Wednesday, July 7, 2010

True Collars

Maybe it's my recent obsession with True Blood that has me more inclined to look at accessories that might conceal a sexually motivated vampire bite... or maybe it's the need to hide the three mosquito bites that are currently decorating my neckline (yes, Monsieur Mosquito gave me a pearl necklace)... but collars have been very much on my mind lately. Mainly, of course, the Miu Miu I've been coveting, but now perhaps instead also this Marni, which I'd buy in a minute if it didn't look like something so DIY-able, were I a person with any sewing skills or someone who ever gets off the couch. Besides, I have seven more Sookie Stackhouse novels to get through.

If you so desire, however, it's here.

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  1. I've found some really really interesting Marni pieces on these shops.

    Are there are a lot of multibrand stores in Hong Kong and are they as big in there as they are here in Paris?

  2. umm... a 'pearl necklace' (not the obvious one) is when a guy cums on your face not when he gives you a love bite or hickey...