Thursday, October 31, 2013

SHOErotica: Giuseppe Zanotti Nirvana

Every season there's one pair of to-die-for Giuseppes that every girl wants. They're usually in black and gold. Usually impossibly high. Usually you can't walk in them, but it doesn't matter. This coming season I think it's these...


Spell Block Tango

I'm a huge fan of musicals and love love loved Chicago. I believe I might have also mentioned my love for Disney Villains here and here. Now I've discovered Todrick Hall's parody of Chicago's Cellblock Tango staring the villains from The Lion King, Alice in Wonderland, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, 101 Dalmatians, and Snow White. What is a Geek to do? I must share it with you. It's all about misunderstood Disney bad guys. My favourite is surprisingly Cruella de Vil (who was never my fav villain) but how brilliant is her reason to kill? "I asked for spots. No. Not stripes not dots, spots. So I came home this one day and I'm really irritated and I'm looking for a bit of sympathy and there's Jasper and Horace lying on the couch drinking a beer with ten years of dotted fabric. No. Not spots, dots!"


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Geek Spy: Flatlight by Studio Chena

While hunting online for cool things to share with you, I stumbled upon this kickstarter campaign by Studio Chena called Flatlight. I'm sure I must have stated my love for candles in the past and I was quite intrigued to see this concept of playing with dimensions and optical illusions. Mimicking a classic candle holder stripped down to wire form, the thin brass plate creates the illusions of a 3D candle holder at a certain angle. See details of the campaign here.


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Alexander Wang Objects Pop-Up

Come November 15 and until December 28, Lane Crawford will be hosting a pop-up shop filled with Alexander Wang's Objects collections -- not only the new Objects 4 items, which comprise the likes of candle holders, coaster sets, yoga mats, pill case key chains, dice sets and vases, with retail prices ranging from HK$580 to HK$1570, but also stuff from the previous three capsules. According to the official release: "Items from OBJECTS N.1 Collection make ideal stocking fillers and include a lighter, bike lock, notebook and playing cards. OBJECTS N.2 Collection includes items with an embossed snake skin finish whilst OBJECTS N.3 Collection features luxurious embossed stingray finishing." Keep going for images of all the super-covetable knick-knacks (file names include prices, if you're interested). My picks are the playing-card set, so sleek in black and a somewhat reasonable $510; the $1,340 yoga mat, because having a baller yoga mat will just encourage you to exercise more; and the silver shot-glass set ($1,040) because it's always classy to spend on getting yourself drunk. Oh, and the jump rope!



Bacon Pancakes Making Bacon Pancakes

I can’t help but laugh when I saw this and felt the utmost need to share it with you dear readers who are also fellow foodies. How much do you crave bacon pancakes after watching this? I’ve now got bacon pancakes looping in my head. Talk about an earworm. Just as bad as hamster on a piano and Snape Snape Severus Snape.


Monday, October 28, 2013

Karl Who?

A great and easy costume, prepared and executed in less than 45 minutes with some efficient drawer rummaging (now where are my motorcycle gloves? And my Chanel brooch? And that skinny black tie? And my black blazer? Oh well I'll wear the silver)... and a LOT of dry shampoo and talcum powder.


Beauty Notes: Benefit Bathina Body Oil Mist

The weather is getting cooler (finally!) which also means that it’s getting drier around here. So I was happy to receive Benefit’s Bathina body oil mist for trial. Made of sweet almond oil, olive fruit, avocado oil and vitamin E, the oil smells lovely and is lightweight enough that I don’t feel like I would be leaving greasy stains everywhere. Available at the Lane Crawford Benefit Cosmetic Counter in Times Square.


Friday, October 25, 2013

A Baguette Bag, and No, Not a Fendi

I don't know about you, but I love bread. And if you don't love bread, you're probably lying because you're on a low-carb diet that prevents you from enjoying life. You know everyone loves bread because someone just invented a baguette bag that is not a designer shoulder-flap purse with two interlocking F's on it. It's a sort of crossbody affair that's long enough to fit, say, a pool cue that can be disassembled into two pieces, or the arrows you need to shoot from your bow, or one of those really long shoe-horns.

