Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Missing Leg

Rihanna shows Armani exactly what's under her umbrella, ella, ella... Sorry, excuse the stupid jokes. After the whole Megan Fox era of Armani underwear, I wondered what the brand would do with Rihanna. She's a babe, for sure, but few can top the pure, raw sex appeal of foxy Miss Fox. So, smartly, phtoographer Steven Klein added a set with some edge and metal -- it reminds me of the JG Ballard novel-turned-film, Crash. Which under normal circumstances, wouldn't be a compliment (bad book, bad movie, don't know why I've sat through both), but since it's Ri-Ri playing the amputee and not the terminally unsexy Holly Hunter... I'm sold. The single-legged Rihanna appears below.

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