Sunday, October 20, 2013

Giveaway Contest: Samson Art Custom Polo

My brother recently launched a custom polo line under the label Samson Art, aimed at killing the world with cuteness. His first design is the Global Warmer (see above, Woofy and I repping), which has been getting quite a bit of love on Facebook. His next design is about to drop and we need a little help narrowing down the artwork! Since we and everyone else who reads Buzzfeed is obsessed with les corgis, the next piece in the Samson Art lineup is obviously corgi themed... but we've been having some internal debate about whether we prefer the filled-in heart or the outlined heart.

Please help us decide via this poll!

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In addition, Samson Art is holding its first giveaway contest via Facebook, and the prize is a custom polo design of your choosing -- that means you can get him to draw whatever you want. Your dog. Your mom. Your dog and your mom. Your dog and your mom riding in the Totoro cat bus. You get the point. All you have to do is go to the Samson Art fan page on Facebook, "Like" the page and then share the post that gives details on the giveaway.

Of course, if your custom design draws enough attention, it might go into production as an official Samson Art design!

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