Oh, wait, those sound ridiculous, no one needs to carry any of those things around. But you MIGHT need to carry a baguette around, whether it's because you don't want to go straight home after stopping at the bakery, or just because you like to carry snacks around in your bag in case you get hungry, but in a stylish manner. Clearly the designers were targeting me with this invention because the girl in the product shots is styled in pretty much my default favourite outfit, cut-offs and a white shirt.

This was a crowd-sourced project that has already made its budget, so now all you need to do is order it from Cyan... I'd go for brown, because of its verisimilitude to the actual item it is intended to hold. But don't feel the need to listen to me. It's not like I have a baguette with me. Or that I'll hit you on the head with it. I don't waste food like that.


Bag Lady: Benedetta Bruzziches

Love love love Benedetta Bruzziches' clutches. How perfect is the hand clutch for Halloween (HK$9990)? I'm also oddly mesmerized by the golden package (HK$129990)and want to have it just to leave it lying around making people think that I get really really expensive packages sent to me. Available at Harvey Nichols.


Thursday, October 24, 2013

SHOErotica: Marieka Ratsma

There's a macabre quality to the shoes created by Marieka Ratsma, like they're forged of liquid skeleton and worn by some creature out of Guillermo del Toro's imagination. Which makes me, of course, love them (if not want to wear them) because I'm mildly obsessed with Mr del Toro and his creepy-comic world of gothic steampunk beings. Think of them as a sinister rendering of Cinderella's glass slipper, except made from bone or the teeth of small children. Creepyyyyyy.


Spark Studios at Island East Markets

I'm absolutely exhausted after doing a stall at Island East Market last weekend but it was so much fun! We made sooo much food including cake pops, ghost pops, Avengers cupcakes, orange zest chocolate chip cookies, banana bread, popcorn pops, sable vennois, skeleton cookies etc. Does the sound of all these yummy foods make you drool? No worries, I will be there again this Sunday. We will be coming up with some new pops and goodies. Be sure to come say hi!


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

On Leather Pants, and Why You Need 'Em

I've likely made no secret of my leather fetish, but let's once again emphasize how essential it is to own a perfect pair of leather pants (which, by the way, I have yet to acquire, though some waxed denim is a decent placeholder for now). The thing is, if you have a good pair of leather skinnies (or even track pants, or just a regular stovepipe silhouette), you really don't have to think about what you're wearing on top at ALL. It could be an awesomely fitted and aggressively cut blazer, or it could pretty much be the rattiest old white V-neck that you own. In fact, it might look even cooler with the ratty old tee. Case in point:


Innovative Teppanyaki

hkLifestyleGeek visits Kaetsu

After several months of renovation, Kaetsu in the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong has unveiled its new Teppanroom -- and it's not like any other teppanyaki restaurant in the city. While the interior may look similar, with dark walls, the ubiquitous steel cooking surfaces, and the chefs with their metal spatulas, the menu is markedly different. Instead of the typical teppanyaki fare, Teppanroom takes your tastebuds on a culinary journey. The menu features international ingredients cooked teppanyaki style. For example there's a prawn and corn wrap, a small package that is pan-fried on the stove and then presented with an avocado bell pepper dip, or how about a fillet of red snapper that's cooked with Kalamata olives, chorizo and artichoke.

A definite winner is the French spring chicken, diced and cooked Mediterranean style with couscous, lemon yogurt, flat leaf parsley and tomato salad. Other dishes include snow peas with lily bulbs, chanterelle mushrooms, bamboo shoots, tomatoes and palm hearts, while surf and turf features beautifully marbled beef, fried rice, green tea and quail egg. For dessert be sure to try the pineapple flambe with tequila, black pepper and coconut ice cream. Your mind will be taken for a loop to see such dishes presented in a teppanyaki space, but the end result is too delicious to pass up.

Teppanroom @ Kaetsu
M/F, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong
1 Harbour Road
Wan Chai
2584 7722