Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bag It

You all know about my obsession with bags. I’m forever on the prowl for a cute bag that isn’t heavy as I lean towards larger bags with all kinds of stuff to throw in. So when Doorstep Luxury approached me about test driving their new line that just arrived called Leghlia, I leapt at the chance. Leghlia is an Italian brand that does neoprene bags. Yes, that material that scuba suits are made out of. I got my hands on the lovely B-Bag, obviously paying homage to the Birkin, over the weekend and it was awesome. The bag looks great and while lightweight, is sturdy enough that the shape doesn’t get all wonky. After taking the bag out for a spin and receiving some lovely compliments to go along with it, I’m sold. It’s much better than my Tata Baby, is waterproof (I’m looking at you paper Birkin, even though your tag says you’re washable, I’m doubtful) AND comes in all sorts of fun colours (pink, purple, taupe, turquoise, white, black, yellow, and blue.) Best part is, if you order it on Doorstep Luxury, you don’t have to pay for shipping as all orders over S$300 have free international shipping AND the delivery comes in a pretty gift box complete with bow. Like last time, I received my shipment within three days of ordering. Awesome right?

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  1. I love Birkin like bags, but I always feel selfconscious when I'm carrying a bag that was inspired by a bigger brand.

  2. I know the feeling but I just tell myself I'm simply being ironic (as opposed to being too poor to buy the real deal!)

  3. Haha..love your train of thought. Still, this is Hong Kong, the land of the superficial and big and bold brands.