Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Innovative Teppanyaki

hkLifestyleGeek visits Kaetsu

After several months of renovation, Kaetsu in the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong has unveiled its new Teppanroom -- and it's not like any other teppanyaki restaurant in the city. While the interior may look similar, with dark walls, the ubiquitous steel cooking surfaces, and the chefs with their metal spatulas, the menu is markedly different. Instead of the typical teppanyaki fare, Teppanroom takes your tastebuds on a culinary journey. The menu features international ingredients cooked teppanyaki style. For example there's a prawn and corn wrap, a small package that is pan-fried on the stove and then presented with an avocado bell pepper dip, or how about a fillet of red snapper that's cooked with Kalamata olives, chorizo and artichoke.

A definite winner is the French spring chicken, diced and cooked Mediterranean style with couscous, lemon yogurt, flat leaf parsley and tomato salad. Other dishes include snow peas with lily bulbs, chanterelle mushrooms, bamboo shoots, tomatoes and palm hearts, while surf and turf features beautifully marbled beef, fried rice, green tea and quail egg. For dessert be sure to try the pineapple flambe with tequila, black pepper and coconut ice cream. Your mind will be taken for a loop to see such dishes presented in a teppanyaki space, but the end result is too delicious to pass up.

Teppanroom @ Kaetsu
M/F, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong
1 Harbour Road
Wan Chai
2584 7722

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