Thursday, July 29, 2010

Eye Opener

When I first heard that Shu Uemura is opening an eye gallery, gruesome images immediately filled my mind. Would it be some sort of crazy laboratory where there will be floating eyes in jars of formaldehyde? An underground cellar much like ones in movies where serial killers store their 'souvenirs'? Turns out what is being touted as the world’s first eye gallery is little more than a cosmetic area with a different name. Cue sigh of relief. So what exactly is this eye gallery I hear you ask? It’s a space that is dedicated to showcasing different ways to make up your eye with a strong focus on the Tokyo lash bar products that create art pieces out of your eyes. The gallery will feature six areas:

1. Tokyo lash factory for DIY rhinestone eyelashes
2. Eye brow atelier for brow grooming services
3. Eye make-up theatre showcasing the eye shadow palettes on offer
4. Beauty table for skin analysis and make-up services provided by beauty professionals in front of the mirror.
5. A brush wall showcases professional quality tools
6. A star table and LED screens showcasing the latest products and trends

Opens tomorrow at FACES Harbour City in TST

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1 comment:

  1. The word Eye Gallery screams scary, but if it's Shu Uemura doing it, then all should be gravy!

    Just discovered you guys!