Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Epic Store Design: LV Pop-Up in Paris

A couple of weeks ago, Louis Vuitton set up a pop-up shop at Avenue Montaigne in Paris, working with Tyler Brûlé of Monocle fame on this travel-themed space, called L'Aventure. I didn't know we named shops, but I guess you can name anything. L'Aventure travel products have been created specifically for the pop-up and will be available exclusively in it, which you can have hotstamped with your initials. There'll be plenty of other customization services as well, a repair service and, my favorite part, a professional "packer" on hand to demonstrate the lost art of packing. If you've ever seen my suitcase the night before I take a trip, you'll understand why this is necessary. I understand the concept of rolling up socks to stuff your shoes, of folding your suit jacket with one shoulder inside the other to minimize creases, of bringing along a laundry bag so you can categorize things nicely throughout your journey. It just never happens. That said, I would actually have to pack a bag just to fly over and visit this professional packer. Irony?

The shop is around for the rest of the year, at 22 Avenue Montaigne.

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