Saturday, February 7, 2009

About Us

Hong Kong Fashion Geek is a Hong Kong-based blog focusing on a variety of lifestyle topics, including fashion, food, consumer gadgets, design, etc. The bloggers behind the enterprise are hkFashionGeek (Virginia Ngai) and hkShoeGeek (Christina Ko), who founded the blog in early 2009.

The Creators

The "Geeks", as they call themselves, both come from a print journalism background, and founded the blog as a response to the sanitary approach to lifestyle journalism taken by most print publications. They take an irreverent attitude and offer honest and personal opinions on what's going on around Hong Kong.

Target Readership
The audience of the blog includes young individualists with an eye for style and an interest in alternative design, devoted foodies who are interested in hearing about the latest restaurant and bar openings or dining deals, members of the Hong Kong diaspora who want a daily dose of what’s hot in their hometown, shopaholics who want new of upcoming private sales, and of course, geeks sitting at home like us, who just want an interesting read.