Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bag Attack

With the plastic bag levy having been in effect for a year now, I’ve discovered there has been a significant increase in the number of recycle bags I own. What tends to happen is whenever I need a bag, I don’t have one and I decide to invest in a recycle bag thinking that I will surely bring it out next time. And so the bags pile up in my closet. Therefore it is surely insane of me to contemplate buying more recycle bags right? But check out Australia’s designer reusable bag brand Envirosax. They just launched their Fall/Winter 2010 Collection in Hong Kong and I’m sorely tempted to buy them as a series. Maybe they would be good gifts? (Sorry ShoeGeek. I guess you know what you’re getting for Christmas this year.) Tell me, are these as great as I think they are or am I having shopping withdrawal from the embargo I’ve put myself onto? The Fall/Winter Collection includes the Bloom Series; Nomad Series and Kids Series. All bags are made from Grade A polyester and retails for HK$90 each. Available at LCX (Tsim Sha Tsui store); Citysuper & Logon; PageOne and Dymocks (Citygate and Discovery Bay stores). See images after the cut.

Bloom Series

Nomad Series

Kids Series

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  1. OOOoo I love those bags! I think I might invest in a few for my self. Thanks for sharing x

  2. They are great and so convenient too, I got mine from LCX's X Plus in TST.