oh... once this year?) Then again, the green is only $408 with the discount... Hmmm.

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  1. gizzy and nacho is da bomb! they carry brands that no other places in HK I've come across has. Love em

  2. Lane Crawford also sells Pleasure Doing Business skirts.. you should try the A-line frilled version of the bandage skirt. Absolutely stunning piece to have - these A-lined ones come in Black, or a Candy Floss Pastel version. Both are totally fab! I love the skirts!

  3. Yes G&N, LC and PDB are alllll loves of my life. Just bought the skirt on Fri and cannot. stop. wearing it.

  4. gizzy&nacho has more selection though- i think more fun colors! LC ones are safe and basic.