Friday, September 16, 2011


I love a good ad campaign and when I see a print ad that makes me chuckle, I deem it good. Having worked as a creative in the ad industry previously, I've discovered it's much much harder to come up with good simple concepts that are iconic and can evolve. My go to campaign will always be Absolut where it's lasted a good 30 years and is still going strong with constant changes. This Lego ad by TBWA has a similar feel (TBWA also does the Absolut ads so maybe it's not a surprise.) It hits all the geek meters, Lego? Check. Wordplay? Check. (Well maybe not wordplay as much as a visual play on words) Appealing to all ages? Check. What do you think? Click on the images to enlarge to fully see the pieces needed to make the word below.

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