Friday, September 30, 2011

Collared Dreams

You'd think collar DIYs would be the easiest thing to do (Take shirt. Cut collar off. Button collar on self. Done.) but for some reason I still haven't gotten around to it. You see, I LIKE the shirts that I own, so the whole not-wanting-to-destroy-my-shirt thing is a big deterrent. And if I'm going to buy a totally new shirt to desecrate, I might as well just buy a damn collar. Which is where Eleven Objects comes in, featuring a variety of designs in engaging colours, or else suitably embellished so as to make them better than your average DIY.


Viking Quest

When London-based designer Viking Wong was in town, I was unfortunately unable to meet up with him which was a pity as I was just perusing his Fall/Winter 2011 collection and finding that there are quite a few pieces that have caught my eye. Originally from Hong Kong, Viking was selected as one of the top five finalists in New York's Gen Art Styles Vision Award, Avant Garde category. Since then, Viking has also been selected as one of Vogue’s Top 12 Designers to watch out for in 2011. I now hear that his collection will be available in Hong Kong at 24 Russell Street in Causeway Bay at the aptly named Russell Street boutique. In the meantime, check out the beautiful tailoring and draping of the items that I’m intrigued by.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

P-P-P-Poker Face

Yes I went there. And obviously this post was just so I can have a header that amuses me. Anyway, if you are racking your brains for a great gift for the poker lover in your life, how about these monogrammed playing cards? Casino quality and who doesn't like personalised items? Get it at Social Primer.


SHOErotica: Alexander McQueen Velour Curved Wedges

Red Carpet Fashion Awards says red heels with white dresses is the latest celebrity trend. I say these McQueens shouldn't fall so much in the realm of "trend" as classic must-haves.

It is believed by many males that the wedge isn't as sexy as the stiletto heel. I believe that all it takes is the right wedge -- the perfect angle of a Giuseppe platform wedge to please the eye, or the painfully curvaceous inward arch on these beautiful babies.

Get them at SSense.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Couture Meets Cuisine

It’s another one of those days where things are manic and so I’m going to do an image post of my client’s latest venture, Armani/Aqua. Brought to Hong Kong jointly by Aqua Restaurant Group and Giorgio Armani, this is the world’s second co-branded Armani restaurant (after Armani Nobu in Milan). Armani/Aqua boasts of two separate kitchens serving up Italian and Japanese fare and some delicious cocktails such as the Wasabi Green Apple Martini and Lollipop Caipirinha. Much like a woman who has a day time look and evening look, the venue changes colour and during the day, it's a warm yellow and at night a dramatic red. Check out more images after the cut.

2/F Chater House, 8 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong
tel: (852) 3583 2828


White is Right

Can you blame me for having white shirt dresses on the brain? Jil Sander SS2012, Viktor & Rolf at SSense, Evan Rachel Wood in Alessandra Rich.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bag It

You all know about my obsession with bags. I’m forever on the prowl for a cute bag that isn’t heavy as I lean towards larger bags with all kinds of stuff to throw in. So when Doorstep Luxury approached me about test driving their new line that just arrived called Leghlia, I leapt at the chance. Leghlia is an Italian brand that does neoprene bags. Yes, that material that scuba suits are made out of. I got my hands on the lovely B-Bag, obviously paying homage to the Birkin, over the weekend and it was awesome. The bag looks great and while lightweight, is sturdy enough that the shape doesn’t get all wonky. After taking the bag out for a spin and receiving some lovely compliments to go along with it, I’m sold. It’s much better than my Tata Baby, is waterproof (I’m looking at you paper Birkin, even though your tag says you’re washable, I’m doubtful) AND comes in all sorts of fun colours (pink, purple, taupe, turquoise, white, black, yellow, and blue.) Best part is, if you order it on Doorstep Luxury, you don’t have to pay for shipping as all orders over S$300 have free international shipping AND the delivery comes in a pretty gift box complete with bow. Like last time, I received my shipment within three days of ordering. Awesome right?


Breeder's Digest

When I was in high school, my teenage sweetheart and I used one of those photo-booth machines that combo your features and spits out what your potential offspring would look like. HOLY CRAP it's a good thing I didn't marry and breed with that boy, because those would've been some monstrously deformed kiddos we would've had.

Of course, I'm not nearly as cute as my foxylicious dog Foxy, so perhaps if she were to become a big dog whore she'd give birth to all sorts of cutie-patooties... or so you'd think. On a walk a few weeks ago I encountered a chihua-gi -- imagine an all-white chihuahua head mounted on a corgi body. Quel scary! Which got me googling all sorts of cross-breeds. They ranged from the cute, like the corgi x husky above, to the really weird, like a corgi x pomeranian.

Corgi x Dalmation

Corgi x Chow

Corgi x Chihuahua

Corgi x German Shepherd -- LOVE!

Corgi x Jack Russell.

Corgi x Yorkie.

Corgi x Shiba Inu!!

Corgi x Papillon

Corgi x Pomeranian

Corgi x Toy Poodle

Images: Buzzfeed


Monday, September 26, 2011

Repel with a Cause

Pictures from the collabo jewellery items from Man Repeller and Dannijo, following the brand's partnership with Fashion Toast's Rumi Neely last year. The silver triple-bow necklace is definitely on my wishlist, along with the giant collar/breastplate thingie that's part-armour, part-decoration, all-awesome.


Bag Lady: Tod’s Signature Collection

Check out the new Tod’s Signature Collection, a range of bags that celebrates the famous gommino pattern of the house. We've waxed lyrical about the D Bag and now with this new launch, I'm thinking it's time to add a Tod's bag to my collection. Which should I choose?