Friday, July 2, 2010

Good Value

Collective buying websites have been rather popular overseas and now they are making their way into the HK market. Most of the ones we’ve been informed about are generally Chinese sites but that’s all about to change with the launch of ValuUp. How it works is that the site negotiates with brands to offer a discount if enough people sign up for the deal. For their launch deal, ValuUp has joined up with Ben & Jerry’s to give their members 8 scoops of ice-cream for the price of 3. (A mighty good deal considering how expensive Ben & Jerry’s is in Hong Kong. I miss the days of college where we would host Ben & Jerry’s parties as each pint was only about US$2.50 when on sale.) So how to participate in these deals? Register at their site, (it’s free) and you will receive daily emails allowing you to purchase vouchers from local businesses at 50-80% off. We hear that other deals coming up include brands like Elemis Spa, Art Jam, Sideways Driving Club, Yoga Room, Power Plate Institute and Doctor Murad as well as buffets, shopping sprees, bungee jumping, rock concerts and cupcakes to name but a few.

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  1. yam yam!
    I'm making this site a favourite!!

  2. Good one... very informatic article.

    Riya Gupta